Le Wrong Generation

Le Wrong Generation

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"Le Wrong Generation" is a pejorative label used to refer to youths and young adults who believe and often proclaim that they should have been born in a different time period, mainly due to their disdain for contemporary music and popular culture.


The earliest known use of the term "le wrong generation" was posted on March 2nd, 2013 in a thread on 4chan's /mu/ [6] (music) board in reference to a YouTube video of a child complaining about being born in the wrong generation. The video has since been removed.


On August 15th, 2013, the /r/lewronggeneration[1] subreddit was launched to satirize teens and children who wish they had been born in a different time period. On November 8th, the /r/lerightgeneration[10] subreddit was created for discussions about "senseless hatred of older pop culture." On January 15th, 2014, 9gag[7] user Tobiasaasen submitted a Confession Bear image macro with the caption "Im born in 1997 / and I hate my generation" (shown below). On August 13th, a screenshot of the 9gag post was submitted to /r/lewronggeneration,[8] where it gained over 1,300 votes (93% upvoted) and 180 comments in the following four months.

mbornin1997 and lhate my generation Memecreatororg

On January 5th, 2015, YouTuber Filthy Frank uploaded a video titled "Born in the Wrong Generation," in which he rants about teens who complain about their generation's taste in music in YouTube comments (shown below). In the first 24 hours, the video gathered upwards of 161,000 views and 5,000 comments.


A "defener" (an intentional misspelling of "defenders") refers to people that consider old culture superior to current pop culture and belittle anything current. The phrase come from a rage comic created circa 2012. The earliest found instance of the rage comic was first found at /mu/ in June 2012 but has been created earlier than that. [11] The image was later reposted to reddit's /r/cringepics on December 15, 2012, receiving over 1000 upvotes and 197 comments. [12]

This is me. A middle schooler about 1 g to the w rst p ssible schooǐ in to graduate. california. McFadden Intermideate School The kids here are just b----- with guys that are, pretty boys and dumb idiot girls | #a:Phones en-veryday in all of my e1s88es that act and dre33 liket slut end are really mean bulllies The thing is that Ialways have my I h ve decent grades tand I love listening to good masic like The Beatles, The Beach Boys,ueen, The Clash, Metallica, Sublime, Daft Punk, 2pac, Gorillaz, Radiohend, nirvana, The liat Juat goas on and on The kids at my horibbla arti.nt. Like Ju tǐn 프ieber, Lil Wayne, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, all of thnt. My favorit artist are top 3: Th鳶 Beatles ' Gorillas, nd SublimGa achool mostly listen to One day the most idiotic and slutty girl comes up to me and and ask me what I'm listening to OMG! !1! Like what are you listening to! ! !LOL The Beatles OMG!!1! YOU LISTEN TO BEATLES!!GAYS AND LOSERS!??!?!? THATS FOR LIKE GAYS AND LOSERS!! LIL WAYNE AND JUSTIN ARE BETTER!! OMG LIKE EVERYBODY!!! HE LISTENS TO THE BEATLES!!! WAT A F--! ! procede to 1st AHAHAHAHA!!GET OUT OF HERE AND TAKE YOUR STUPID MUSIC!!! okay ACTUALLY ITS NOT OOOKAY Look here you dumb ay The Beatles are osers. The Beatles are legendary They created and change what we call msic My music s--- music you is for Eags They made the most legendary music ever rememeber Ehis. THE BEATLES ARN' FOR Don 't you eve f--- and stin Bieber I then procede to walk out singing my favorite song from them "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The girl then procede to cry I am now known as "The Music Defener" cause of that day. Know everyone learns to never f--- with me and my music. And to this day I am glad I stood up to that girl. Keep music alive, don't let it die out.

Notable Examples

27 year old, 1943 27 year old, 2013 W-- Happened? 2010's YOUNG WOMEN YOUNG WOMEN Respect Classy FAST No respect Half naked Didn't give her body up freely open her legs to free 4) 01:09 / 10:44 田* WHY has music gone to a pit of garbage/fire? I THINK SONGS LIKE "ANACONDA" ARE AN ABOMINATION TO MUSIC AND THE FACT THAT THEV'RE SO POPULAR SHOWS JUST HOW SCREWED UP OUR SOCIETY IS

"Dadrock" refers to classic rock music produced in the 1960's and 1970's, including Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones and Beatles, which is commonly associated with baby boomer generation adults who have a disdain for all other types of music. On January 21st, 2004, the term was submitted to Urban Dictionary[3] by user donth, who claimed "Dad rockers have no desire to listen to recent music and are stuck in the past." An infographic titled "A Dadrocker Guide To Modern Music" is often seen circulating on 4chan's /mu/ (music) board, which lists several albums that should be given to dad rockers to expand their music tastes (shown below).

YOU TEN TO BEATLES GAYS AND LOSERS our day was so goodl THATS FOR LIKE GAYS AND LOSERS!! the c ARYNE AND JUST A Dadrocker's Guide: to modern music AND THEN IN 97 1 GOT TO GO TO THE BANDS FAREWELL love listening f------ dadrock to good music like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Queen, The Clash, Metallica, Sublime, Daft Punk, 2pac, Gorillaz, Radiohead, whatever you f------ hipster in not interested in your taste better than the things you lis you hipster idi OMG WHAT THE F--- IS THIS S--- YOU GUYS ARE SUCH STUPID HIPSTERS IBET YOU GUYS isnt famouse its probably really IKE BANDS THAT NO ONE'S HEARD OF Campuupy99 I love this music I am in 5 th grade I am the only kid that walks WHEN YOu HAVE BETTER CONVERSATIOUS YOUR PARENTS' FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU'RE HIPSTERS AND YOU PROBABLY LISTE with circle glasses from the Beatiles and is humming queen Jessie Harris 6hours ago 5d THAN Yu Do WITH YouR OWN N TO HIPSTER TRASH NOT If you agree with thisCheck out some of these, they might statement change your mind true rawk music is dead its all pop music now TUS Death From Above 1979 Jay Reatard Blood Visions The Mars Volta The Monitor Deloused in the Comatorium Innerspeaker Punk, 2010 Is This It Prog Rodk, 2003 Psych rock, 2010 Indie Rock, 2001 Dance-punk, 2004 Garage punk, 2006 Indie Rock, 2007 ribout partying and sex and gang violence! AL MF Doom Eyedea & AbilitiesThe Constructus ation Game Theory The Cold Vein Below the Heavens First Bom Experimental, 2011 Abstradt Hip-hop, 2004 East Coast, 2006 East Coast, 2001 West Coast, 2007 Abstract Hip-hop, 2001 "real music is made with instruments, not pressing a button on a machine Fying LotuS rds of Canada Venetian Snares Since I Left You Cosmogramma Plunderphonics, 2000 InstrumentalHp-hap, 2010 Ambient, 2002 Rounds Microhouse, 2003 Geogaddi Rossz csillag alatt sziletett Untrue Breakoore, 2005 UKgarage, 2007 Metaphorical Music azz-hop, 2003 Today's music is all the same recycled thing, absolutely no Radiohead Godspeed Youl Bladk Emperor Panda Bea Art Rock, 2000 Post rock, 2600 Psych folk, 2007 Goss Drop Math rock, 2011 Add Mothers Temple The Flaming Lips Kashiwa Daisuke Psych rock, 2000 Psych rock, 2009 Neo-classical, 200 Lift Yr Skin ram Music "all pop sucks" AE Animal Collective Bladk MothSuper Rarbow Tegan and Sara m The Unicoms Sounds of Silver Who Will Cut Dance punk, 2007 Indie pop, 2003 Of Montreal Merriweather Post Sainthood Indie pop,2009 Psych Pop, 2009 Psych Pop, 2007 Indie pop, 2007 Hip-hop/pop, All the Singers today suclK and rely on autotune to sing well upvote pls" Janelle Monáe The ArchAndroid The Idler Wheel ndie pop, 2009 Neo soul, 2010 Art pop, 2012 Folk pop, 2007 Electronic", 2011 Chamber pop, 2005 Indie pop, 2009 "METAL TODAY IS JUST 4 P------ AND EMO F---," Agalloch on Black Wings The Sword Age of Winters Dopethrone om Mars to Sirus Ghost Reveries Stoner metal, 2005 Folk metal, 2002 Doom metal, 2000 Prog death metal, 2005 Death metal, 2005 Stoner metal, 2006 Sludge metal, 2005 Lyrics are meaningless today its all "BABY BABY BABY OOH not like how it used to be meaningful" The Microphones MeWithoutYou Keaton Henson The Mountain Goats The Glow pt 2 Brother, Sister Folk rock, 2001 Post-hardcore, 2006 Folk, 2011 istener Andrew Jackson Jihad The Folk, 2002 Spoken word, 2010 Folk punk, 2011 Art pop, 2004

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Particle  Mare
Particle Mare

Only a REAL 1340s BC kid would remember harp harmonies played by troupes of Canaanite slaves. Like this if you think that our generation doesn't know what REAL music is and listens to way too much pop and rap (more like Crap amirite?)!!

*tips khepresh*


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