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Nordicism is a race-based ideology that advocates for racial separatism. Those who follow it often consider the Nordic race to be superior, and an endangered racial group. Nordicism is coherently followed by White Supremacist, White Nationalist, and Neo-Nazi groups, as well as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nordic Resistance Movement. Modern Nordicism has been almost in all cases described as "racist", "anti-semitic" and "anti-Christian", as many of those who follow it are Neo-Pagans, who consider Christianity a Jewish instrument, and a foreign religion that shouldn't be followed by Europeans. In a similar way to some Afrocentrists, Nordicists are known for historical revisionism and cultural appropriations, often claiming the achievements of non-Nordic countries, civilizations and historical figures.


The rise of Nordicism began in the mid-19th century with several writers, biologists, historians, linguists and anthropologists claiming, through scientific racism, that the Europeans ("Aryans") were an inherently superior branch of humanity, destined to conquer and dominate "weaker races". Some of the most influential Nordicist figures are Arthur de Gobineau, Charles Morris, Friedrich Nietzsche, Madison Grant, William McDougall and Hans F. K. Günther. Nordicism was widely popularized in Nazi Germany, under the label of "Aryanism", which considered the Nordic race the highest branch of the "Aryan race" and constituted the master race (Herrenvolk).[1]
Nordicists claimed that Nordics were part of the upperclass and often rulers of ancient civilisations, even in the Mediterranean civilisations of antiquity.

Opponents of Nordicism, such as the Mediterraneanist and Anti-Nordicist writer Giuseppe Sergi argued in his influential book The Mediterranean Race that there was no evidence that the upperclass of ancient Mediterranean soil was Nordic, and that the historical evidence point to the exact contrary. Modern genetic studies, and translations of historical records, heavily side with Sergi's point, confirming that the relatively small numbers of Germanics, and other migrants, did not alter in any significant way the gene pool of the much larger population of what constituted Roman Italy.[2]


Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races

One of the principal proponent of Nordicism, Essay on the Inequality of the Human Race (1855) by Arthur De Gobineau, theorized that the best modern example and closest and the closest to the Aryans, was the Germanic race.

The Aryan Race

Charles Morris in his 1888's book The Aryan Race argued that Aryans could be distinguished by their Nordic characteristics, such as blonde hair and long skulls.

In On the Genealogy of Morals

Friedrich Nietzsche, in his 1887's book In On the Genealogy of Morals refers to "blonde beasts" as the progenitors of creative cultures. He adds "In Latin malus … could indicate the vulgar man as the dark one, especially as the black-haired one, as the pre-Aryan dweller of the Italian soil which distinguished itself most clearly through his colour from the blonds who became their masters, namely the Aryan conquering race."

The Passing of the Great Race

1916's The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant is considered a foothold of Nordicism in the United States. The eugenist's book was highly influential in the racial policies of the time, in particular of the Immigration Act of 1924. Grant argued that Nordics founded the United States and the English language, as well as being the ruling class in ancient Greece and Rome. He also listed Italians such as Dante, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci as examples of Nordics.

Modern Debate

Nordicism today is somewhat still debated, especially online and particularly in websites that contain a strong presence of White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi users such as Stormfront, 8chan, The Apricity and 4chan's board /pol/ (Politically Incorrect). The Apricity, in their History section, released an article named "Pigmentation of the Early Roman Emperors" which contained a table listing several Roman Emperors, with their hair and eye colors. ( shown below left ).[3] Subsequently, the article states in bold black "Of the 18 Emperors from Augustus to Commodus: 9 had blue or grey eyes; 2 had "wine-coloured eyes" (whatever that may mean), and 7 had no recorded eye colour." and then immediately after "Of the 18 Emperors from Augustus to Commodus: 9 had blond or red hair; 5 had grey or white hair; 3 had no recorded hair colour, and just 1 (Hadrian), was referred to as dark-haired."

On July 24th 2020, cinematographer and virtual reality specialist Daniel Voshart, publiced on Medium "Photoreal Roman Emperor Project", in which he reconstructed 54 Roman emperors' faces using Artbreeder and Photoshop. The article received over 1,200 claps. In the article, Voshart stated "Artistic interpretations are, by their nature, more art than science but I’ve made an effort to cross-reference their appearance (hair, eyes, ethnicity etc.) to historical texts and coinage". While he did not mention the historical references, in his reconstructions, the hair and eye colors of the first 18 emperors match the list made by The Apricity. (shown below right).[4]

Emperor Reign Hair Colour Source Eye Colour Source Augustus 27 BC-AD 14 "blond-haired" (subflavum) Suetonius, 79 "grey-eyed" (glauci) Pliny, XI, 143 Tiberius AD 14-37 "grey/blue-eyed" (caesii) Pliny, XI, 142 Caligula AD 37-41 "golden-bearded" (aurea barba) Suetonius, 52; cf. Sieglin (1935) 105 Claudius AD 41-54 "grey/white-haired" (canitieque) Suetonius, 30 "grey-eyed" (γλαυκόφθαλμος) Malalas, X, 246 Nero AD 54-68 "blond-haired" (subflavo) Suetonius, 51 "grey/blue-eyed" (caesis) Suetonius, 51 Galba AD 68-69 "grey/white-haired" (učonói1oç) Malalas, X, 258 "blue-eyed" (caeruleis) Suetonius, 21 Otho AD 69 Vitellius AD 69 "redheaded" (τυρράκιης) Malalas, X, 259; cf. Sieglin (1935) 110 "grey-eyed" (yiaDKÓc) Malalas, X, 259 Vespasian AD 69-79 "grey/white-haired" (Tohió5) Malalas, X, 259 "wine-coloured eyes" ( οινοπαης τους οφθαλμού) Malalas, X, 259 Titus AD 79-81 "blond-haired" Sieglin (1935) 109 Domitian AD 81-96 "blond-haired" (šavlós) Malalas, X, 262 "grey-eyed " (γλαυκός) Malalas, X, 262 Nerva AD 96-98 "grey-haired" Day (2001) 106 Trajan AD 98-117 "golden-haired" (caesaries) Sieglin (1935) 109 Hadrian AD 117-138 "dark-haired" (κυανοχαιτα) Sieglin (1935) 112 "grey-eyed " (λαυκόφθαλμος) Malalas, XI, 277 Antoninus Pius "grey/white-haired" (ToÀ1óg) Malalas, XI, 280 "wine-coloured eyes" (οινοπαης τους οφθαλμού) Malalas, XI, 280 AD 138-161 Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180 Lucius Verus AD 161-169 "blond-haired" (flaventium) Sieglin (1935) 110 Commodus AD 180-192 "blond-haired" (ουλόξανθος) Malalas, XII, 283; cf. Sieglin (1935) 106 "grey-eyed " (υπόγλαυκος) Malalas, XII, 283 ROMAN EMPERORS THE PRINCIPATE TIBERIUS 14 - 16 CALIGULA 37 - 41 t CLAUDIUS 41 - 54 + GALBA 68 - 69 + OTHO AUGUSTUS 27BC - 14AD NERO 54 - 68 + VESPASIAN 69 - 79 VITELLIUS 69 + 69 t TRAJAN 98 - 117 LUCIUS VERUS & MARCUS AURELIUS TITUS 79 - 81 DOMITIAN 81 - 96 + NERVA 96 - 98 HADRIAN 117 - 138 ANTONINUS PIUS 138 - 161 COMMODUS 177 - 192 t 161 - 169 161 - 190 DIDIUS JULIANUS 193 + PERTINAX SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, CARACALLA & GETA 193 - 211 MACRINUS & DIADUMENIAN 217 - 218 † ELAGABALUS 218 - 222 f SEVERUS ALEXANDER 222 - 235 + 193 + 198 - 217 + +211 218 MAXIMINUS THRAX 235 - 238 + GORDIAN I & GORDIAN II PHILIP THE ARAB & PHILIP II 244 - 249 + PUPIENUS & BALBINUS GORDIAN III 238 - 244 + DECIUS 249 - 251 + 238 238 t 238 t 238 + 247-249 + HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS 249 - 251 + TREBONIANUS GALLUS & VOLUSIANUS 251 - 253 + VALERIAN, GALLIENUS & SALONINUS 253 - 268 + CLAUDIUS GOTHICUS 268 - 270 HOSTILIAN AEMILIAN 251 253 + 253 - 260 + 258 - 260 + QUINTILLUS AURELIAN & ULPIA SEVERINA 270 - 275 + TACITUS 275 - 276 CARINUS & NUMERIAN 283 - 285 + FLORIANUS PROBUS 276 - 282 + CARUS 282 - 283 + 270 t 275 + 276 + 283 - 284 + + (KILLED) +(SUICIDE) DANIEL VOSHART O2020

On July 30th 2020, a user on Medium named Davide Cocci, posted the article "Were Roman Emperors Blonde?" in which he addresses both The Apricity and (respectfully) the work of Daniel Voshart. Cocci goes on to debunk the sources made by The Apricity, mainly from the Nordicist historian Wilhelm Sieglin, and ancient Greek chronicler John Malalas, as well as pointing out the purposely mistranslated colors and references in the article. Cocci updated the table so that it would show only historically reliable sources, and corrected the reference on the color "sub-flavum", which means "less than/below blonde" which can be almost certified to mean "light brown" standing on the colors found on the statue of Augustus (shown below).

Emperor Augustus Reign 27 BC-AD 14 Hair Colour "light brown, fair, blondish" (subflavum) Suetonius, 79 |Eye Colour "grey-eyed" (glauci) Source Source Pliny, XI, 143 Tiberius AD 14-37 Caligula AD 37-41 "grey/white-haired" (canitieque) "light brown, fair, blondish" (subflavum) Suetonius, 51 Claudius AD 41-54 Suetonius, 30 AD 54-68 AD 68-69 "grey-eyed" (caesis) "blue-eyed" (caeruleis) Nero Suetonius, 51 Galba |Suetonius, 21 AD 69 AD 69 Otho Vitellius Vespasian AD 69-79 Titus AD 79-81 Domitian AD 81-96 Nerva AD 96-98 Trajan AD 98-117 "grey-haired" H. V. Canter (1928) AD 117-138 AD 138-161 AD 161-180 Hadrian Antoninus Pius Marcus Aurelius Hist. Aug., Verus, 10.7 |"naturally blond-haired" (flaventium) "dyed his hair blond" Lucius Verus AD 161-169 Commodus AD 180-192 Hist. Aug., Commodus, 17.3 |||||

Excluding John Malalas, being an unreliable source (often not matching what actual Roman historians and biographers reported), and the also unreliable Sieglin, it becomes clear that only 4 out of 18 Roman emperors can be debated to have blonde hair, one of which, Commodus, was reported of having his hair always dyed, while Augustus and Nero were arguably light brown or blondish. This leaves Lucius Verus as the only actual natural blonde Roman emperor.[5]

On July 24th 2020, Voshart edited his work on the Roman emperors due to the unreliability of the previous sources, and mentioned Cocci's descriptions as he corrected the appearance of the emperors in his second print. (shown below)[6]

Dan Voshart AR @dvoshart *CONCISE UPDATE (July 31st) replacing a July 27th CLARIFICATION: TheApricity', a tertiary source, has been I mentioned before that three emperors: (L-R) Vitellius, Titus and Domitian used were removed entirely. I knew it to be unreliable prior to starting this project but kept here for posterity and debate. It is now clear to depicted with blond hair due to use of an unreliable citation. me they have distorted primary and secondary sources to push a pernicious white supremacist agenda. I am instead Before and after. Other subtle quoting Davide Cocci who has provided, changes documented here what I believe to be, a more reliable translation. POINTS I ICENSINIC AVAILADLE DOINTS ILICENSINIC AVAILADLE DRINTS (LICENSINC AMALARLE <> ROMAN EMPERORS - THE PRINCIPATE AUGUSTUS TIBERIUS 14 - 37 CALIGULA 37-41 + CLAUDIUS 41 - 54 t NERO GALBA 68 - 69 + OTHO VITELLIUS VESPASIAN 69 - 79 27BC - 14AD 54 - 68 4 69 + 69 + NERVA 96 - 98 HADRIAN 117 - 138 LUCIUS VERUS & MARCUS AURELIUS TITUS DOMITIAN 81 - 96 t TRAJAN 98 - 117 ANTONINUS PIUS COMMODUS 177 - 192 t 79 - 81 138 - 161 161 - 169 161 - 180 PERTINAX 193 t DIDIUS JULIANUS 193 t SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, CARACALLA & GETA 198 - 217 + MACRINUS & DIADUMENIAN 217 - 218 + ELAGABALUS 218 - 222 + SEVERUS ALEXANDER 222 -235 + 193 - 211 + 211 218 + MAXIMINUS THRAX 235 - 238 + GORDIAN I & GORDIAN IL 238 4 PUPEINUS & BALBINUS GORDIAN III 238 - 244 + PHILIP THE ARAB & PHHLIP II 244 - 249 + DECIUS 249 - 251 t 238 + 238 + 238 + 247 -249 + HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS 249 - 251 + HOSTILIAN TREBONIANUS GALLUS & VOLUSIANUS 251 - 253 + ÅEMILIAN VALERIAN, GALLIENUS & SALONINUS 253 - 268 + CLAUDIUS GOTHICUS 268 - 270 251 253 + 253 - 260 + 258 - 260 + QUINTILLUS 270 f AURELIAN & ULPIA SEVERINA 270 - 275 + TACITUS 275 - 276 FLORIANUS 276 t PROBUS 276 - 282 + CARUS 282 - 283 + CARINUS & NUMERIAN 283 - 285 + 275+ 283 - 284 + 4 (SUICIDE) + (KILLED) DANIEL VOSHART (V2) ©2020

Varg Vikernes

Varg Vikernes (born Kristian Larssøn Vikernes) is a Norwegian black metal musician, whose solo project Burzum began in 1991 and is still active. He is commonly associated with the black metal genre. Vikernes expressed multiple times anti-semitic, anti-christian, Pagan and Nordicist opinions on his Twitter accounts.

Gandalf the White @GandalftheWhi19 "Accept Christianity, silly goys. It will be good for you. Look how much this universal Hebrew faith for the gentiles has already improved Italy in only some centuries. Multicultural level 666!" Gandalf the White Follow @GandalftheWhi19 "Blue eyes say; love me or I die. Black eyes say; love me or I kill you." 3:57 AM - 10 Sep 2019 44 Retweets 419 Likes 83 t7 44 419 Gandalf the White @GandalftheWhi19 - 5h This Turkish Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life to defend his, but I would not even sacrifice a single thought to help any of the "South European" Christians in my last Tweet. They are completely alien to me. Q 77 t7 34 183

Nordic / Mediterranean

Nordic / Mediterranean refers to a series of memes in which various races, sub-races, and nationalities, primarily Nordic and Mediterranean, are compared to each other through use of archetypal exploitable images. The meme was born as a counter to the Nordicism on /pol/.


My Ancestor :)

"My Ancestor :)" refers to a series of exploitable images image macros depicting a character of a designated ethnicity, species, time period or group looking up towards another character (usually a bust, a sarcophagus or a statue) that does not resemble him/her/it at all, and proudly thinking "My Ancestor :)." Though initially used for race-related jokes, the format evolved to include more parody and nonsensical edits. The meme often potrays Nordicists in no different way from the Afrocentrists who claim that ancient Egypt was a black civilization.

My ancestor :) HEIL DIN

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