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DeSaster is a nickname given to Ron DeSantis after his presidential run announcement via Twitter Spaces did not go as planned, with various connection issues and hundreds of thousands being unable to hear the announcement. The nickname is meant as a play on the word disaster, and follows other nicknames for the presidential candidate such as Meatball Ron and DeathSantis.


On May 24th, 2023, Ron DeSantis was set to announce his presidential campaign run via Twitter spaces in a space hosted by Elon Musk set to start around 5:30 PM Eastern Time. When the time came for the space to start, it quickly ballooned in size until it was over 600,000 people large, which caused the stream to lag and disconnect for hundreds of thousands in attendance, as noted by Twitter user @Krassenstein[1] (shown below).

Brian Krassenstein @krassenstein An Overview of the DeSantis Twitter Space Announcement: - The first 15 minutes of the DeSantis Announcement ended up being filled with glitches, mostly because Elon's account was used to launch it and it got overloaded. Over 670,000 people were in the space at once but users reported the app crashing multiple times, and the sound didn't work properly. - They relaunched the Space minutes later under David Sacks' account. This time it functioned well. - Ron DeSantis went on to give an announcement speech which lasted a few minutes. He spoke about the "woke mind virus" and "wokeness" as well as why he deserves to be President.


After the event, the hashtag #DeSaster started to trend on Twitter, with many making memes about his announcement problems, with Donald Trump uploading a Gif of an upside down rocket to Truth Social with Ron's name put on the rocket (shown below).

Donald J. Trump @realDonald Trump Ron! 2024

Due to the announcement being the launch of his presidential campaign, many memes began to get made revolving around Failure to Launch, with either scenes from the movie or the movie poster being photoshopped to include DeSantis. Other images would just be of rockets with the words Photoshopped on top of them, as seen in the meme posted to Twitter by user @DavidWolf777[2] on May 24th, 2023 (shown below).

A David Wolf @David Wolf777 Failure to Launch Crashed #DeSaster RON DESANTIS 2024 2024 FAILURE TO LAUNCH ...

Various Examples

@pleightx Disney+ STREAMING SERVICE THAT DOESN'T CRASH GA failure launch to Elon Musk @elonmusk Unable to fetch Space 5:21 PM 24 May 23 3.7M Views ● ● 4,737 Retweets 808 Quotes 23.2K Likes 只 DISNEY ADULTS MAKING FUN OF RON'S TWITTER SPACE G LIBERAL TWITTER MAGA TWITTER DESANTIS HATERS THE DESANTIS LAUNCH WAS A SHIT SHOW. CHANGE MY MIND

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[1] Twitter – Krassenstein

[2] Twitter – DavidWolf

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Can the US get a single politician that isn't either incompetent or evil?

I realize this is the Republican party we are talking about here, and incompetent and evil is kind of their trademark, but even if they could pretend for five seconds, the Democrats might have to do something other than pretend sucking Wall St. cock is LGBT representation.


in reply to Mothman

Problem is… he has a chance. Just like how people voted against Trump, people will vote against Biden, who has seen similar approval ratings and disdain. His "Hey remember Obama?" appeal is gone. He's made a name for himself, and not a good one.

Modern politics are not about those best for the job being presented by political parties, and voted on by the American people to see who they want more.

Modern politics has turned into a game that gives us the worst. The establishment parties want to push candidates they can puppet, no matter how unfit they are, and they are absolutely willing to line themselves up to face opponents worse for everyone to increase their odds of winning.

No one wins in this situation. If this strategy wins, we get another lackluster, blunder filled 4 years of Biden. If it fails… we do NOT get a moderate from the Republican party. We get the man who can set the geopolitical landscape on fire in office again. It's a gamble, and if they lose, we all pay.

All of this, because the parties value power over stability and progress.


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