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UU? RR? refers to a copypasta used in text-to-speech donations on Twitch which produces a melodic "uu-aaa" chant upon being read by the text-to-speech software. Originating in 2019, UU? RR? donations gained significant popularity in the channel of popular Twitch streamer xQc in early January 2020. The donations are usually met with PepeJAM or PepePls emote spam in chat.


While the exact first use of UU? RR? donations is unknown, the earliest confirmed instance of a UU? RR? donation is the August 26th, 2019, broadcast by Twitch[1] streamer JayTheCoug's (shown below).

Upon the donation, which contains "uu? rr?" copypasted multiple times, the text-to-speech bot vocalizes the text in a melodic way, producing a "uu-aaa" chant.


In early January 2020, the UU? RR? donations gained significant popularity in the channel of the prominent Twitch streamer xQc. For example, the donation text was used multiple times during xQc's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stream[2] on January 3rd, 2020 (one clip shown below).

In the following weeks, the UU? RR? donations appeared during streams broadcasted by xQc and other Twitch streamers.

On January 3rd, 2020, Redditor[3] pokketer_l1 posted a musical remix video based on the text-to-speech donation, with PepePls emote dancing to it, gaining over 440 upvotes. On January 4th, YouTube[4] user L1nken reuploaded the video, gaining over 59,900 views (shown below).

In the following months, more musical remixes inspired by the text-to-speech donation were posted on YouTube. For example, a remix post by YouTube[5] user Euphoric Rager on January 9th, 2020, received over 3,300 views.

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