Jessica Fernandez Gym Creep viral video.

Jessica Fernandez Gym Creep Video Controversy

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The Jessica Fernandez Gym Creep Video Controversy refers to a viral video posted by Twitch partner and TikToker Jessica Fernandez (@Jessicafrndz) in which she secretly films a man who she claims keeps staring at her while they work out at a gym and complaining about how uncomfortable he's making her. At one point in the TikTok, the man approaches her and attempts to help her lift a plate onto the barbell and she refuses, seeing it as an attempt to look at her closer. The video went viral in late January 2023 and was criticized by some online, including Joey Swoll, who did not believe that the man was staring at her and thought Fernandez was overreacting and playing the victim, as well as accusing her of potentially delegitimizing women who actually get harassed at the gym. After its virality, Fernandez announced that she would make an official statement and apologized for the video. Later that month, Joey Swoll called out Gwinie_the_Pooh for shaming an elderly man at the gym, which similarly went viral.


Joey Swoll's Reaction

On January 20th, 2023, TikToker[1] @thejoeyswoll posted a video responding to the now-deleted video by TikToker and Twitch streamer @jessica.frndz in which she secretly records a man at the gym who she believes keeps staring at her. Throughout the video, she calls the man "feral," a "piece of shit" and a "weirdo" and talks to the camera about how uncomfortable he's making her, claiming he's staring at her "like a piece of meat." She also writes in a caption that she thought about "ripping his pp off" and calls herself an "underage 21-year-old." The video also features a "stare counter" that marks the number of times he glances her way. At one point, the man approaches her to help her put a plate onto the bar she's using but she refuses his help, seeing it as an attempt to look at her closer. He then goes back to working out.

In Joey Swoll's response, he defends the man and says there's a "big difference" between staring at someone and looking or glancing at them. He suggests the man is likely glancing because she's in his peripherals and filming everything, suggesting he's just wondering why. He then argues that the man may have wanted to help her with the plate because he saw her struggling and it's hard to put plates on a barbell from the ground. The video gained over 3.3 million views in four days. On the same day, he posted the video to Twitter,[2] garnering over 317,000 likes, 34,000 retweets and 71 million views in four days (shown below).

Online Reactions

Criticism and Jessica Fernandez's Resonse

On January 21st, 2023, @Jessicafrndz announced on Twitter[3] that she was going live on Twitch. That day, Twitter[4] user @AlpacaViolent posted a clip from the stream in which Fernandez cries about Swoll's video response and that she has to "apologize for feeling uncomfortable," suggesting he's trying to "use" her content for views (shown below).

The video gained viral spread online over the following days, largely inspiring criticisms of Fernandez from viewers. For example, on January 22nd, Twitter[5] user @valarmitra posted the full, deleted video, writing, "Attention seeking vile narcissists Jessica Fernandez a Twitch partner shames a man who looks her way and tried to offer help. Calling him Feral and playing cute while pretending to be oppressed." On the same day, Twitter[12] user @DelusionPosting posted a screenshot of the video where she calls herself an "underage 21-year-old," questioning what that means and garnering over 90,000 likes in two days (shown below).

9:35 QGym Workout Search What if i just ripped his pp out of its socket so he could never reproduce again this is why i dont want kids Panera natural selection better take the wierdos OUT hes going to jail for staring at an underage 21 year old jessica.frndz 7h ago Episode 11 :(((( it's so disturbing and sad I can't enjoy a simple workout without being uncomfortable #gymgirl #gym #wierdos original sound - jessica.fmndz Playlist gym LIVE + 4104 243 220 Tik T @thejoeys

On January 23rd, 2023, Twitter[6] gimmick account @WomenPostingLs posted a series of now-deleted tweets from @Jessicafrndz in which she shared the video and claims she hates being sexualized along with a photo of her announcing her "FanHouse" account, garnering over 153,000 likes and 17,000 retweets in a day (shown below). The New York Post[7] notably reported on the story that day.

Jessica49 @Jessicafrndz this guy kept making me extremely uncomfortable at the gym... this is why I'll end up crying on stream bc I feel so grossed out at times with the amount of sexualization I experience. Hopefully this spreads awareness for girls who experience this type of treatment at the gym. stare counter: 1 Jessica49 @Jessicafrndz *** I am also extremely antisocial and being hit on is never a compliment to me I don't like to be approached I haven't dated for a year because I despise being sexualized. It happens anyway and I get frustrated. It's normal for girls to feel this way because it happens OFTEN? (6/?) Jessica Fernandez @jessica.frndz Creator Post Pinned 10mo (edited) Hey everyone, Welcome to my FanHouse! From group chats with the community, to direct messaging me (respectfully pls), to PPV content/special requests!

Later that day, Fernandez then made a post to Twitter[8] writing, "I will be coming out with a response to this whole gym situation in a few days. I'm sorry," garnering over 850 likes in a day (shown below).

Jessica49 @Jessicafrndz I will be coming out with a response to this whole gym situation in a few days. I'm sorry. 7:39 AM Jan 23, 2023 1.7M Views

Apology Statement

On January 24th, Fernandez posted a Twitlonger[13] responding to the backlash. In the post, she apologizes to the man that she filmed in the gym, writing that she "blew our interaction out of proportion." She writes, "When I first posted the video I felt I was completely in the right and I felt I was making a good attempt to connect and relate to my female audience who may have dealt with uncomfortable situations at the gym. And now after reading literally thousands of comments about me, the situation and the man in question it truly opened my eyes to how damaging this could have been for him." She also announces she will take a break from social media and clears up a rumor that she has an OnlyFans, writing, "I don't have an OnlyFans, I have Fanhouse which is a SFW website where I connect with my supporters" (full response shown below).

Jessica49 @Jessicafrndz 24th Jan 2023 from TwitLonger My Gross Mistake: Addressing The Gym Video Tweet 0 Like A lot of my content is light hearted and humorous but I want to start off by saying this is the most serious thing I have ever posted. First of all, I want to apologize sincerely to the man at the gym where this all started. He didn't do anything wrong to me and I blew our interaction out of proportion. I know many people think that I'm only apologizing because I got called out from the video I posted and this is half right. If I wasn't called out for this video I wouldn't have had the chance to learn from this mistake or even realize I made a mistake to begin with. When I first posted the video I felt I was completely in the right and I felt I was making a good attempt to connect and relate to my female audience who may have dealt with uncomfortable situations at the gym. And now after reading literally thousands of comments about me, the situation and the man in question it truly opened my eyes to how damaging this could have been for him. Men and women deal with very different problems in the realm of the opposite sex and after looking through the lens of an innocent man put in a situation like that. It honestly made me feel sick to my stomach with guilt. Before writing this I was posting whatever made me feel justified for the video which was wrong on my part and I am extremely immature for doing so and trying to make light of a situation that is a lot more serious and should be taken that way. I have suffered from sexual assault and sexual harassment prior to this situation, and in the past these events were extremely damaging to me. After speaking with friends that were honest with me I was able to keep an open and understanding mind. It took literally thousands of people displaying their distaste for the way I acted for me to realize this in full effect. Because the man at the gym did nothing damaging to me, and I still felt threatened in the situation I reacted by trying to cope with it in probably the worst way possible. My past isn't an excuse or a justification for what I did but it is something I want to personally and professionally address with a therapist in the future. Because I don't want to, and will never, hurt anyone ever again in this way. The "jokes" I included in the tiktok were far from tasteful and funny, I look back at that video now and cringe that it ever even got posted. Again, because of the wakeup call given to me by mainly Joey Swoll and his community. I think it's important to call people out on their mistakes and in the words of Joey help them "Do better". This is exactly what I plan to do with not just my content but my life moving forward. Now this is already becoming a lot to read and honestly I considered making a video to help convey my sincerity for what I'm saying. But I also want to prove this isn't a "publicity stunt" or a way to farm clicks so I feel like this is the best way to express what I'm doing to move forward. So I'm deciding to remove the videos off of all my platforms because I don't want this misconception. Some people might think this is a way of me hiding the video or sweeping it under the rug but this text isn't going anywhere. I eventually decided that there's no real combination of words I could put together to gain the trust of my community and the people who are just discovering me in the worst way possible. With my 600k followers on tiktok and as an influencer I hold a lot of responsibility to use my platform in a way that spreads love and happiness which I did the exact opposite of that. I'm sorry to the men and women who deal with or have dealt with false/true allegations of SA or SH and if I made their situations feel belittled by mine. I apologize to my fans who have supported me and have been supporting me through this, I messed up and I'm going to just own this mistake. I love making content and sharing my experiences with my community and people in general. And I hope I'm able to show growth not only in a few days and weeks but the months and years as I continue to be able to do what I love. This will be an ugly scar on my character for a long time until I can show that I am growing. I just hope people give me the chance to. So truly I am sorry and I will not just say that I am sorry like it's gonna fix everything I am going to show and prove to everyone that this is not who I am and this is not who I am going to continue to be. Mistakes help me grow and I am willing to learn and take people's constructive criticism where it is needed. In hopes of moving on after this situation I will no longer be discussing the topic any further. Along with that I will be taking a break from social media until I am in the right mental space to keep making content. Thank you for reading, I love you all. (ps I don't have an OnlyFans, I have Fanhouse which is a SFW website where I connect with my supporters) Reply A Report Post

Additional Reactions

The video inspired many critical responses to Fernandez, including from the media. On YouTube, several conservative pundits commented on the video. On January 23rd, 2023, Candace Owens posted a clip from her podcast to YouTube[9] reacting to the gym video, garnering over 85,000 views in a day (shown below, left). On the same day, Matt Walsh posted a video to YouTube[10] reacting to Fernandez, garnering over 510,000 views in a day (shown below, right).

On the same day, YouTuber[11] The Comments Section with Brett Cooper posted a reaction to the video, also criticizing Fernandez, garnering over 271,000 views in a day (shown below).

Gwinie_the_Pooh Old Man Working Out Video Controversy

Gwinie_the_Pooh Old Man Working Out Video Controversy refers to backlash surrounding a viral video posted by TikToker @gwinie_the_pooh where she secretly films an elderly man working out at the gym in order to make fun of him. In late January 2023, fitness influencer Joey Swoll, who earlier that month criticized TikToker Jessica Fernandez for falsely accusing a man of staring at her at the gym, posted a video calling Gwinie out for making fun of the old man, inspiring her to delete her TikTok account.

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At 11 we'll discuss how complaining about people ogling your chest when you're wearing a shirt with words on it is asinine.


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