Dog Petting Photoshops

Dog Petting Photoshops

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Dog Petting Photoshops refer to images popular on /r/me_irl and elsewhere in which pictures are photoshopped such that an image of a hand petting a dog's head is superimposed on an image of a person, making it appear that that person is petting the dog.


The photoshops began appearing on Reddit's /r/me_irl subreddit on November 15th, 2017. Using a stock photo of a hand petting a dog,[1] Redditor Blase_E_S uploaded a picture of a high jumping man with his hand petting a dog, gaining over 4,300 upvotes (shown below).[5]

Pole Vaulter photoshopped to look like he is petting a dog just as he clears the top


Over the following several days, dog-petting edits appeared en masse on me_irl. For example, a post applying the dog with Armed Adam gained over 1,500 upvotes (shown below, left).[2] Another edit which used the dog within the picture of a dog posted the 17th gained over 4,400 upvotes (shown below, right).[3]

Armed Adam pets the dog Armed Adam petting the dog with another hand petting the dog coming off his thumb

The edits also began seeing spread outside the subreddit. The me_irl Twitter account tweeted the pole-vaulting edit on the 16th, gaining over 6,800 retweets and 16,000 likes (shown below, left).[4] An edit combining several memes appeared on /r/dankmemes on November 21st, gaining over 5,000 upvotes (shown below, right).

Pole Vaulter dog petting ME IRL meme dank meme of giving monkey a hair cut with body of golf Donald Trump and choking an anime woman as she pets a dog

Various Examples

armless man photoshopped to petting a dog Photoshop of an octopus petting several dogs Cory In The House TV show poster edited to look like he is petting the dog Angry couple in bed and he is thinking about petting the dog Curious emoji with arms for fingers and petting the dog Rockout doggo petting a dog photoshop

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