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Dr. Hax

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GMOD user and video maker DasBoSchitt created his first "GMOD Idiot Box" video on on November 28, 2008. The video was a typical "funny stuff you can do in GMOD" type, but there was one character that stuck out in the minds of many; Dr. Hax.


Superficially, Dr. Hax is simply the Dr. Breen character model from Half Life 2, with his head inflated. But in the video, the character shouts "HAAAX" and seems to telekinetically thrust a computer monitor at his target.

Despite the initial slow growth in popularity, DasBoSchitt created a total of six "Gmod Idiot Box" videos. Today DasBoSchitt has over 450,000 subscribers. And as the series became more popular, other GMOD video creators decided to create their own Dr. Hax videos.


From January to June, 16 Dr. Hax Tribute videos were produced.

By July, there were new Dr. Hax fan creations made nearly every day. And many regulars of Facepunch Forums had gotten very tired of the meme, as can be inferred from these posts:

are you really that uncreative that you have to take someone elses idea?
if i were you i wouldnt do something on a character created by someone else.
23rd July 2009

I'm afraid that was incredibly pointless.

I also have to agree with darius on that.
23rd July 2009

BosSchitt needs to get that shit copyrighted, cuz peeps be steeeeelin.
23rd July 2009

Basboschit needs to quit in my option milking the series and its starting to suck, and I don't want to start seeing cheap knock offs… its like the twilight fanbase…. I hear mindless idiot gmod followers in GMOD now always quoting that damn series…
calm down… no more rants… Ive seen the damage a big rant can do…
23rd July 2009

I wouldn't say its dead and he's milking it but naming the skits is kinda dumb. But let's face it, most "good" garry's mod movies are random movies, and Dasboschitt pretty much perfected it with his series. It's better than having hundreds of movies like the one's Witchita used to make (has he been perma banned? I'm just glad he's gone)

It would seem that many members of the Facepunch community dislikes not just this meme, but most memes. There are users who have called it plagiarism, although there's not really any original character to copyright.


Dr. Hax videos were so popular amongst other Garry's Mod users that a few created their own Scripted Weapons or SWEPS to allow the player to play from a Dr. Hax perspective. On May 6th, 2008, a user named V. Shadows created an entry on Urbandictionary.com for Dr. Hax.

Dr. Hax (Austin "Hax" Turner) was a Axe-Murderer in the town of Bonneterre Missouri, He was most popular from one of the ways he killed his victims, He would wait underneath the bed of the victim and once they came he would lick any limb that hung off the bed, then he would strike them more than 10 times with a hatchet, After he would eat the victim, and "The Bonneterre Terror"(2008 Horror Movie) was the release of this killer.
Dr. Hax was a mass murderer, Born in bonneterre.

In July of 2009, crazystile uploaded a HAX model to garrysmod.org
Available here.

On August 23rd, 2009, a Lego remake of Dr. Hax was posted to Flickr by General 62 Productions.
Lego Dr. Hax


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