Chicken Nugger

Chicken Nugger

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Chicken Nugger is a misspelling of “chicken nuggets” originally found on a restaurant menu along with “french fried” (french fries) and “sweer potato” (sweet potato). Similar to other infamous typo memes, the term "Nugger" has drawn much ironic appreciation from internet humor communities, especially on Tumblr.


On December 31st, 2012, Instagram user senshistar[1] posted a photo of the menu at the Japanese restaurant Wasabi[2] in Mobile, Alabama, highlighting the three misspelled items on the children’s menu. She subsequently shared the image on her Tumblr, asagohan[3], where it has accrued more than 130,000 notes as of September 2013.

Shrimp Beef Kid Menu Chicken Nugger(6) French Fried Sweer Potato Dessert Mochi ice Cream


On April 23rd, 2013, Tumblr user time-sponges[4] reblogged the original photo, adding a short story about a father and son who encounter the menu at the restaurant. Throughout the rest of April, the story was reposted to 4chan's /ck/[6] (Food & Cooking) board and screenshots of time-sponge’s Tumblr post were submitted to humor sites FunnyJunk[7] and LOLsnaps.[8] On May 2nd, the single topic blog Starving For the Chicken Nugger[11] was created. That same week, the story was reposted to 4chan’s /b/ (random) board,[9] forums and Reddit.[10] On May 24th, Tumblr user kr-y[5] uploaded a dramatic reading of the father-and-son anecdote (shown below), which has gained more than 82,000 notes and 237,000 plays as of September 2013.

On May 30th, a second single topic blog titled chicken-nugger-sweer-potato[12] was launched. On June 5th, Tumblr user italianerd[13] referenced chicken nuggers in an image post of two nuggets fused together (shown below), accruing more than 74,000 notes in three months. On June 12th, italianerd's Tumblr post was re-shared on Twitter,[14] where it was retweeted more than 1,200 times. By the end of June, a Chicken Nugger Wiki[15] had been created.

The chicken nugger is now undergoing its final phase of mitosis. POSTED 8:52 PMON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5,2013 WITH 74,416 NOTES

Notable Examples

As of September 2013, there are dozens of Tumblr blogs with “chicken nugger” in the title. Additional images can be found on the Tumblr tags “chicken nugger”[16], “french fried”[17] and "sweer potato.[18]

whats wrong, ronald-kun? could it be youre... craivng my mcnuggers???? Shrim Bee fukin disgusting it's raw oh fuk me Chicken Nugger(6) French Fried Sweer Potato bland as fuck dude gross teh-intarnetz "If you can't handle me at my sweer potatoe, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my chicken nugger." -teh intarnetz #chicken nugger #french fried 15 notes

Thanks dear y, 3 Enter the following: french Jried Your Answer SOLVE media Submit Previe or Nugge I AM NoT A NuggER o VE9!

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