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E-Girl Group Chat Leak

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E-Girl Group Chat Leak or Egirl DM Leaks refers to a series of leaked DMs from several popular e-girl influencers and cat girls in a group chat showing them being fatphobic and berating other influencers and e-girls. Along with the DMs, several tweets from the e-girls using purportedly racist language were also shared. The leak inspired memes about the e-girl group chat leaks after they spread in late January 2023. The majority of the e-girls exposed in the leaks privatized their accounts following the incident.


On January 25th, 2023, Twitter[1] user @EGIRLFRlEND posted a thread of leaked DMs from a group chat between e-girls @lilrorivert, @pixlgirlfrnd, @tsuwukii (Usagi), @superECCHll and @mimsy (amber). The thread includes roughly 10 posts worth of images of DMs where the girls make fatphobic remarks about other influencers and e-girls. Included in the leaks is a message where Usagi suggests fatphobia should be normalized, a message where "kimi" purportedly suggests there should be a petition to make another influencer try to commit suicide again and numerous fatphobic remarks between the girls. Some of the DMs appear to be from December 2022, although the exact date of all the messages is unknown. Along with the texts, the user also shared DMs showing purported racist remarks from @mimsy. The post gained over 93,000 likes and 17,000 retweets in five days (examples shown below).

Hideous ogre monster with belle Delphine lips kimi @ WaifuExpo¹23 12:42 AM I JUST NEW CAT GIRLS RT rori 12:42 AM she just doesnt look like that bro usag 12:42 AM SPIT OUT MY DRINK rori 12:42 AM I know she doesn't LMFAO kimi @ WaifuExpo¹23 -12:42 AM BRO SHE LOOKS LIKE A LINEBACKWR GIF Start a message A 9:26 1 ← u martup it compiments asian features BRO NEW CAT GIRLS RT LFMAOOO usag 12:48 AM naughty or nice? ISN 2022 The arm on babie is hilarious cuz no amount of face time can make you not obese kimi @ WaifuExpo 23 12:48 AM GIF rori 12:48 AM Start a message Q 12/6/22 - ASIAN THO 1 Q LTE 83 A START NORMALIZING FATPHOBIA 1 usagi 12:16 AM kimi @ WaifuExpo 23 -12:15 AM ill be fatphobic idc usagi 12:15 AM SAME HAHAHAHA kimi @ WaifuExpo 23 12:15 AM same ngl im fatphobic i hate fat n bald ppl bye rori 12:15 AM HAHAHA I GENUIENLY CNT STAND HER usag 1:14 AM usag -1:16 AM EW A MONSTER kimi @ WaifuExpo 23-1:16 AM

After the post went viral, the majority of the e-girls featured in the leaks privatized or deleted their accounts, including @lilrorivert,[2] @pixlgirlfrnd,[3] @tsuwukii[4] and @superECCHll.[5]

In the days following the leak, @tsuwukii reportedly posted an apology according to Dexerto,[6] however, it has now been deleted along with her account. Some Twitter[9] users reacted negatively to the apology, calling it disingenuous. On January 27th, 2023, @mimsy then posted a link on Twitter[7] to a Twitlonger[8] in which she apologizes for the racist tweets and the DMs, writing:

I’m deeply apologetic to everyone I hurt and offended by the tweets I made in 2017. I was immature and trying to fit in with the wrong people, though that’s not an excuse. Those tweets are not a reflection of who I am today, although I am by no means a perfect person, I have since grown up and done my best to move on from the environment that I was in. I am ashamed of how I acted in previous years and as of recently and still have a lot of reflecting to do.

As for the group chat and discord messages I realize that the behavior is extremely harmful and so were the things I said in there and I should have taken action to stop it rather than contribute to it. I take full accountability for all my actions and all of the things I said. I definitely realize how harmful this behavior is. I let my anger and jealousy cloud my judgement and I am sorry for those who were hurt by my inability to settle my issues privately with those involved.

I will learn from this and will be better. I know that I caused a lot of hurt and for that I again apologize and I understand my consequences fully. I know that an apology doesn’t fix things and i’m in no way asking for forgiveness. I’ll be taking some time off to work on myself and I still have a lot of personal growth to do.

Online Reactions

On January 27th, 2023, Dexerto then reported on the story as it spread online and sparked controversy among some. On the same day, YouTuber Justin Whang tweeted,[10] "The e-girl group chat leaks are devastating as I’ve always followed these women for their upstanding moral character," garnering over 83,000 likes in three days (shown below).

Justin Whang @JustinWhang The e-girl group chat leaks are devastating as I've always followed these women for their upstanding moral character. 1:51 AM. Jan 27, 2023 from Queens, NY 6.1M Views

On the same day, the YouTube clip channel Hasanabi Time posted a clip of Twitch streamer Hasan Piker reacting to the leaks during a livestream (shown below).

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