Sharkeisha Fight Video

Sharkeisha Fight Video

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Sharkeisha Fight Video is a video clip of a young woman referred to as "Sharkeisha" sucker-punching an unsuspecting victim in the face in the middle of a heated argument. Upon being uploaded via Instagram in late November 2013, the video quickly went viral on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere online, inspiring a slew of photoshopped parodies involving images of sharks.


On November 26th, 2013, Instagram user im_stupid____ shared a video clip[1] of a young woman, who is referred to as "Sharkeisha" by an onlooker, sucker-punching another woman known as "Shay" in the face during an argument and repeatedly assaulting her while the victim tries to defend herself in a crouched position. The Instagram video quickly went viral and began circulating on Twitter[2] as well, with the original post garnering more than 20,000 likes and 30,000 comments in less than 24 hours, shortly before it was removed from the site for violating the terms of service. On the next day, the video was re-uploaded to World Star Hip Hop[3], where it drew more than 3.8 million views in a matter of few hours. On November 28th, 2013, YouTube[12] user @notakalou3139 shared a remixed version of the fight (shown below), amassing roughly 42,000 views and 146 likes in a decade.

Notable Development

Online Reactions

The fight video was quickly met with varying reactions from the viewers on Instagram[4] and Twitter[6], ranging from messages denouncing the act of violence in shock and disbelief to comments expressing awe at the assailant's physical strength, while others began poking fun at her name "Sharkeisha" with puns and photoshopped parodies involving sharks, Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards and the 2013 SyFy made-for-TV disaster film Sharknado. By early morning on November 27th, "Sharkeisha" had become the number one trending topic on Twitter and the third most searched keyword of the day on Google Trends.

NO00000 SHE WASN'T REAAAADY! TRAP 罠 [TRAP CARD] SHARKEISHA LIMITED EDITION If a bitch talking s--- pull out this card on your opponent and instantly SHARKEISHA will brutally mollywop that bitch in face leaving you questionable, wondering is that other bitch's glasses okay? 37294827 TARA REIDIAN ZIERING AND JOHN HEARD ENDUCH SAID

According to Topsy[7], the word "Sharkeisha" was mentioned at least 800,000 times on Twitter between November 26th and November 27th.

Tweets per day: sharkeisha October 28th-November 27th 1M 800K 600K 400K 200K 0 10/28 10/31 11/3 11/6 11/9 11/20 11/23 11726 sharkeisha 808,205 ANALYTICS BY

News Media Coverage

As "Sharkeisha" began climbing up the trending chart on Twitter, the video was soon picked up by internet culture blogs and hip hop news sites, as well as mainstream news outlets, with more than one article expressing concerns over the Internet's obsession with violence, particularly in the light of The Knockout Game, becoming a national controversy in the United States. In addition, Hip Hop Wired[9] observed that the online parodies of the assailant's name can be seen as an example of "coonery" at its finest, reminding the readers that there are "a legion of people who think this is the sort of classless behavior typical of any and all Black women."

Rumored Mugshot

On November 27th, Twitter[8] user @Desus uploaded a mugshot[5] of a young woman identified as "Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson" from Charlotte, North Carolina, with a message implying that the assailant had been taken into custody (shown below). Although it remains unconfirmed whether the woman depicted in the photogram is the actual assailant seen in the video, public records of arrests suggest that Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson had been arrested at least once before on a charge of "uttering a forged instrument," or assuming a false identity with forged documentation.

Sharkeisha TikTok Sound

On July 13th, 2023, TikTok[10] user @sxlirss posted a clip of the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon paired with Sharkeisha's fight sound (shown below, left). The video garnered over 4 million plays, 227,000 likes and was used as sound in more than 29,000 other videos on the platform. the sound was mostly used in comedy skit videos about older siblings disciplining the younger brothers. For example, on August 5th, 2023, TikTok[11] user @garett__nolan posted a video with the overlay text "Me stepping in to discipline my younger sibling because my parents have grown too soft." The post (shown below, right) amassed more than 18 million plays and 2 million likes in a month.

@sxlirss @melon lord 🔛🔝🙏 whyd ur fav get beat up… #fyp #gagged #atla #foryou #KATARA #viral #funny #kataratla ♬ original sound – VINTAGE

they deserve it too

♬ original sound – VINTAGE

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