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Eargasm is a slang portmanteau of the words "ear" and "orgasm." People use the term to describe euphoric aural sensations caused by music.


On June 15th, 1976, recording artist Johnnie Taylor released the album Eargasm.[1] The album cover features a definition of the term. It reads: "A paroxysm of emotional and auditory excitation or instance or climax of such excitement sufficient to cause release of tension and a state of beatitude."

John-nieTay-lor(Jon'ee Ta'lör) (see eargasm; earful) ear-ful (er' ful) n-s. 1.a. an aston- ishing unexpected aural re- sponse b: an outpouring of news or gossip 2: a sharp reprimand 3: the music of Johnnie Taylor ear-ga•sm (er'yaz-ém) n-s: a paroxysm of emotional and auditory excitation or instance or climax of such excitement sufficient to cause release of ten- sion and a state of beatitude ear-gas-mic (ēr' gaz•mik) adj. 1: like or suggestive of an ear- gasm 2: tending to produce ań eargasm ear-ing (ër'ing) n-s: a line used to fasten a corner of a sail to the yard or gaff to haul a reef cringle to the yard.


On September 23rd, 2003, the rap group Outkast released the album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.[2] The second single on the album "The Way You Move" includes the lyric, "Drip-drip-drop, there goes an eargasm" (video below, left).

Throughout the year, the term grew in usage online. On December 7th, 2003, for example, Sir. Psychedelic Soul, a user on the website[3] posted a thread called " (shown below).

Eargasms 66 by Sir. Psychedelic Soul » Sun Dec 07, 2003 1:12 pm ..what tunes or pieces of music gives you an eargasm?????????? try to name yer fav one.. .doesnt have to be floyd...but for me it is floyd... the ultimate eargasm for me is on Echoes (album version) at 18:12 - 18: 42. that is the best piece of music ever written ...hands down IMO! i get mad eargasms when i hear it.. . Last edited by Sir. Psychedelic Soul on Sun Dec 07, 2003 1:14 pm, edited 1 time in total.

On July 20th, 2004, Urban Dictionary [4] user Rachel defined the term as "The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music" and "The climax of musical excitement." The post received more than 2,100 upvotes in less than 20 years (shown below, left).

Usage of the term continued throughout the decade. On April 20th, 2011, for example, the OnlineSlangDictionary[5] user Donna-Maria defined the term, "a metaphorical 'orgasm of the ears' due to hearing something immensely satisfying, having a good ear cleaning, etc" (shown below, right).

eargasm » 1. noun. The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music. 2. noun. The climax of musical excitement. 3. verb. To have an eargasm. 1. I nearly had an eargasm while listening to his performance of Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto. 2. My favorite part of that piece is the eargasm. 3. When we listened to that music, did you eargasm? by Rachel July 20, 2004 eargasm noun a metaphorical "orgasm of the ears" due to hearing something immensely satisfying, having a good ear cleaning, etc. I had an eargasm when that hog drove by. Wow! That song just gives me eargasms. Last edited on Apr 20 2013. Submitted by Donna-Maria on Apr 20 2011.

In the mid-2000s, the term became associated with ASMR videos on YouTube. On December 16th, 2016, YouTuber Markiplier published the video "MARKIPLIER'S EARGASM THERAPY | Catlateral Damage Redux." The post received more than 2.1 million views (shown below, left). On September 27th, 2018, YouTuber ASMR Amy published the video "ASMR Eargasm – very intensive Mouth sounds Tingle Trigger to Relax." The post received more than 3.5 million views (shown below, right).

Various Examples

me mom just got back from GO GET THE VACCUM AND herpin and derpin CLEAN YOUR MESS UP!!!! outaide CHALLENGE ACCEPTED up all the ditt suddenly hear vacuum suck up a million little pieces of dirt SWEET JESUS HAVE MERCY ITS EARGASMIC! RAGE BUILDER.COM WHAT I WATCHED WHAT I EXPECTED PLAYER S CHOICE Shovelware GAMECUBE. squarepaNts WHAT I GOT ROBo Ew! I can't believe I'm wearing Spongebob's underwear!" Eargasm Anime roleplay forums from 2000-2011 starter pack Eargasm everyone's signature was a sad anime girl *glomps you* nya!!! X3 Everyone's icon or character looked I'm a vampire angel demon whose super powerful but rlly cute, but i also hav a dark side so back off!! like this or was literally these images

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