Doing Hurtful Things To Your Waifu Chart

Doing Hurtful Things To Your Waifu Chart

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Doing Hurtful Things To Your Waifu Chart is a six-panel exploitable comic series typically featuring illustrations of the creator's waifu (a fictional character that one is attracted to) reacting to various distressing circumstances.


On October 8th, 2010, a template for the six-panel image was posted to Pixiv by 葉也.[1]

嫁の傷付いた表情練習 恋人が他人と話していて 目を逸らされて 殴られて 悪口を言われて 大嫌いと言われて 別れようと言われて


On October 28th, 2010, a version of the image featuring the character Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was uploaded to Pixiv[2] (shown below, left) by user A-KA. On February 8th, 2013, a version featuring Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (shown below, right) was uploaded to the Brony fandom site Derpibooru.[3]

嫁の傷付いた表情練習 恋人が他人と話していて 目を逸らされて 殴られて 悪口を言われて 大嫌いと言われて 別れようと言われて か Practice hurt expressions of your wife. When her love avoids eye contact with her When her love talks to other people. When her love hits her. When her love openly bad mouths her. When her love says "I hate you." When her love says he's dumping her. DH UNDERSTAND

On June 4th, 2014, a version using the character Princess Luna was posted to Derpibooru (shown below).[4]On July 6th, 2014, the Brony fan site Equestria Daily[6] posted a compilation of notable examples based on a variation of the comic titled "Not Doing Hurtful Things To Your Waifu," which illustrates the waifu's reactions to a series of kind and thoughtful gestures made by the creator.

HITTING- HER Why Must you you not even Look a us? ヘ゜·. Woold strke our Never ni na . SAYIN← You HATE HER SAYING You wANT To BREAk Up Wait ok.. Wh^ art thou so Ne shl 2 to a sfill ihriv) har 5 dreum With vi..!

On November 4th, 2015, Reddit user Bluegodzill posted a version of the chart featuring the My Little Pony character Marble to /r/mylittlepony[7] (shown below). Searching "waifu chart" on DeviantArt yields over 275 results.[5]


Various Examples

LOVING DolNG HiM MAKING PETTING EYE CoNTALT HiM COMPLIM MARRY HIm rt DOING LOVING THINGS WITH TREE HUGGER TALKING ABOUT NATURE LOOKING INTO HER AURA MEDITATING WITH HER L_ Ao C- and the ctestle se tree> JOINING HER ACROSS EQUESTRIA FEELING LIKE SOUL MATES PROPOSING TO HER Dude, yoe Our vibes are gonia love hs euture s mestie rett Riyiteous FAILING AT HITTING- HIM Floweu is eavesdropping What's with that pitiful expression? Did I say something too meanor you? You tru not to notice ou Feallu are PATHETIC SAYING You HATE HIM SAYING You wANT To BREAk UP No Uou don't GOOD Wow Who taught you how to swear? PAPYRUS? l control the qame S ending. You NEED me You L I A R. HiTTING HER SAYING You HATE HER SAYING You WANT To BREAk UP

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