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RubberFruit [1] is a YouTube user who creates Garry Mod's videos. However, his videos are "a bit different" from other usual Garry's Mod videos, often being so 'brain destroyingly hilarious' that they even spawn minor fads, for example: X thinks Y is Z. Due to his tendency to make weird videos, most viewers think he's on drugs.
His channel has gained close to 100,000 subscribers and almost 40 million views, making him one of the most influential Gmodders on YouTube.


In Garry's Mod

Not only he's a Garry's Mod user, he's also in the world of Garry's Mod himself. He's portrayed as a Team Fortress 2 Soldier with a Team Captain hat repeatedly saying 'mine'; all thanks to a close friend: Koelkast[2].

Painis Cupcake (Penis Cupcake)

In 2010, RubberFruit had created one of the biggest Team Fortress 2 and/or Garry's Mod memes ever made. It first started with 'AN UNTITLED PAINIS CUPCAKE VIDEO', although RubberFruit had told other YouTube users to respond to 'Painis cupcake eats someone. This cannibalistic Team Fortress 2 Soldier first approaches his victim with this 'calm' message: "I am Painis Cupcake, I will eat you.", the victim is then brutally eaten.
Due it's random hilarity many responses pitting him against other memetic characters (Vagineer, Dic Soupcan and Pinkamena Diane Pie) were made:

X Thinks Y Is Z

One of RubberFruit's minor fads, this one was created in 2010. This first started with 'Soldier thinks the sentry is american'. The process goes a little like this: a character goes to some other one, the same person implies that the person or a related object is what he/she thinks it is, the other character denies it, the other person's head grows to a large size and another character (usually one from the Left 4 Dead series) comes out of the head bringing the other person into the head (eating), the head shrinks, a Spy from Team Fortress 2 humps the remaining character, the eaten person becomes a giant who eats both of the smaller guys.

X Is Galaxy

Another minor fad, basically, the chosen character's head becomes a galaxy. It's a little obvious, not much examples of it though. First started with 'Heavy is galaxy', it has since spread to cover other Team Fortress 2 Characters.

X Is Riding His Bike

Yet another minor fad, a character, usually from the Left 4 Dead series is riding something (usually a bike). The Left 4 Dead carnival song plays while the character is riding. 'Louis is riding his bike' was the first example, by RubberFruit of course.

Epic Dancing Spy

Another minor fad, its only examples are most likely extended versions, due to its hilarious randomness. The music played is: Stardust Speedway Zone (Bad Future) – Sonic CD (JAP). It was first featured in 'Soldier thinks he is a robot'.


RubberFruit, as of December 2011, has stopped making videos for YouTube. It's unknown if he's moved to a different site or stopped altogether, but his existing videos haven't been deleted and thus can still be viewed.
His Channel's description simply states:"I'm done uploading videos here".

While his Twitter[3] account says:


Known for making gmod videos, even though i'm done with that. I'm bored of gmod videos, and i'm sick of many of my subscribers.

Fans speculate that the reason behind him leaving was his latest video: "What makes me a good Eggman?"[4]
Which received many negative ratings, when RubberFruit disabled rating on that video his subscribers instead flooded his channel and the video with negative comments[5].

Another famous theory as to why he left, was him adding a video from the hit TV series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic to his favorites, triggering a flood of negative comments and inquires from people who considered him the last talented Gmodder that didn't succumb to the charm of Ponies. Many insults, blocks and un-subscriptions later[6], RubberFruit was left with yet another reason to leave YouTube.

His fans made several Gmod response videos depicting their reactions:


Rubber fruit uploaded a new Gmod Video to his Youtube channel titled "Soldier's Colorful Adventure", signaling his return to the Youtube scene.

When asked about the reason behind his return he replied on his twitter channel:

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