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Yakirisu Abuse Allegations

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Yakirisu Abuse Allegations refers to the multiple Google documents posted by previous friends, co-workers and spouses of the VTuber and content creator Yakirisu. The documents purportedly go into various forms of alleged abuse by Yakirisu over extended periods of time toward multiple people, which resulted in additional other documents and reactions from those close to the creators in late May 2023.


On May 30th, 2023, content creator Aruuu[1] uploaded a Google Doc of their account with Yakirisu, while mentioning that other accounts were being created and shared as well, alleging various forms of abuse which culminated in one weekend in LA with Alpharad and his content circle (shown below). In roughly 24 hours, Aruuu's tweet with the accusations accumulated nearly 2,500 likes and over 200 retweets.

ARUUU @DeputyARUUU . May 30 TW HARASSMENT, ABUSE, EXPLOITATION & BULLYING BY @/YAKIRISU IENT, ABUSE, EXPLOITATION & BULLYING BY YAKIRISU eavy story about harassment and abuse. of thought into even going through with this but after you see what will understand why I needed to post this. @Yakinisu (mostly referr en sabotaging and bullying me but I found out recently she was o proting @ultimaShadowk, I am puting Utima's story first and for ay is Ultima's story abhorrent, but Utsima is terrified of Yaki, She the nyone about the abuse he suffered while living with her then they also has the connections to destroy his reputation and job (much nd I) and reminds Ultima of it, regularly. After speaking with Uma oken and shaken this experience has left him and even talking ab verge of tears. He is truly terrified that Yaki is going to unjustifiably that he's worked for after this is posted. Yaki is actively keeping U state (even after Ultima has moved out) by bragging to him about his employers. 680 39 t 4,558 TW HARASSMENT, ABUSE, EXPLOITATION & BUL... TW HARASSMENT, ABUSE, EXPLOITATION & BULLYING BY @/YAKIRISU This is a very heavy ... 15 14.7K ARUUU @DeputyARUUU. May 30 TLDR: Yaki weaponizes her connections within the industry to stop victims from being vocal about her actions. Ultima spent months being verbally berated, abused, exploited and used for Yaki's personal and financial benefit. He is unable to stick up for himself due to constant... Show more 1 377 1 209 3,938 ₁4.1M ARUUU @DeputyARUUU . May 30 Yaki's ex just came forward with her story TW: Physical abuse, suic*de attempt, animal abuse, verbal abuse 559.8K 2,454 ↑ Nobody says that, what's wrong wit... @YohaneTsush... May 30 my experiences with yaki ⠀ ₁459.3K ...

This allegation was then followed up by others who were name-dropped in the Google document releasing their own statements on Yakirisu, with content editor @UltimaShadowx[2] uploading his own timeline of his side of events that were briefly mentioned in the original document on May 31st, 2023 (shown below, left and right).

Timeline is as follows: 1. Novemberish last year, Yaki explained to the group that her ex/roommate was being s----- with not taking care of the pets and didn't have a job, and when she got back from a trip, the ex vanished with all her stuff 2. This left Yaki with little money and unable to support the mortgage, I lived 4 hours away from her, she begged me to move in so she wouldn't lose her house, I didn't need to move at all, but I couldn't let a friend I knew for 4+ years and spent time with go down, so I agreed. 3. I was feeling burnt out and depressed prior to this but I told myself moving in with a good friend and not being lonely would help me out a lot mentally, and it did for a bit, but then when things started to turn I felt worse, I basically never argued with her and agreed to everything she asked of me because I didn't wanna start an argument or be yelled at, especially since we were sharing a living space, I would have felt more miserable if I was "causing problems" 4. I moved in and things were normal for a few months, Ruby, her boyfriend lived with us too. Her car was broken and she claimed she had no money to fix it, meaning we only had my car to use, I agreed to let her borrow it as much as she needed because I don't drive that much, however over time she would ask me to pay for the gas in my own car when she primarily drove it. There are multiple times when I drove her to the airport and back for 6 hours and she never offered or asked to pay for the gas once. She also would totally trash my car when she used it. It wasn't until I told her I was moving out for personal reasons that she got a brand new car, I agreed to stay until she got that car before I moved out so as not to strand her. I told her I would be leaving at the start of May and only left around the 25th. 5. I would take care of the cats and dog every morning, feed them, take the dog out and clean up after it. Yaki would have the cats locked in the bathroom for over half the day and would tell me to not let them out. One time when she was in LA, one of her cats was very sick and unable to walk. Yaki wanted to stay in LA longer and I was not gonna let a cat die so I drove multiple hour trips to a vet and paid for over half the checkup/medical costs for it. She never offered or asked to pay me back once. 6. I fully take some responsibility here, I admit early on I was loud and interrupting some of what she was doing, our bedrooms had a thin wall between them. I apologized to her and promised I'd keep my voice down and avoid doing things when she was streaming. I believed I was speaking softly as much as I could without whispering and avoiding her stream times until one day she pulled me aside mid stream. She had not been doing anything all day and basically chewed me out, saying I am ruining her content, I should just move out if I am gonna keep being a problem. I just apologized again and told her I was actively being mindful, keep in mind I had never yelled at her like this once. 7. Because of her issues with noise and general space, she wanted her boyfriend Ruby and I to look for a bigger place. We decided on a place and she wanted us to apply for a loan. I had talked to my dad before and he was trying to help us out. When I went to apply for the loan, I asked for her to be a co-owner on the loan. She refused because she still had a mortgage on the current house. This was a red flag for me because if she were to leave/move at any point, in which she made statements joking or otherwise that she was gonna try to move to LA, then I'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no support and would lose everything. When I told my dad she refused to be a co-owner on the loan, he rebuked his offer to help. 8. I have done two videos for her and they were miserable experiences. Any time I would submit a video to her for revisions, I would just be treated like a total idiot, things like "why would you do this?" or "you just don't get it" or "this is baffling, what were you thinking?" and it made me very upset as I was burnt out and barely motivated to work as it is. This also ties into the last segment because she told me she'd have a voice recording by April 20th, days passed, I had not received the recording or heard her recording for multiple days but forced myself to stay quiet because I basically was not allowed to talk when she was doing anything. It was like the 24th at 10:30pm and I had not heard her doing anything all day nor was I talking all day. I get into a voice call to watch a movie with friends, she confronts me saying "You need to stop, I am trying to get this recording done." Again, I normally would have been fine to keep going with how things were but she didn't even treat me like a person. I was scared of her because she held the people she knew over my head and said if she found out I was "talking s---" she would cause problems. She confronted me while I was still living there and said "If I apologize you won't go public right?" and I felt cornered and scared so I agreed. I only decided to put it out because so many different people confronted me saying she messed with them too.


Yakirisu's Response

On May 31st, 2023, Yakirisu[3] then tweeted her own response to the initial documents, telling her side of things and talking through some of the points brought up in the various documents released by those around her, which in turn created more reactions and counterpoints to be brought up by the original accusers (shown below). In nine hours, Yakirisu's tweet garnered over 1,000 likes, 820 retweets and 380 replies.

yaki @yakirisuu. 9h Addressing the accusations against me by @/DeputyARUUU @/UltimaShadowX and @/YohaneTsushima JUU bad-mouthed Fadel and take tul responsibility for what is ice, and I've had to learn where to draw the Ine with that, but thos experiencing at that point in my life and I felt it was okay to vent to nt, ARUUU claims that we had conversations of her pleading ng her career, but this once again comes as a shock to me, be never took place. The last few com I had with ARU en I next so we could hang out, and that the frie for advice for what photos to post on Twitter. Here are scree ations. I can provide more if needed, though they are just ran conversations that show I thought we were on good terms. ep. Here are creashots regarding to the quar intentionally ghosted her when she asked to go to the aquarium, and messaged everyone several times about g that conversation ven the correct address for Izzy's birthday party. I'm unsure as to w ved the wrong address. Sometimes with Uber for this address s 381 ur cat Lasagna was meant to be taken out of his portion of Cause I could not pay for it at the time as I am a full-time stud 1 821 yaki @yakirisuu. 9h Ruby's statement regarding these accusations is explicitly asked to pay for something for th at the time and obviously Yaki was gone in LA. This was the thing for the cats. Not once in about paying for food or liter for the cats, and oftentimes i ve did not explicitly ask him to go buy these things much less g for them, I was under the impression he was doing it to be le cats and I even offered to pay him back for things like cat 1 ob for the last month or so, however, he declined and said he In the house, Ultima was VERY MUCH on board with the plan he entirety of the situation because, again, not a single time at the arrangement. I explicitly remember me breaking down ith the ide e idea and plan because it it seemed like I wouldn't be ab tuation if the rent increased by like 2-3x the current rent and wo of them down as a student who couldn't really help much this entire like HOUR session of me crying in the living room tunities for Ultima to back cut of the idea or also voice conce ming" him because I was strongly against it, however, no su stead, Yaki AND Ultima reassured me that they would hel 12 35 Adressing The Accusations A statement was published today by ARUUU (@DeputyARUUU) saying I was abusive regarding ... 21 1,082 1 18 321 2.1M My POV from a fellow roommate for Yaki and Ulti... Hello, if you don't know who I am, I'm also a roommate for Yaki and then Ultima when he lived ... yaki @yakirisuu. 9h if anyone needs further clarification or more proof regarding the incidents feel free to inquire about it. at the time i have made this tweet, i have not slept. i will not be responding to any messages until i am properly rested i hope u can understand 351 274.6K : il₁232.1K ↑ ...

Document List

As of May 31st, 2023, the following content creators have contributed a document to the accusations, either in support of or against Yakirisu regarding the alleged abuse controversy.

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