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White Egyptian / American Textbook

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Pharaoh's Fire image of a white blue-eyes man in Egyptian clothing


The White Egyptian or White Pharaoh, also known as the "American Textbook" meme, refers to an unnamed Egyptian Pharaoh character from the slot machine game Pharaoh's Fire, whose design displays distinct European features. Originally believed to be from an American textbook, the White Egyptian appeared often in Nordicist and Eurocentric memes, of both serious and ironic nature.


Although Pharaoh's Fire was released on December 18th, 2014,[1] the White Egyptian himself never appeared in any meme until November 5th, 2017, when Imgur user DreamStar15 posted him with the caption "We are Kings",[2] likely as a reference to the We Wuz Kings meme (shown below).

We are Kings

On June 24th, 2020, Twitter user @jugga101, posted a version of the image that had its caption cropped (shown below, left), saying "Our textbooks really had this on pg 10"[3] (shown below, right).

Berkley @jugga101 Our textbooks really had this on pg 10 7:36 AM Jun 24, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 69.4K Retweets 8,442 Quote Tweets 458.6K Likes

The tweet received over 450,000 likes and nearly 70,000 retweets in one year.


Screenshots of the tweet were shared on Reddit, gaining particular attention on r/Sino, posted by user Pastor_Castle and captioned "American textbook be like "We Wuz Egyptians And Shieet",[4] gaining 1,000 upvotes in one year (shown below, left). And on r/HistoryMemes, with a Nobody: format, by user dontcryformegiratina, titled "Pharaoh Dudebrotep IV of the Chadite dynasty",[5] which received over 36,500 upvotes in one year (shown below, right).

Devon R @jugga101 Our textbooks really had this on pg 10 No one: American Textbooks: alexpiaineverything

On October 12th, 2020, FunnyJunk user crixuz shared some screenshots in a thread titled "liars",[6] as they were of Twitter users discussing the image. One showed user @selringz and her Afrocentric implication of Cleopatra being black (shown below, left), and another showing @kindawisewoman, who had claimed to have indeed seen the image in a textbook, but was later confronted by user @bigblock111, proving that the White Egyptian is in reality from a slots game (shown below, right).

izzy @selsringz · 4h Paramount pictures casting Gal gadot as cleopatra has the same energy as this Devon R @jugga101 Our textbooks really had this on pg 10 143 27 2K 9.7K Still Rising @kindawisewoman · 4h I remember this pic in textbook, it was creepy. 7 5 cg. @bigblock111 Replying to @kindawisewoman and @selsringz I mean it's from an online slots game so how SLOTS PHARAOH'S FIRE THE BEST CASINO EXPERIENCE EVER! 7:23 PM · Oct 11, 2020 · Twitter for Android 1 Retweet 2 Quote Tweets 193 Likes

On September 9th, 2020, a SnuggleDuck user posted a face reconstruction of Ramses II, with the White Egyptian right beside it, captioning it "we wuz kangz, too"[7] (shown below, left). On March 20th, 2021, an anonymous 4chan user on the /his/ board posted a meme that had the White Egyptian's face photoshopped on the portraits of other ancient non-European civilizations' leaders[8] (shown below, right).

Ancient Origins @ancientorigins Recreation of the face of the great Pharaoh Ramses I| Read more: ancient-origins.net/myths- legends-. We are Kings 8:34 AM Sep 9, 2020 · AgoraPulse Manager 66 Retweets 18 Quote Tweets 207 Likes 50009900

Various Examples

S MILLION FREE COINS YOU MEANA SHRIMP FRIED THAT RICE? BRO SHUT THE F--- UP 本我們是蒙古人本 SMILE FOR "WE WUZ KANGZANDSHEIT REPUB FOR "WE WERE " PHARAOHSAND SO FORTH" Both white people and black people were ooga booga-ing when the Egyptians were around mmmkay Our textbooks really had this on pg 10 Women with a time machine I am your granddaughter Men with a time machine Really? So you guys were white Yes.

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