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Coconut Challenge / Spell Coconut With Your Waist

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Spell Coconut With Your Waist or the Coconut Challenge refers to a piece of sexual advice that suggests that while on top during sex, women should move their hips as if they were writing the word "coconut." The advice became a running joke on social media in July 2019 due to the specificity of the action, with some women saying they were excited to try it. The move became popularly known as the "coconut challenge" on TikTok throughout the 2020s.


While the exact origin of the idea is unclear, it was first mentioned on Twitter by user @danielmaven[5] on February 14th, 2019 (shown below).

KE SHARP Follow @danielmarven Writing 'COCONUT " using your waist is the trick to master women on top!! Thank me later ladies! 5:34 AM - 14 Feb 2019


The phrase's surge in popularity during the summer of 2019 likely originated in the Kenyan Facebook group Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone KMUZ. On July 11th, 2019, the Kenyan publication Kenyan Post[1] posted about how women in the group had responded to a woman asking how to ride a man (have sex on top of him) with the advice "spell coconut with your waist" (shown below).

Scarlet Mallet Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone KMUZ 3 hrsFacebook Lite Can someone explain to me how riding on top works coz jana niliambiwa nishuke sijui kitu nafanya Like Comment Stellah N Ngoci Write the word COCONUT with your horny already D 23 1 hr Like Reply More Ndungu Loice Tulisema uandike Jina COCONUT using your waist, ulikuwa wapi wakati wa hiyo lesson 11 1 hr Like Reply More Maria Gianni Spell COCONUT with your waist ukishapanda juu.. Thank me later e 25 2 hrs Like Reply More

On the same day of Kenyan Post's piece, Facebook users began joking about the practice. For example, user Eliakim Otipo[3] posted about the act, gaining over 80 likes and reactions (shown below, left). User Dj 2one2[4] also posted about the practice that day (shown below, right).

Eliakim Otipo July 11 at 2:05 AM Hey guys, can your girlfriend spell the word COCONUT while riding you or she can explain? Dj 20ne2 Like This Page July 11 . Girls if you know how to Spell Coconut Double Tap... If you know you know.... b323 43 Comments 3 Shares Like Comment Share Most Relevant Grace Kazira Tap tap Like Reply 6d C. O. C. O. N. U. T Di 20ne2 Grace Kazira na iwake Like Reply See Translation 5d Shantel Linah Like Reply 6d Toror Acardius Aurelia Like Reply 6d Grm Jones Like Reply 6d Chelangat Ronoh Hii coconut issa scam Like Reply 6d Most Relevant is selected, so some replies may have been filtered out.

The practice began seeing more widespread attention when on July 15th, 2019, Twitter user @_lexwil[2] tweeted, "dick riding tip #1: spell COCONUT with your waist." The tweet gained over 35,000 retweets and 183,000 likes (shown below).

lex Follow @_lexwill d--- riding tip #1 spell COCONUT with your waist 9:50 PM -15 Jul 2019

Over the following several days, Twitter users joked about the advice. Some, such as user @goddessofnaps, tweeted they were excited to try it out (shown below, left). User @whoahitzjadey tweeted that they had tried the advice and found it successful (shown below, right). Meanwhile, Memebase[6] highlighted several tweets joking about the sex tip titled "'Spell Coconut With Your Waist' Sex Tip Has Twitter All Hot And Bothered." On July 17th, BuzzFeed[7] reported on the challenge.

chocoLATAY Follow @goddessofnaps Replying to@_lexwil @osheemami Currently lying in bed, it's 12:21am and I'm spelling COCONUT with my waist while my boyfriend lays sound asleep next to me.. little does he know, morning sex is about to be lit. thanks girl Thank you. GIF STDeriocko 4:22 AM-16 Jul 2019 Jibbles Follow @whoahitzjadey I keep repeating to myself: spell COCONUT on his d---. spell COCONUT on his d---. spell COCONUT on his d---. (yunno I actually tried doing the waist movements & I was like ohmygod what in the name of c--!!) anyway goodnight everyone. 8:14 PM - 15 Jul 2019 !

This Bitch Megan Said She's Gonna Do The Coconut Challenge On The Dick

On January 18th, 2023, TikToker[8] @bardi_song posted a clip of Cardi B, likely from a live stream, saying, "This bitch Megan said she's gonna do the coconut challenge on the dick," then jokingly calling her a "nasty bitch," garnering over 2.4 million views in two days (shown below). In the video, she is referring to rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

@bardi_song Wait ! #megantheestallion #lmao #xd #funny #femalerapper #trending #fypシ #cardib #bardigang ♬ son original – C•B💄BARDIGANG

The video inspired an increase in search interest for the "coconut challenge" and the original sound started to see use in the following days (examples shown below).

@itss_yannathemom2.0 #duet with @bardi_song #megantheestallion still have to work on my facial expressions 😂 #yannaafterdark #FastTwitchContest #fyp #joke #laugh #coconutchallenge #😂 ♬ son original – C•B💄BARDIGANG

@vintageasia. Mann the things I’ve heard😭 #fypシ #college #collegelife #kent #fyp #viral #foryoupage #collegehumor blank" title="♬ son original – C•B💄BARDIGANG" href="">♬ son original – C•B💄BARDIGANG

Various Examples

THA BRAT R Follow @Youlovekxoxo This girl on Facebook said D--- Riding Tip #1 spell coconut with your waist & I'm crying at the comments Somebody said lower case or uppercase sis I'm tryna be a pro Imfao 3:38 PM-14 Jul 2019 yourManFavBish Follow @OhSoYou_Jas D**k riding tip #1 Spell COCONUT with your waist you're welcome 1:17 PM 14 Jul 2019 Ugwunna Ejikem @UgwunnaEjikem Follow Coconut is too simple, spell "Pneumosilicosis" with your waist so I know its real... 9:41 AM - 17 Jul 2019 coconut waist Follow @hemical Friday evening* "So do you want to spell the coconut now?" "Lmao" "Lmao" "Oya let me try" 1:14 PM - 17 Jul 2019 RELLY Follow @chilloutbeloved When she tryna spell coconut with her waist When she's doing that grinding b------- that only feels good to her. 12:43 PM -17 Jul 2019 Electro Follow @electrob_cpt When she start spelling coconut with her waist GIF 10:37 AM -17 Jul 2019

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