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Choccy Milk

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Choccy Milk is a slang term for chocolate-flavored milk beverages. Online, the drinks are often referenced in ironic meme communities on Facebook and Reddit, bearing many similarities to Garlic Bread memes. In August 2019, the meme regained popularity as Here, Some Choccy Milk.


On June 6th, 2012, YouTuber Reeve Savage uploaded a video of herself blowing bubbles into a cup of chocolate milk titled "Blowing Bubbles in Mah Choccy Milk" (shown below).


On March 27th, 2016, the "Choccy Milk" Facebook[2] page was launched. On November 22nd, Instagram[1] user strayaspost posted a picture of a person whispering in someone's ear next to a picture of goosebumps with the caption "'there's choccy milk in the fridge'" (shown below). Within three weeks, the post gained over 1,100 likes.

"Theres choccy milk in the fridge" @australiantextposts @strayaspost

The same day, the image was reposted to the /r/Tendies[5] subreddit. On November 30th, YouTuber Indira Lauren uploaded a video titled "How 2 Make Choccy Milk," in which she pours milk into a glass with Nestle Quik cocoa powder (shown below).

That day, Urban Dictionary[4] user Elements340 submitted an entry for "choccy milk," defining it as "The best form of milk there is." On December 17th, Redditor UNCPotato submitted a post asking where the "'choccy milk' meme" came from to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[3] The same day, Redditor SnoozleMcdoodle submitted a post asking "are choccy milk memes on the rise?" to /r/memeeconomy.[6] The following day, a picture of a woman laying down with a wet spot on her crotch captioned with "When he says he makes his own choccy milk" was posted to iFunny,[7] where it received more than 75,000 likes and 1,500 comments in 24 hours (shown below).

When he says he makes his own choccy milk 100. DS funny.ce

"Here, Some Choccy Milk" and 2019 Resurgence

Prior to August 8th, 2019, an unknown user posted a photoshopped image of YouTuber Markiplier holding a cup of chocolate milk, captioned "Here, Some Choccy Milk / Because Your Epic." On August 8, 2019, Imgur user biggoviggo made the earliest available repost of the image.[8]


On August 10th, 2019, Markiplier tweeted the image, with the post gaining over 16,600 retweets and 114,500 likes in two months (tweet shown below).[9]

Markiplier @markiplier Hey guys : Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. You're really killing it out there and don't let anyone tell you different ( HERE, SOME CHOCCY MILK BECAUSE YOUR EPIC Markiplier@markiplier Aug 10 Hey guys Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. You're really killing it out there and don't let anyone tell you different HERE, SOME CHOCCY MILK BECAUSE YOUR EPIC t 17K 3.7K 115K eryn! @airwryn Aug 10 god dammit 51 t 384 7.7K Markiplier @markiplier Replying to @airwryn you f------ failure 11:57 AM -10 Aug 2019

In the following days, edits of the image, as well as similar memes featuring other persons and characters holding glasses of chocolate milk gained popularity in ironic posts on Instagram, Reddit and deep iFunny (examples shown below).[10][11][12]

HERE,SOMECHOCCY MILK BECAUSE YOURE EPIC Thanks big yoshi Phoenix Here's some chocy milk. Because you're epic.

Various Examples

you drink way too much choccy milk that's where you're wrong kiddo When you're broke but your friend buys you choccy milk @choccymilkofficial you are safe now my sweet child e owe you my life Someone: I don't like Choccy Milk Me: 2M y=ar' tb PEOPLE THAT DRINK CHOCCY MILK PEOPLE THAT DRINK STRAWBEE MILK OPEN 2z -Real n----- -Came up on Pac and Biggie -Got that dank stashed on the low -Got bloodstains on they timbs -Lowkey thicc as hell -Highkey still gonna steal yo girl -Fruity ass n----- -They favorite album probably by Nickleback -Got the police on speed dial -Wear new balance -Still live with they momma at 30 yrs old -Prolly got a trump sign in they yard Bae: Come over Me: I can't I'm crusading Bae: There's choccy milk in my fridge funny.C when ur keepin' it real型 but still gotta have your choccy milk Nesquin chocolate 0 I NO AENTIAL artificlal tamins colors or heralsflavors verie funny.Ce

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