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C Plus Equality is a satirical programming language created by 4chan users in response to a proposal of a feminist programming language published on the humanities and technology site Hastac in December 2013.


On December 11th, 2013, feminist Arielle Schlesinger wrote a blog post for Hastac[1]about a project aimed at creating a a feminist programming language. On December 13, the article was posted in the /g/ (technology) board on 4chan, along with links to a feminist programming language titled “C Plus Equality” on GitHub[2] and BitBucket, credited to the parody feminist organization Feminist Software Foundation.

g-We're designing a new feminist programminglanguag Board al Anime & Manga ▼ Settings Home Achan /g/ - Technology Text Boards techl&prog Return Bottom Refresh Reply to Thread Anonymous 12/13/13(Fri)17:55 No. 38719425 We're designing a new feminist programming language based on this revolutionary article http://www.hastac.org/blogs/ari-schlesinger/2013/11/26/feminism-and-programming- 6 KB JPG languages Here's the bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/FeministSoftwareFoundation/c-plus-equality Here's the github (it died) https://github.com/FeministSoftwareFoundation/C-plus-Equality Here's the website: http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/ Here's the facebook: Ipages/Feminist-Software-Foundation/554585251296116 Here's the backup: http://feministsoftwarefoundation.org/C-plus-Equality/ Old Thread: 2>38716950 12/13/13(Fri)17:56 No. 38719477 Other logo. FEMINIST SOFTWARE FOUNDATION 64 KB PNG 12/13/13(Fri)17:57 No. 38719485 Anonymous http://fearlessfeminism.tumblr.com/post/69875428069/a-note-about-c >fell for it needed an entire day to notice http:Wboards.4chan.orgigre/38719425

Notable Developments

On December 13th, 2013, the Feminist Software Foundation[9] website was launched, which contains links to the C Plus Equality source code.

WE ARE FEMINISTS privileged . yello; . social-construct F000: . #consider . leave; WHO WE ARE!

On December 14th, blogger Molly White[4] published a post about the GitHub page, criticizing the satirical coding language for being misogynistic. On December 14th, the repositories were banned from both GitHub and BitBucket. On December 18th, YouTuber Juliette De Fonteville uploaded a mock promotional video for the satirical "Feminist Software Foundation" (shown below).

On December 19th, C Plus Equality was moved to the Google Code[5] database. On the same day, Redditor FemSF submitted the new hosting location to the /r/TumblrInAction[6] subreddit, where it received upwards of 340 up votes and 175 comments in the first eight hours. On the same day, a C Plus Equality interpreter titled "InHERpreter" was uploaded to the Google Code[7] website. Also on December 19th, C Plus Equality was mirrored on the open source hosting database Gitorious.[8]

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From what I've seen of the code, the code's main purpose is removing the idea that "not true" = "false". For example, while 4 + 5 = 9, it can also equal 11, 3, -27 or mashed potatoes if it feels like it.

This has the unfortunate side-effect of rendering if/else statements non-functional, but that's okay, because they represent eeeeevil binary genders. Instead, every possible variable needs its own if statement. This effectively makes algebra and trigonometry impossible to code, making the coding language useless to mathematicians and anyone who's taken a webpage course.

In other words, this is on par with the "magnets disprove gay marriage" experiment.


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