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June 2024 Heat Waves

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June 2024 Heat Waves refers to a series of long-lasting and expansive heat waves across the United States, United Kingdom and India in June 2024 with multiple days of record-breaking high temperatures. The event, similar to other viral weather occurrences like the 2022 European Heatwave, spawned numerous memes about the weather, global warming and climate change, with a prevalent viral topic about the possible June Heat Dome hitting the Northeast and Midwest region of the U.S., causing the hottest stretch of weather in 30 years.


On June 16th, 2024, the United States National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center[1] reported that a possible record-breaking heat wave is forecast to expand from the Midwest and Great Lakes to the Northeast into the following weeks of June. The tweet (seen below) also detailed that the extreme temperatures could be "the longest experienced in decades for some locations." The post amassed roughly 820 likes and 460 reposts in a day.

HER S NWS Weather Prediction Center @NWSWPC. Follow X Record-breaking #heat is forecast to expand from the Midwest and Great Lakes to the Northeast this week, potentially lingering through early next week. The duration of this heat wave is notable and potentially the longest experienced in decades for some locations. Key Messages for Midwest to Northeast Heat Wave Updated June 16, 2024 Dangerous and long duration heat is expected this week First Significant Heat Wave This Season The hottest temperatures of the summer are set to impact much of the Midwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic, potentially lasting through early next week. The longevity of dangerous heat forecasted for some locations has not been experienced in decades. Record-Breaking Heat Expected Widespread daily high temperature records and a few monthly records for June are possible from the Ohio Valley to the Northeast Mon-Sat, with local max heat indices approaching 105 degrees. Warm overnight temperatures only dropping into the mid-70s will offer little to no relief, especially to those without adequate or reliable cooling. 1:00 PM EDT Maximum HeatRisk* Sun (6/16)-Sat (6/22) 0-Little to none "experimental Chicago, IL Large Metro Area Max HeatRisk Extreme St. Louis, MO Extreme Indianapolis, IN Extreme Rapid Onset Drought Possible Antecedent dryness combined with hot temperatures increase the risk of Rapid Onset Drought across portions of the eastern Corn Belt and Mid-Atlantic. 1-Minor Detroit, MI Extreme Cleveland, OH Extreme Cincinnati, OH Extreme 2-Moderate Pittsburgh, PA Extreme Philadelphia, PA Extreme 3-Major New York, NY Extreme For Information On Staying Cool & Safe Visit www.weather.gov/safety/heat. Limit outdoor activity and stay hydrated! National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Albany, NY Extreme 4-Extreme Boston, MA Extreme Baltimore, MD Major Washington, DC. Major Weather Prediction Center 2:30 PM - Jun 16, 2024 For more information go to: www.wdc.nced.noaa.gox and www.weather.cox College Park, MD


Prior to the U.S. heat wave forecast, a tweet posted on June 13th, 2024, by the news website and X account @DailyMirror[2] gained virality for alerting that the "UK to be blasted by 48 hour 26C (78F) heatwave." The post (seen below, left) amassed over 134 million views and 29,000 reposts in four days.

On the same day, India also reported a historic heat wave during June, as X user[3] @extremetemps explained in a tweet (seen below, right) that "the current heat wave is the longest India has ever experienced and it will just get worse." The post received over 590 likes and 390 reposts in four days.

Mirr The Mirror⭑ or @DailyMirror Follow X UK to be blasted by 48 hour 26C heatwave with five cities in England the hottest mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/u... 3:56 PM Jun 13, 2024 ☹ Extreme Temperatures Around The World @extremetemps. Follow HISTORIC HEAT IN INDIA The current heat wave is the longest India has ever experienced and it will just get worse. X MINIMUM temp. today was a brutal 36.4C at Alwar, it's one of the hottest nights ever recorded anywhere in Asia outside Middle East. GFS 2-meter Temperature Anomaly (°C) (based on CFSR 1981-2010 Climatology) Init: 062 Jun 13 2024 Forecast Hour: [12] valid at 18z Thu, Jun 13 2024 60N- 40N- 20N- 20E 40E 10:50 AM Jun 13, 2024 TROPICAL TIDBITS.COM 28 20 16 12 8 6 4 2.5 1.5 0.5 -0.5 -1.5 -25 -4 -6 -8 -12 -16 -20 60E 80E 100E 120E -28 ⑪

Online Reactions

As the news about the U.K.'s 26 degrees Celcius (78 degrees Fahrenheit) heat wave went viral on X, netizens started to compare the high temperatures expected in the U.S. for the following weeks in June 2024. For example, on June 15th, 2024, X[4] user @Goodtweet_man posted an image of a sweaty Patrick Star captioned "Brits when it is 78 F out." The post (seen below, left) received roughly 8,300 likes and 290 reposts in two days.

On June 17th, X[5] user @midwestern_ope compared how Europeans and Midwesterners deal with an 80-degree Fahrenheit temperature. The post (seen below, right) garnered over 3,300 likes and 260 reposts in a few hours.

Good Tweetman @Goodtweet_man. Follow Brits when it is 78 F out X OPE Midwest vs. Everybody ❤ @midwestern_ope. Follow 80° and humid The average European 1:19 PM Jun 17, 2024 Midwesterners X

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