Persuadable Bouncer

Persuadable Bouncer

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Persuadable Bouncer is an exploitable 4-panel comic series featuring a man in a suit blocking a door, and allowing the entrance in the fourth panel. Similar to the Upgrade Button, the jokes center around one picture that is less impressive than the second. The comics started gaining traction in the middle of September 2016 due its use on the /r/me_irl subreddit.


The pictures come from Twitter user @xMarnBBK,[5][17] which were consequently shared by his friends' accounts, being the the earliest recorded use of the pictures comes from the Twitter user @sophiaTweel on March 20th, 2015.[8] The earliest instance of the comic comes from user @whiteandfaded, who uploaded xMarnBBK's pictures along with a Twitter.[16]

soph @sophiaTweel I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club, You can't even get in bran flake ass 'MAN @whiteandfaded What happens when u login to


On April 16th, 2016, a reposted picture from an unknown Facebook page was uploaded to Onsizzle,[6] featuring a man in a suit denying the pass to a Loss edit but allowing it to Pennis and Also Dicke and Balls. On August 26th, 2016, Twitter user @shurikenfaire uploaded a version of the comic including birds on skateboards, gaining over 100 retweets and 120 likes in less than a month.[7]


In the following weeks, dozens of variations were posted to /r/me_irl[13][14][15], regularly gaining thousands of upvotes.

24 25 Special 6:39 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Galaxy Note Galaxy Note

Collegehumor[10] and Smosh[11] both posted roundups of Persuadable Bouncer memes, citing the above bird variation as the catalyst for the spread. A thread on /r/outoftheloop[12] devoted to Persuadable Bouncer appeared on September 13th, 2016, and gained 371 points, 88% upvotes, in three days. On September 15th, a reddit bot named BouncerBot was created, allowing the creation of comics.[9]

Various Examples

dinosaur being sexy I study the blade

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