cold bubbly water michelle tandler video and tweet about public lynching in san francisco.

Michelle Tandler's "Public Lynching" Tweets

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Michelle Tandler's "Public Lynching" Tweets refers to a suggestion made by San Francisco tech influencer Michelle Tandler that men of the city return to forming vigilante groups to hang criminals, specifically fentanyl dealers, in order to make the city safer. The tweets were harshly criticized, as several commenters speculated that she was advocating for a time when the city's Ku Klux Klan population committed public lynchings. As her tweets and the subsequent controversy went viral, an old TikTok video she made about how to make "cold bubbly water," in which she essentially makes seltzer water with a SodaStream, also resurfaced and went viral.


Prior to her controversial "public lynching" tweets, Michelle Tandler attracted attention online several times for making disparaging tweets about San Francisco. For example, in 2022, she claimed the city's dogs were getting addicted to meth by eating feces laced with methamphetamine, which turned out not to be true.[2][5]

On April 9th, 2023, Tandler went viral for another series of controversial tweets about San Francisco.[1] In these tweets, she talked about seeing drug addicts and paraphernalia on the streets of the city and recalled that men of San Francisco used to form vigilante groups to hang criminals. Her tweets appeared to suggest that publically hanging fentanyl dealers would help rid the city of crime (shown below).[3]

Michelle Tandler @michelletandler The hangings worked. Crime would plummet after a few of them. Often for many months at a time. 10:14 AM. Apr 9, 2023 Our society seems to have become seriously complacent. 100 years ago in SF people were publicly hung for their crimes. Often by vigilante groups that wanted to send a message. 83 Retweets 1,041 Quotes 900 Likes 154 Bookmarks 27 Tweet your reply W ● ↑ Reply Michelle Tandler @michelletandler Apr 9 Replying to @michelletandler A few questions on my mind this morning: + What changed that the men of San Francisco went from creating vigilante groups to being afraid to even tweet about crime? + What would happen if a few meth dealers were publicly hung? : ... Michelle Tandler @michelletandler + Theoretically, if publicly hanging say, 5 fentanyl dealers led to saving the lives of hundreds, is it morally reasonable? + Why would most San Francisco residents view my question above as horrifying and immoral? + What do other countries do with their fentanyl dealers? 10:21 AM - Apr 9, 2023 59 Retweets 878 Quotes 960 Likes 107 Bookmarks 27 Tweet your reply 322 β–‘ 822 ↑ Michelle Tandler @michelletandler - Apr 9 Replying to @michelletandler + Why aren't the men of San Francisco rallying together to protect our city's women and elderly from drug-induced violence? + Why is everybody so afraid to talk or write on these issues? + Why are people apparently okay living amidst this level of chaos? t 196 Reply ...


Michelle Tandler's tweets on April 9th, 2023, were then widely criticized and mocked on social media. For example, that same day Twitter user @MrFengi[4] suggested that the "vigilante justice" of "100 years ago" that Tandler was praising referred to the Ku Klux Klan's activity in the Bay Area in the 1920s, gaining over 200 retweets and 1,700 likes in two days (shown below, left). On April 10th, Twitter user @wihorne[6] also interpreted Tandler's tweets as advocating public lynching, noting how her tweets seemed to recall suffragist Rebecca Latimer Felton advocating "lynch a thousand times a week" in a speech (shown below, right).

Mister Fengi @MrFengi Replying to @michelletandler To clarify, by specifying 100 years ago, Michelle means the Klan reign of terror in the Bay Area in the 1920s. That's what she says "worked". She's hoping that people don't know enough history to realize she saying "bring back Klan lynchings". White Nativism and Urban Politics: The 1920s Ku Klux Klan in Oakland, California CHRIS RHOMBERG ON 5 MAY 1922, a horde of 1,500 men in white robes and masks gathered in silence at night in a valley in the hills above Oakland, California. Two searchlights beamed across the sky, as a fiery cross burned behind an altar draped with the American flag. At a given signal, 500 more unmasked men marched four abreast toward the altar, to take their oaths and be initiated into the order of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.ΒΉ Hooded Klansmen from as far away as San Francisco, Sacra- mento, Fresno, San Jose and Los Angeles came to join their Oakland brethren in the ceremony. In the 1920s, the city of Oakland was a center of Klan activity in California. Started in 1921, within three years the Oakland Klan grew to at least 2,000 members. Local Klan leaders enjoyed political success late into the decade, winning an election for county sheriff in 1926 and for city commissioner in 1927. Their power was finally broken in a celebrated graft trial prosecuted by Alameda County district attorney (and later United States Supreme Court chief justice) Earl Warren, and the scandal led directly to a major reform of the Oakland city charter. Dr. William Horne @wihorne Just white woman Michelle Tandler claiming that her fear justifies lynching, reproducing exactly-almost word-for-word-the famed "lynch a thousand times a week" speech of suffragist Rebecca Latimer Felton. ALT Needless to say it took me some time to fall back asleep -- as often happens after these encounters. 47 36 Michelle Tandler @michelleta.... 22h For the ultra wealthy in San Francisco life is generally free of these moments. 363 il 152K 31 Super rich people in SF live on hills because "crimb don't climb." Or, they live far out west, protected by a lack of public transportation. (Which, by the way, is by design). 47 8:51 AM. Apr 10, 2023 505 *** Michelle Tandler @michelleta... 22h At this point the number of encounters I I have had in San Francisco that made me feel uncomfortable or scared numbers in the thousands. ₁141K ↑ ALT Michelle Tandler @michelletan.... 21h A few questions on my mind this morning: + What changed that the men of San Francisco went from creating vigilante groups to being afraid to even tweet about crime? + What would happen if a few meth dealers were publicly hung? 387 1478 608 1.6M ↑ Michelle Tandler@michallatan 21h... dearest possession form the ravening human beasts----then I say lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary." Politics was central to Felton's perspective. North Carolina Republicans who had encouraged African-American men's success were also to blame for the actions of the "black rapist." Republicans, Felton insisted, "must find a means to stop the crime that invites lynching by the ignorant and malicious of your supporters, or you cannot escape the responsibility for their actions." Republicans "encouraged the ignorant Negroes in thinking that the success of the party...insures him against the just penalty of his wrongdoing." Republicans, who had portrayed white Democrats as blacks' most bitter enemy, had led African-American men to perform all kinds of outrages against whites. "In his ignorance," she argued, the African-American man "...has interpreted this to give him license to degrade and debauch." Speaking to white Rep icans, Felton warned, "you are his teacher. You must correct your teachings or you cannot escape the wrath of an outraged people." ALT

Following the backlash, Tandler defended herself by saying she did not advocate public hangings but suggested criminal punishment would serve as a deterrent for drug crimes in the city[7] (shown below).

Michelle Tandler @michelletandler *For the record again* - I do *NOT* advocate for public hangings. I brought them up to bring attention to the concept that punishment may have a deterrence effect. I think we need to use jail & prison as tools to fight the overdose epidemic. : That's all, folks. 1:36 PM. Apr 10, 2023 from San Francisco, CA

"Cold Bubbly Water" Video

On April 8th, 2021, Michelle Tandler posted a "how-to" video on how to make "cold bubbly water" to her TikTok. The video features steps such as "put water in the refrigerator" and ultimately she uses a SodaStream (a product designed to carbonate water) to make her "bubbly water." The video gained only 4,000 views on her TikTok in two years (shown below).

@mtandler How to Make Cold Bubbly Water #diy #hack #lifehacks #water #savingmoney #environment #lesswaste #efficiency #maxf #lifeschool ♬ original sound – Michelle Tandler

In the midst of the controversy surrounding her perceived "public lynching" tweets, Twitter user @elaifresh reposted the video to mock Handler, gaining over 400 retweets, 500 quote-tweets and 7,100 likes in two days (shown below).

After resurfacing, many Twitter users then mocked the video for its simplicity. For example, on April 11th, 2023, Twitter user @samknight1[8] tweeted, "This would be endearing childlike innocence if you didn’t know that she wants to publicly execute every poor person in Northern California," gaining over 50 retweets and 790 likes in less than five hours (shown below, left). On April 10th, user @barry[9] joked, "Hold on go slower I accidentally made mustard gas," gaining over 140 likes in one day (shown below, right).

sk1 revival @samknight1 This would be endearing childlike innocence if you didn't know that she wants to publicly execute every poor person in Northern California Elai @elaifreshApr 9 Has Michelle Tandler been kicked in the head by a mule or something Show this thread 0:42 734.6K views 8:26 AM - Apr 11, 2023 ... TikTok @mtandler Barry Petchesky @barry Hold on go slower I accidentally made mustard gas Elai @elaifreshApr 9 Has Michelle Tandler been kicked in the head by a mule or something Show this thread 0:55 735.9K views 9:12 PM - Apr 10, 2023 TikTok @mtandler How to Make Cold Bubbly Water : ...

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"Fun" fact: This was tried in Philippines.

It resulted in roving death squads killing children and homeless people. It was also used by the political leaders to silence their critics by calling them drug dealers/addicts.

Beyond the dog whistles and calls to return to southern-style lynching, this is a bad, BAD idea that gets innocent people killed.


Look I get that slowness and apathy of the govemrent combine with the homeless crisis makes you think of dark thoughts, but saying we should have lynch groups out front is not the way to go. I mean we already have mass shooter problems, we don't need people doing more mass killing in the name of "justice"


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