Mister Metokur

Mister Metokur

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Mister Metokur aka Internet Aristocrat aka Jim aka Jim81Jim, is an online personality best known for his Youtube videos in which he criticizes and mocks people who often get categorized as outcasts and scummy. Metokur rose to online relevancy during GamerGate and the Quinnspiracy under the alias Internet Aristocrat.

Online History


Metorkur first started Youtube under the alias Jim81Jim, where he uploaded his first video series on Spax3 entitled Spax3 – The Series. The Series has since been reuploaded after the deletion of the Jim81Jim channel.

Internet Aristocrat

After deciding to abandon the Jim81Jim channel, Jim went on the create his second identity, The Internet Aristocrat. It's with this character that Jim flew into the spotlight. As The Internet Aristocrat, Jim criticized and mocked SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) in several new series. In Tumblrisms (Below Left) Jim mocked Otherkin, Feminists, Furries, etc. while his other series, The Hugbox Chronicles (Below right) is a series that mocked the responses Jim received from his Tumblrisms series.


GamerGate Involvement

As Internet Aristocrat, Jim uploaded a video titled "Quinnspiracy Theory: The Five Guys Saga," which criticized indie game developer Zoe Quinn for her actions in GamerGate. Jim coined the term Quinnspiracy which refers to the fact that Quinn allegedly slept with five different men who had positions in the video game or video game journalism industries, to artificially inflate the positive ratings of her game.

This is what many consider too be the bomb that really thrust GamerGate into full swing.
After a few months of GamerGate, at some point Jim decided to abandon the character of Internet Aristocrat due to him deciding that the SJW videos had been played out enough, he was not enjoying making the content anymore, and he was not a fan of how popular he was becoming. The channel was deactivated but many if not all of the videos have been saved due to archivists.

Mister Metokur

Six months after his GamerGate departure, Jim reappeared under his current alias, Mister Metokur and started up 3 new series: Hollowed Halls (below left), Internet Insanity (below center), and The /x/ Files (below right), of which only Internet Insanity remains.

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TGWTG Series

On Apr 30, 2017, Jim uploaded episode one of his TGWTG series which documents specific content creators featured on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com such as Doug Walker, Linkara, Angry Joe, Spoony, and many more.

Tales of Trout Series

On Dec 21, 2017, Jim uploaded episode 1 of his Tales of Trout series in which he chronicles the
Kraut & Tea Discord Server Leaks. This marked the first video in which he goes after prominent Anti-SJW figures such as MundaneMatt, Sargon of Akkad (below right), and others.


MundaneMatt Meltdown

On August 13, 2018, Jim uploaded a video entitled The Ballad of MundaneMatt, in which he goes through Matt's career as a prominent Anti-SJW Youtuber. He starts out by addressing Matt's prominent role in GamerGate which thrust him into the spotlight but then spends the rest of the video addressing the allegations that Matt has been flagging videos about himself that he disagrees with. Near the end of the video Jim finally gets Matt to admit to his actions. This event ruined Matt's reputation and he is rumored to have lost 2 months of subscribers in just a few days.

Personal Life

Little to nothing is known about Jim's life outside of the internet. According to a thread on /pol/ Jim is most likely not even his real name. Jim's face has also never been revealed though many pictures exist claiming to be of Jim. The two most popular images that are reported as being Jim are below.


The one on the right is said to be Habermann, a former partner of Jim's.

We also know he has girlfriend and they were both nearly doxxed during GamerGate. Other than that, "Jim" is a mystery.

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