Hot Dog Water

Hot Dog Water

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Hot Dog Water is a novelty product advertised as a health drink, parodying other forms of popular water brands. The fine print for the drink indicates that the drink was a joke.


On June 17th, 2018, at Car Free Day street festival in Vancouver, Canada, Hot Dog Water CEO Douglas Bevans opened a stand selling bottled water with a single hot dog floating inside. Labeled "Hot Dog Water," the product cost $38 and boasted health benefits, such as eight loss, increased brain function and age reduction.[1]

are Bicycles Clot evian HOT DOG WATER UNFILTERED EVENT PRICE $37.99 Keto Compatible - Lose Weight - Increase Brain Function - Look Younger - Increase vitality With the demands of city life and high stress jobs, electrolyte imbalances are all too common these days. We believe Hot Dog Water can help restore the body's homeostasis after an electrolyte imbalance The impressive sodium re-uptake provided after drinking Hot Dog water aids your body's ability to access the calcium channel receptors in your heart Hotdog water is able to achieve multiple outcomes with one drink by cutting the bodies need for caloric intake while increasing its metabolic demand to help you burn weight quickly and efficiently By balancing the state of your body's multicellular organisms, Hot Dog Water helps you achieve max capacity for biological defences so you can fight both infection and disease Hot Dog Water's patented carbohydrate restrictors also trigger autophagy and ant-inflammatory processes Testimonials Great for a post-work-out re-hydrate- and it's holistic! Darren Hunktub: Personal trainer of the Hollywood elite. Hot Dog Water is the NEW coconut water!"- Dr. Cynthia Dringus: Nobel-Prize winning nutritionist Home Brewing Method You can easily make your own Hot Dog Water! Simply visit our website for instructions and the recommended number of infusions. Over 50,000 years ago, long before the first humans ever reached North America, o ma created sive volcanic eruption ound sprine, complete with its own natural filtration system -pristine (aa rock Now known as Hot Dog Water in its absurdity hopes to enicourage critical thinking related to


Performance Art

Bevans admitted that the water was a piece of performance art. At the bottom of the fine print for the product, a disclaimer reads, "Hot Dog Water in its absurdity hopes to encourage critical thinking related to product marketing and the significant role it can play in our purchasing choices."

Bevans said:

"It’s really sort of a commentary on product marketing, and especially sort of health-quackery product marketing. From the responses, I think people will actually go away and reconsider some of these other $80 bottles of water that will come out that are ‘raw’ or ‘smart waters,’ or anything that doesn’t have any substantial scientific backing but just a lot of pretty impressive marketing.

"They’ve been drinking it for hours. We have gone through about 60 litres of real hot dog water."

Online Reaction

Online, people mocked customers of the Hot Dog Water stand. On June 17th, Twitter [2] user @moebius_strip tweeted, "This booth that sells unfiltered hot dog water is hands down the strangest thing at Car-Free day, and I have no idea – literally none – as to whether it is real or an elaborate stunt." The post (shown below) received move than 800 retweets and 1,500 likes in five days.

This booth that sells unfiltered hot dog water is hands down the strangest thing at Car- Free day, and I have no idea - literally none as to whether it is real or an elaborate stunt HOT DOG WATER UNPILTERED HOT DOG WAT drens Toy

Over the next few days, as the story continued to spread, people joked about the product. Many, however, still were skeptical about its authenticity (examples below). On June 22nd, Twitter[4] published a Moments page about the stunt.

On June 22nd, Redditor [8] undue-influence posted about the stunt in the /r/off-beat subreddit. Within 24 hours, the post received more than 100 points 93% upvoted).

Brilliant! Performance artist sells expensive "keto-compatible" hot dog water to see how marketing health claims backed by supposed science-quick sales. HOUDOG WATER HOT DOG WATER HOT DOG WATER Hot Dog Water' seller in Vancouver gets laughs to prove point A Vancouver man who sold bottles of "Hot Dog Water" for nearly $40 each says he was trying to see how marketing of health claims backed by supposed science Story: This "Hot Dog Water" sells for $37.99 a bottle: Me: GIF So do I drink #hotdogwater hot or cold? HOT DOG WATER UNFILTERED

Media Coverage

Several media outlets covered stunt, including Global News in Canada,[1] The New York Post,[3] Delish,[5] CBS,[6] USA Today[7] and more.

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