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Keffals Picrew / 'Lore Request' Controversy

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Keffals Picrew / "Lore Request" Controversy refers to discussions and memes made in reference to Twitch streamer Keffal's perceived attempts to recreate Kiwi Farms' tactics through her own fanbase. Accusations against Keffals range from her supposed attempt to get her followers to change their Twitter profile pictures to Picrew images to mimic her dissenter's accounts to her submitting a "lore request" to her subreddit purportedly asking for damaging information on another trans content creator. Memes about the event revolve around some people criticizing Keffals for perceiving her actions as hypocrisy given her past activism to take down Kiwi Farms in August 2022.


Picrew[4] is a Japanese avatar maker website that allows people to customize a profile picture using a limited variety of styles. Picrew avatars began to be associated with an internet sect of young queer and left-leaning communities after the year 2018. In early 2023, Twitch streamer Keffals encouraged her followers to change their profile pictures on Twitter to Picrew images and harass her as a "joke."

A video of the request was posted by the Twitter account @BellfromBlair but has since been deleted.[1] On February 4th, 2023, Twitter[2] user @ajthedonut posted a thread of Picrew accounts that were supposedly participating in the aforementioned campaign, gathering over 14,000 likes in nearly two weeks (seen below, left). On February 10th, Twitter[3] user @velvetbnuuy then posted a clip from Keffal's stream reacting to the accusations and defending the streamer, gathering over 150 likes in roughly a week (seen below, right).

AJ the Grand Rising Donut @ajthedonut Feb 4 So if you don't know Keffals has encouraged her viewers to pretend to be young queers of color, using piccrew pfps, in order to purposely make real young queers look bad, making one herself. Here's a block list 135 AJ the Grand Rising Donut @ajthedonut boywife @theboywife The first one is Keffals's account 13,893 cain~ @lilboyo08 26. neurodivergent. asd. programmer by day boywife by night. use tone indicators or i block. minors dni she/her, ze/zir, U/WU Joined February 2023 72 Following 201 Followers Not followed by anyone you're following they/them 24, nb, I love frogs Joined February 2023 50 Following 27 Followers Not followed by anyone you're following Follow • Follow 9:35 PM. Feb 4, 2023 120.6K Views 14.6K ₁968.1K Titos Daughter @Jagodka261 she/her | slavix | trans femme | marxism-titoist Republic of Slovenia Joined February 2023 37 Following 13 Followers Not followed by anyone you're followi EndoPride @Oracle_Lawrence Psyche | She/Her Joined March 2022 Follow 50 Following 23 Followers Not followed by anyone you're following Follow : V3LV3T @velvetbnuuy She is not a racist and did not ask her followers to infiltrate black/queer twitter. She asked her followers to put on a picrew mask and shit on her ironically as a bit, with the "black butch lesbian" thing being an off-the- cuff suggestion to diversify appearances. 7:10 AM. Feb 10, 2023 78.2K Views 9 Retweets 17 Quote Tweets 170 Likes ● Tweet your reply 3 27 4 V3LV3T @velvetbnuuy. Feb 10 Replying to @velvetbnuuy The people she wanted to "infiltrate" (read: imitate for a stream bit) were annoying tenderqueers who were attempting to cancel trans activists for participating in a public twitter space by pushing back against transphobes. The point is you can't trust anon picrews regardless 27 7 13.8K ↑ 151 (→ V3LV3T @velvetbnuuy • Feb 10 tenderqueers are not synonymous with bipoc people or lgbt people, they are a type of internet-person who weaponize left leaning rhetoric to cause inter-community drama because they get off on it 22 11 ₁12.7K 159 Reply ↑

At the time, other users noted that @BellfromBlair was likely a Mister Metoker follower or alt-account.[5][6]


In the days following @BellfromBlair's videos, various internet users then suggested that Keffals was using an "infiltration strategy" they perceived as something previously seen with Kiwi Farms users.[7][8] On February 18th, 2023, Keffals entered into a brief argument with a creator by the username @M0MMYBIGDICK,[9] after which she made a post to her subreddit /r/keffals[10] with the caption, "LORE REQUEST: MOMMYBIGDICK." The post has since been deleted but can be accessed via Internet Archive (seen below, left). On February 18th, @M0MMYBIGDICK posted a screenshot of the Reddit post as well,[11] along with replies from fans disappointed with Keffals' post (seen below, right).[12]

Posted by Streamer She/Her 1 minute ago Vote LORE REQUEST: MOMMYBIGDICK 3 Hello loremasters, I'm currently in a little spat with a twitter user named mommybigdick. She seems like a prototypical lolcow. I'm wondering how much info we can get on here. Please post everything you got in this thread. I know there's some turboautists here who can help me get a lot of information. keffalL 0 Comments Share Save Hide Report 100% Upvoted Sasha (top 2% OF) @MOMMYBIGDICK HER STANS ARE TURNING AGAISJT HER LMAOO0000 also chans. permalink embed save report reply [-] thekeffals Streamer She/Her [S] [score hidden] 5 hours ago I DONT REMEMEMBER SHIT I NEED SUPPORT permalink embed save parent report reply [-] VictorGonz [score hidden] an hour ago This is embarrassing permalink embed save report reply [-] Muted-Protection-589 [score hidden] 47 minutes ago Jesus fucking Christ so you're just unironically recreating kiwifarms in your own subreddit? I guess you just wanted to shut it down so you could get rid of your competition? permalink embed save report reply [-] Johnnycypher1117 [score hidden] 11 minutes ago I see where your going here but think that's being a bit disingenuous. Kiwifarms was genuinely disgusting. This might be step 1, of 100 but its a bit rough to instantly condemn crowd sourcing arguments. permalink embed save parent report reply [-] mega_guillotine [score hidden] 3 hours ago 'lolcow' is a stupid term used by cringe 4chan nerds permalink embed save report reply [-] Johnnycypher1117 [score hidden] 18 minutes ago 5.) If your submission covers a streamer/public figure that Keft or covered in some way, please the content you're posting. If it video, and doesn't necessarily timestamp. Hey keffals big fan of the lore arc, and of most of your work. Keffals, be so kind as to at leas Think this is the wrong direction, I think you should temporarily focus on your own peace, fuck the haters and carry on with your original plan to get away from the friendly fire for a bit, autistcly playing raft and surfing lore. 6.) If you want to appeal a ban Keffals on this platform or anot please message the mods and accordingly. Don't make a post about the ban, or any post abo be immediately removed and a up with you on the next steps. You have had such a mental year, disengage for a bit. People 7.) NO POSTING LINKS TO T are acting in such bad faith. KIWIFARMS. That includes do about Keffals, and any of its clc This is an immediate permaban permalink embed save report reply a com welcome. Inis also goes To misogyny, ableism, and oth bigotry. 8:50 PM. Feb 18, 2023 212.5K Views 3.) No hate raids/brigaders allo negotiate with terrorists. 4.) Keffals goes through submis subreddit for her streams. You post anything, whether it's poli or a self post. Posts that remair are up to the discretion of Keffa moderators. Just don't post crir horrifying imagery. : MODERATORS MESSAGE THE M discussions in r/keffals 42 1 comment [-] Phaema [score hidden] 13 minutes ago This is mad sad, can't hold your own in a argument? Lmfao imagine having to rely on everyone you take money from to try and argue discourse. You need to take a serious look at yourself and stop doubling down on your bullshit, grow up and just apologize be a better person than you have been. It's going to get worse for you if you don't take a step back and gain some perspective. So so many people are literally writing you off and you just keep shooting your self in the foot, would you like me to help your PR right now? Cause girl this ain't it. permalink embed save report reply debate of the century

On February 19th, Twitter[13] user @M0MMYBIGDICK posted screenshots in which Keffals purportedly used an alt-account to reveal the supposed "lore" she had on @M0MMYBIGDICK, gathering over 2,000 likes in a day (seen below).

Various Examples

Un Chien Andy Nemo @andyxnemo Me reading anything about Keffals : I AM 30 OR 40 YEARS OLD AND I DO NOT NEED THIS. 1:13 AM. Feb 20, 2023 23.5K Views nick @ps2hater "keffals allegedly spent $100,000 on cocaine" RE MA Cas 2:50 AM. Feb 20, 2023 18.1K Views : Spy~ @sam1tron Feb 18 Keffals wondering why people dont like her after she literally screamed slurs at a mentally challenged person and enabled her followers to partake in a racist movement during black history month WANTED a MANIAC keffals @keffals Feb 17 people may get mad at me, but i am fueled by all the trans people who send me DMs thanking me for saying the things that they are thinking but are too scared to get dogpiled by wokescolds to say. they don't speak for our community. we can and must do better. Show this thread stupidugly @big_guy_demo Feb 19 "thank you for deplatforming kiwifarms!" keffals: II GIF ALT MORE LIKE. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. xxyy judith @lovefromjudith Feb 18 fals ekeffals Streamer She/Her 1m EQUEST: MOMMYBIGDICK masters, I'm currently in a little spat with a d mommybigdick. She seems like a prot wondering how much info we can get or st everything you got in this thread. I know oautists here who can help me get a lot c n. keffall 3 Comment Share "I'm fighting on twitter with someone. dig up dirt for me to use against them" : Rel @DewEnjoyer The ghost of kiwifarms calling to Keffals to say the dumbest shit imaginable 11:22 AM. Feb 19, 2023 43.3K Views : 44 Siobhán Casey @PolygonalShivs keffals 11:03 PM. Feb 18, 2023 13.5K Views kiwi farms : …...

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