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Alinity is the online handle of video game streamer Natalia Mogollon who regularly streams World of Warcraft on Twitch. Since entering the gaming vlog circuit in 2012, she has garnered a large audience on the streaming platform, in part driven by her occasional life-streaming videos unrelated to gaming. In 2018, she feuded with PewDiePie, drawing attention and controversy to her channel.


Mogollon was born January 10th, 1988 in Colombia.[1][2] Her online handle is taken from World of Warcraft, which is what she usually streams on her channel. She moved to Canada in 2010 and began streaming in 2012. She began posting clips of her streams to YouTube in 2013, starting with some World of Warcraft play throughs (shown below).

In addition to playing video games, Alinity also engages in some life-streaming, in which she shows bits of her various trips and activities. This sometimes includes racy content; one of her most popular videos on YouTube shows her taking "butt prints," in which she rubs paint on her butt and sits on a piece of paper (shown below, left). She also regularly holds "drunk Friday" streams, in which she gets inebriated and streams (example shown below, right).

She has also been open about her history with mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, and eating disorders (shown below).

Online Presence

Mogollon has over 658,000 followers on Twitch.[3] She also has over 92,000 subscribers on YouTube,[4] 186,000 followers[5] on Instagram, and 68,000 followers[6] on Twitter.


Alinity has been criticized for being a "Twitch thot," a type of streamer criticized by other members of the community for using their sexuality for views. She has appeared in compilations of female Twitch streamers such as one by Toxic Productions that gained over 1.5 million views (shown below, left). She was also included in a list of "Worst Twitch Girls" by YouTuber Pyrocynical (shown below, right).

PewDiePie Feud

On May 12th, 2018, PewDiePie uploaded a video in which he tested out eye-tracking functionality, which shows exactly what he is looking at when watching a video. Users submitted female Twitch streamers, and during the stream, he called several streamers "stupid Twitch thots" (shown below).

Alinity responded to this in a stream of her reacting to the video. After PewDiePie says the line, she says she's going to "copystrike" PewDiePie for using some of her content (shown below, left). She later claimed she had successfully used copystrike on PewDiePie with the help of a company called CollabDRM, who files the claims on her behalf (shown below, right) The also claims she makes $700 a month from successful copyright claims.[7]

This drew criticism from many other YouTubers, who argued that Alinity was abusing copyright law with these claims. PewDiePie later responded with a video where he clarified his use of the word "thot" was not meant to offend, but also heavily criticized Alinity's quickness to copystrike and CollabDRM (shown below).

Alinity responded to PewDiePie in a since-deleted Twitter statement claiming sexism in the streaming community (shown below, top). She also posted a video in which she attempted to clear the air about her relationship with CollabDRM, and said what they do is bad (shown below, bottom).

The reason I reacted the way I did is because frankly I am so frustrated and tired of the rampant sexism in online communities. I take issue with someone like Felix degrading and minimizing women to what is largely a very young audience. That kind of nonsense spills over and ends up on my stream where I end up being harassed for 6 hours transformative works. Everything Collab does is without my knowing, and I will state that I am honestly upset that they claimed on videos that are CLEARLY transformative works. I did not want this to happen, and I am sorry it did. You are right it is a complicated issue the idea that Collab is not only doing this on behalf of me, but for others as wel. I will be talking to them, and I will request that they exercise more restraint on things they claim, you are right, it reflects poorly on me. Since I first started streaming over 5 years ago, I've had my content taken and reuploaded on youtube and I never really took any issue with it. However over the past couple years the rise of 'twitch fail' videos escalated in popularity, which then led to even more videos being made, things like "Alinity dancing compilation" which is a collection of me playing the just dance game, a game that I enjoy. But the videos intended purpose has nothing to do with the game that I ike, and is simply an objectitying video. As much as I dislike death threats I am glad for this drama to have occurred, it gives an opportunity to speak my mind on the issues. It just really troubles me that someone will just insult women, an already maligned demographic in the online community. It's part of the reason these objectifying videos come up. English isn't my first language, I stream for 6 hours at a time with a live, unedited broadcast. I was upset, I was not trying to be malicious, it's just the anger that has gathered over the constant mistreatment of women online, and I'm just so disappointed that someone in that position would continue to perpetuate this. I don't feel good about my reaction, but I believe I havea reason to be upset. I did not know my rights on any of these, so I have always just left it alone. I guess its publicity, but I just didn't feel like taking on what I assumed would be a large task to have it taken down or something. In January I was approached by Collab who told me that there are huge channels with tremendous view counts and all they do is edit clips together and upload it and monetize it. Collab told me that I am entitled to the revenue from these videos content right? And these videos are FAR from , because really, it's my

PewDiePie responded by calling Alinity hypocritical, and pointed out several issues about her channel, including admitting on stream that she had committed marriage fraud, saying the N-word on stream, and having nudity on her channel.[8] He also claims Alinity is hypocritical for calling reactions to her "objectifying" when many of her videos seem to use her sexuality for views. Additionally, because of the video where she admits to committing marriage fraud, she claims PewDiePie fans have been reporting her to Canadian immigration to have her deported.

The entire drama has been covered by internet commenters including Scarce and Philip DeFranco.

Trainwreckstv Sexual Harassment Accusations

On November 11th, 2018, Alinity claimed on stream that fellow streamer Tyler Niknam, aka "Trainwreckstv", had sexually harassed and perhaps threatened to rape her. In her stream, she said:

“I mean, I think if a person tells you that they’re going to rape you, that’s something that’s not cool. I don’t think I would ever want to be alone with that guy. I’m terrified of him, honestly. He’s tried to hit me--he’s just been very aggressive toward me.”

The following day, she provided screenshots of Twitter Direct Messages sent to her by Niknam. She wrote to the Daily Dot,[9] “Shortly after I had blocked him on twitter and banned him from my stream (I had enough of the sexual harassment) he made some threat against me that I had better ‘watch out’ at [the] next event and that I should ‘bring extra panties.’”

Alinity @AlinityTwitch Follow v I was mistaken exactly where some of the threats happened. It's been a Cycle of him sexually harassing me, me saying NO, him getting angry and threatening me at events or in text, then later him wanting to "talk it out", only to make sexual remarks or get in my face again hey going to twitchcon? bring extra panties, you'll need them 7:44 PM-12 Nov 2018 Alinity@AlinityTwitch Nov 12 And you're right I cropped out my response on purpose. hey going to twitchcon? bring extra panties, you'll need them 03/05/16, 10:02 PM Do you have snapchat? 17/08/16, 5:15 PM GIF Start a message

In a Reddit post,[10] Niknam wrote:

Hey guys, some of you may have heard that a twitch streamer made some serious accusations about me on their stream. They are completely false and I’m devastated that someone would make these baseless claims. I’m not sure if she's just being mean spirited or said that to stir up drama for views, but talking about it on stream or making videos about it will only bring the lies to more people’s attention. At first she claimed this was something that I had said to her, and then later in the VOD she retracts that, and back pedals and states it is something that I typed to her in her chat years ago. The chatlogs prove otherwise, the only thing they show is that she is downright lying.
It's sickening to me that someone can slander me with a smirk on their face like it's no big deal. These types of allegation have ruined innocent people's lives before, and should not be taken lightly or as a joke. I hope she is punished accordingly so people will think twice before trying to ruin somebody's reputation for their own entertainment.

He stated that he had retained an attorney regarding the accusations.

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