Sliker Scam Controversy depicting the streamer and a private message chat referencing the scam controversy.

2022 Sliker Scam Controversy

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The 2022 Sliker Scam Controversy refers to an incident where English Twitch streamer ItsSliker messaged numerous fans and streamers over several years claiming his bank account was locked and he needed to borrow money, promising he'd pay them back in a few months but failing to do so. Victims of the scam, which include a cancer patient and some of the top Twitch streamers, began sharing messages and videos from Sliker asking for money on September 17th, 2022, resulting in Sliker admitting to the scam in a tearful apology video and blaming his gambling addiction. The incident inspired calls to ban gambling streams from Twitch shortly after.


On September 17th, 2022, Twitch streamer mikelpee shared a video on Twitch[1] he received from streamer ItsSliker where Sliker asks for a loan to pay some bills, claiming his bank account got locked. He said he's looking for people who "actually work" and claimed in two months he'll pay him back, saying "don't feel forced to say yes" and that he asked a few streamers who couldn't help. The video was posted to /r/livestreamfail[2] that day, where it gained over 23,000 upvotes in two days (reupload shown below).

In a comment on the /r/livestreamfail post, Redditor[3] 0161MannyOnTheMap016 shared several Imgur links to screenshotted DMs where Sliker purportedly asked Discord users for money using similar excuses, some dating back two years (examples shown below). One DM reveals that a fan sent Sliker $7,000.

Sliker 09/10/2022 yo u there Rolling Typhoon 09/10/2022 Yo Sliker 09/10/2022 broo u couldnt do another 600 dollars legit i will have u back soon gimmi 7 days 9k+ + 9:24 @ Sliker. Sliker 03/13/2021 sorry to hear jenna can i ask for afav Jenna 03/13/2021 ye whats up Sliker 03/13/2021 u always the homie u can say no but basically my bank is temporarily shut and i have no access to it ffs happened today morning coz i skipped tax but not on purpose i just was so lazy to get an accountant and i left it for 2 years and i can only use paypal rn is it fine if i asked to borrow and buss it back soon i swear on my mums life im sorry i asked rajj and he chose not to help as i expected ngl Jenna 03/13/2021 how much you need? Sliker 03/13/2021 Message @Sliker > ELON 07/27/2021 2k euro from sliker monkas what did you do to him no i won't why would i 07/27/2021 He's f----- in his paypal had 40k in it and it got locked ELON 07/27/2021 dam that's f----- up 07/27/2021 Also some problems with his accountant and stuff so he asked me if i could help him out ELON 07/27/2021 dude that's actually wholesome af 07/27/2021 He needed way more tho but all my money is in savings That's why I'm working rn I signed a 1 month contract I'm gonna help him out and he's gonna pay me back so it's cool ELON 07/27/2021 yea i don't see as often on twitch now, but that's pretty good man, that you helped him out most people won't do this tbh let's make a psn account where we collab on games in it and stuff 07/27/2021 He told me he asked streamers and other people but no one wanted to

Later that day on September 17th, Twitch streamer lukeafk revealed on stream that he also purportedly got scammed out of $27,000 by Sliker. The clip was shared on /r/livestreamfail[4] that same day, garnering over 5,700 upvotes in two days (shown below, left). In the video, lukeafk admited it was "dumb" to give him that much money but said he thought he could trust Sliker as they were friends. Lukeafk shared the DM where Sliker asked him for money. He then hypothesized that Sliker used the money for gambling. As the accusations came to light, Sliker's mods, some of whom he allegedly also scammed, edited his Twitch channel to tell viewers that he was a scammer (shown below, right). On the night of the 17th, Twitter[5] user and esports reporter Jake Lucky shared the news, garnering over 17,000 likes in two days.

Throughout September 17th and 18th, 2022, people continued to come forward accusing Sliker of scamming them. On September 18th, Twitter[6] user @dafran accused Sliker of scamming him out of $1,000. Later that day, Twitter[7] user and streamer @Mendo shared DMs claiming he scammed her. Twitter[8][9] users @brugtoober and @KittyCatJenna made similar claims, also sharing DMs. Sliker purportedly managed to borrow $100,000 from gambling streamer Trainwreck and scammed over $300,000 total from people.[10] He also borrowed money from Hasan Piker and Mizkif, the latter of whom he paid back.

Sliker's Apology

On September 18th, 2022, Sliker went live on Twitch to address the allegations (shown below). In the video, he cried and admitted to scamming his fans and fellow streamers. He talked about how he got addicted to gambling through CS:GO skins and developed a gambling addiction and that he planned to use the money from people to pay off gambling debts. In the video, he claimed he never intended to scam anyone but never told anyone the money was for gambling in his requests. He also claimed he will pay everyone back if it takes him until he's 90.

Hasan Piker Confronts Sliker

Following his apology on September 18th, 2022, Sliker joined Mizkif and Hasan Piker to discuss the situation. During the stream, Piker asked Sliker if he would accept a gambling sponsorship if offered. Sliker then revealed that a casino offered him a sponsorship after the scam allegations came to light to help pay off his debts, but he refused it.[16] Piker was critical of Sliker throughout the stream, telling him people don't think he sounds remorseful for the scam and that he doesn't sound like he's done gambling.

During the stream, a cancer patient that Sliker scammed called in to talk, where she cried about Sliker purportedly not paying her back (shown below).

Twitch Bans Crypto Gambling

On September 20th, 2022, Twitch made a post to Twitter[18] announcing that they would ban the streaming of gambling websites that aren't licensed in the United States, including gambling on sites like Stake, Roobet, Rollbit and Duelbits, some of the most used gambling sites on Twitch. According to the statement, Twitch will continue to allow the streaming of sports betting, fantasy sports and poker. The post gained over 299,000 likes and 23,000 retweets in a day (shown below).

Gambling content on Twitch has been a big topic of discussion in the community, and something we've been actively reviewing since our last policy update in this area. Today, we want to update you on our plans. While we prohibit sharing links or referral codes to all sites that include slots, roulette, or dice games, we've seen some people circumvent those rules and expose our community to potential harm. So, we'll be making a policy update on October 18th to prohibit streaming of gambling sites that include slots, roulette, or dice games that aren't licensed either in the U.S. or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection. These sites will include,,, and However, we may identify others as we move forward. We will continue to allow websites that focus on sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker. We'll share specifics on the updates to our Gambling policy soon, including the full policy language, to make sure everyone is clear on our new rules before they take effect on October 18th. twitch

The ban was celebrated by many streamers who had campaigned for gambling to be banned in the past few days. For example, Asmongold tweeted,[19] "HOLY SHIT THEY ACTUALLY DID IT," garnering over 43,000 likes in a day. On the same day, Adin Ross, who streams gambling, was critical of the decision, tweeting,[20] "No more gambling on twitch but atleast we can see a girl getting fucked on stream once a week," garnering over 58,000 likes in a day, likely a reference to a recent story about a streamer being suspended for having sex on stream.

Online Reactions

Twitch Ban Gambling Campaign

The incident inspired increased calls from streamers for Twitch to ban gambling streams from the site. On September 18th, 2022, Pokimane posted to Twitter,[11] "like if twitch should ban gambling," garnering over 200,000 likes in a day. Mizkif then tweeted[12] the same thing, garnering over 100,000 likes in a day.

Sliker's Ex Claims He Is Suicidal

On September 18th, 2022, a Redditor shared a clip to /r/livestreamfail[17] taken from Sliker's ex-girlfriend's stream where she cried and said that Sliker is suicidal over the incident (shown below).

xQc and Ludwig Promise To Pay Back Scam Victims

On September 18th, 2022, streamers Ludwig and xQc posted to Twitter[13][14] announcing that they'd work to pay back victims of the scam. In Ludwig's tweet, he wrote, "It’s time @Twitch does something about gambling streams."

Trainwreck Continues To Support Gambling On Twitch

On September 18th, 2022, gambling streamer Trainwreck, who had purportedly been scammed by Sliker for around $100,000, tweeted[15] against the calls for Twitch to ban streaming, writing, "the people scapegoating SLOTS, BJ & ROULETTE and not blaming the individual, are the real problem. on top of that, SLIKER WAS A SPORTS BETTING ADDICT, THE ONE TYPE OF GAMBLING THAT IS NORMALIZED & THAT I DONT HEAR A SINGLE ONE OF YOU CLOUT GOBLIN FUCKS TALKING ABOUT," garnering over 18,000 likes in a day.

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