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Ludwig Ahgren, usually referred to as simply Ludwig, is a YouTube and Twitch personality, streamer and game show host. He is known for his reaction videos, often to TikToks and unusual memes, and playing niche challenge games and platform fighters. Ludwig is the current record holder for most subs on Twitch, with 283,066 being the most subs accumulated at one time on the platform, as well as being labeled #6 during the Twitch leak of 2021 for his position as the sixth highest-paid Twitch creator with 3.2 million, behind #5 NICKMERCS and his reported 5 million.[2]

Online History

On July 24th, 2011, 16-year-old Ludwig uploaded his first video to YouTube, titled 'Starting Out Right' under the moniker of TheZanySidekick, which has since been privated. On July 8th, 2019, with his 1,600 subscriber goal being reached, he rewatched the video on stream and uploaded it to YouTube,[3] earning over 95,000 views in two years (shown below).

After years of uploading to his YouTube channel, Ludwig created a Twitch[4] channel on May 16th, 2018, and started full-time streaming on February 16th, 2019,[5] quickly accumulating subscribers. Still uploading content to YouTube daily, Ludwig saw rapid growth on his channel. By December 17th, 2020, Ludwig had acquired his first million subscribers, and in only 10 months, he reached 2 million subs on October 31st, 2021 (tweet shown below).[6]

ludwig @LudwigAhgren ... 1 million new subs in less than a year THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT BOYS o7 Ludwig Subscribe 2,000,000 YouTube Live Subscriber Count - Powered by SocialBlade.com 12:06 AM - Oct 31, 2021 · Twitter Web App


On March 14th, 2021, after not streaming for a while due to an appendectomy, Ludwig started up an uncapped subathon stream, which wouldn't end until a timer hit zero, with every sub the channel gained adding more time. While never going past the 24-hour mark before, this uncapped subathon quickly spiraled out of control as Ludwig ended up being live for 31 straight days.

During this time Ludwig was not always on camera, as the rules were for his stream to not end, giving him the freedom to go to the bathroom and sleep in a bed nearby while his channel moderators assumed control. It was during this stream that Ludwig beat Ninja to become the most all-time high in subscriber count on Twitch.[1] On April 16th, 2021, Ludwig uploaded a condensed story of the subathon to his YouTube[7] channel, getting 2.2 million views in seven months (shown below).


Ludwig created two game shows in 2021, which he self-hosts. The first game show, called Hivemind, is a TwitchGaming sponsored show in a similar vein to Family Feud meets Match Game, with some differences thrown in to keep it fresh and unique. The premise of the show is that four contestants will be asked to give answers that their respective Twitch chats will also respond to. The show is hosted by Ludwig and Charlie MoistCr1tikal White, with the first episode released on YouTube[8] on January 23rd, 2021, gaining over 900,000 views in 10 months (shown below).

The second game show, called Mogul Money, is a Coinbase sponsored version of Jeopardy! in which the categories are usually related to gaming, Twitch chats or middle school geography. The contestants consist of three other streamers who are physically present on a set, and after two rounds, the two with the highest score will go on to play the finale from Family Feud, titled "Fast Quick Money." The shows are first livestreamed on Twitch before being edited down and uploaded to Ludwig's YouTube[9] channel, with episode one premiering on July 7th, 2021, accumulating 2.7 million views in three months (shown below).


Ludwig has been given the nickname Scamwig for his repeated breaking of promises and lack of trust from his community. This is seen in a clip where Ludwig admits to scamming and attempts to scam a viewer out of getting unbanned in his chat, which was uploaded on March 27th, 2021, on the YouTube[10] channel slippees (shown below).


Shortwig is the nickname given to Ludwig by his viewers because of his short stature compared to other streamers like Hasan Piker. On the subreddit /r/LudwigAhgren, memes are often posted of Ludwig that mimic the Manlet format, as seen in the meme by Redditor[11] Evarama, posted on June 1st, 2021, which gained 3,100 upvotes in four months (shown below).

6'0" 5'11" || P--- hub

Personal Life

Ludwig is currently in a relationship with longtime girlfriend QTCinderella, a notable Twitch streamer and organizer of content such as Shitcamp (shown below on set of "Mogul Money").


Search Interest

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