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Anglophile is a word meaning a non-English person who admires England and English people and their culture. The term Anglophile is commonly used incorrectly to refer to a person who admires Great Britain or the British isles (known officially as a Britophile). Anglophiles are known for having romanticised views of England and the United Kingdom and some have been known to prefer English culture over that of their own indigenous culture, similar to Japanophiles or Weeaboos.


The word Anglophile is derived from the Latin "Angli" meaning the English people and the Ancient Greek word "Philos" meaning friend.

Anglophile first appeared in English author Charles Dicken's book All the Year Round, in which he describes the French magazine Revue des Deux Mondes as "an advanced and somewhat 'Anglophile' publication."

It is unknown who the first non-English Anglophile was although they must have lived after the unification of England in 954 AD.


Anglophiles grew to a notable size during the imperial era due to the British empire and it's colonies with many non-British people having favourable opinions on England and the UK such as the King of Hawaii who put the Union Jack on the Hawaiian flag.

Anglophiles became increasingly common as telecommunication and transport improved during the late 1800s and early 1900s and the booming British media industry (especially television and music) lead to the Anglophile identity.

The invention of the internet and the web led to Anglophiles forming communities on sites like Tumblr as well as Anglotopia and Anglophiles United.

Anglophile Interests

Anglophiles are known for a exaggerated view of England and the UK based off British media and it's capital London, however some Anglophiles are also interested in English traditions and it's history, a list of common things Anglophiles are interested in are as follows;

  • The British accent; an informal and incorrect name for English accent spoken by middle or upper class people in some areas in Southern England. Another accent which is commonly called a British accent is the rare "Queen's English" or "BBC English".
  • British culture and traditions such as an English Christmas and London.
  • British music or Britpop such as the Beatles, Queen, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and One Direction.
  • British television especially television produced by the BBC such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Top Gear as well as Downton Abbey.
  • English history such as it's Roman, Medieval, Tudor and Colonial eras.
  • The British monarchy.
  • British cuisine such as the English breakfast, fish and chips, jam and scones and tea.
  • The British geography and landscape.
  • British politics such as it's parliament and political parties such as the infamous UKIP and BNP.
  • British celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell.
  • British internet celebrities and vloggers.
  • British comedy, known for quirky characters and surreal and dark themes.
  • British literature such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.


There has been criticism over Anglophiles, most notably by English and British due to issues also associated with weeaboos (Anglophiles are sometimes called teaboos); some Anglophiles base most of what they know about England and the UK off of British entertainment such as film, television and music as well as outdated or incorrect stereotypes giving an unrealistic, exaggerated view of the country/countries.

Anglophiles have also been known for making the assumption that England is London or that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are historic and cultural equals to England; a view that many Welsh, Scottish and Irish people view offensive.

By some English and British people, Anglophiles have been viewed as cringeworthy, annoying or creepy due to their obsessive nature often fuelled by misconceptions. Notable phrases found on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest which are often criticised such as If I had a British accent, I'd never shut up and Born in the wrong country, a phrase used similarly to Le Wrong Generation.

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