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VShojo is a American VTuber agency created by former Twitch employee Justin "theGunrun" Ignacio and YouTube creator Phillip "Mowtendoo" Fortunat. Founded out of the love of VTuber culture, the company aims to foster content that pushes the boundaries of VTubing. With the use of talent freedom, they position their deep respect for the people and companies that helped paved the way.

Online History

Projekt Melody

All artwork for each member of Vshojo was done by Twitter artist TSCR🔥🔥 @puppeteer777.[7]

Projekt Melody was a pioneer in the area of 'lewdtubing', initially debuting onto Chaturbate in Febuary of 2020 to great acclaim. With her first Twitch stream on the 7th of March, 2020, she began doing safe-for-work streams as well. It is believed legal struggles with her original modeller provided the impetus to form VShojo. She slowly made friends with the other original members between her Twitch debut and the group's formation.

Nyanners / Nyatasha Nyanners (retired)

Natasha Nyanners, alias Nyanners, has been working online for over a decade, getting her start on 4chan in the 2000s. In 2011, her first video, 'Stapler-San', was posted onto Youtube. She posted song covers and other voice works until the 17th of July, 2020, when she debuted her VTubing avatar. She was a founding member of VShojo, having grown closer to ProjektMelody, Silvervale and Ironmouse in the months leading up to the group's official announcement. As of April 30th, 2023, she is no longer with the company and is an independent VTuber again.


One of the original Talents of VShojo, Zentreya has previously gained popularity as a VRChat roleplayer since 2017. Her OG character design was a red-haired dragon girl. She differenciates herself from other VTubers by the use of a speech-to-speech device to speak to her audience. Her most recent design is based on a cyborg from a post-apocalyptic future.

Silvervale (retired)

Silvervale's career on Twitch started in 2019, but she re-debuted at the occasion of her arrival in VShojo among the original generation of Talents. Her character is a blue-haired wolf girl. As of April 25th, 2023, she is no longer with the company and is now her own independent VTuber.


Ironmouse's career on Twitch started in 2017, and she was among the original Talents to join VShojo. Her character is a pink-haired horned demon.

Apricot / Froot

Apricot, alias BSApricot, alias Froot, debuted with VShojo, having no VTubing presence prior to the group's formation. Her art drew the eye of Melody and the others – among other things, she draws outfits for the other members of the group, and designed her own VTuber model. She is a half-dragon Lich, an undead creature, contrary to popular beliefs that she is a succubus.

Hime Hajime

Out of the original members of VShojo, Hime Hajime was the last to debut. A dragon-robot-alien hybrid, she sports a large, commanding voice, and a large, commanding figure. She usually streams in East Asian timezones, if ever.

Veibae (retired)

Veibae was the first non-original member to join, doing so on April 9th, 2021. Her former VTuber model was a succubus; she now uses her dragon deity design. Just like Slivervale, Veibae also left the company on April 25th, 2023 to separate and pursue her own goals as an indie VTuber.


为代總長 المسرة

Kson started her career as an independant VTuber in 2016, before she joined VShojo on July 2nd of 2022 along with Nazuna Amemiya. Her character is a Japanese school delinquent.

Nazuna Amemiya


Nazuna Amemiya was foreshadowed to the public by VShojo during the first half of 2022, before her official reveal on July 2nd at the Anime Expo. Her character is an amnesiac woman with the features of an angel.

Haruka Karibu

Haruka Karibu is a Canadian VTuber who debuted in 2020 on Youtube, then on Twitch. Her 3D model is a green-haired reindeer girl. On December 3rd, 2022, during a VShojo collab stream, she was revealed to be the latest Vtuber to join the company.[8]

Henya the Genius

Henya made her debut to the group on May 13th, 2023 on Twitch.[15] As a genius with an IQ of 999, she managed to escape from a research facility that gathers children with special abilities. Her special power is enhanced with the cube hanging from her neck that can charge any kind of electrical appliances, the energy emits a bluish-white color. The origin behind her name Henya comes from the Spanish word Genia (genius). However, with an IQ of 999, she doesn't remember how to spell it, so she tells everyone "Henya" as she hears it.[14]


GeneralGEEGA is an American Vtuber, whose persona is a video game mini-boss. She started as an independant streamer, and officially joined VShojo on September 2nd, 2023[16].

April 2023 Retirement Wave

On April 25th, 2023, Vshojo announced on their Twitter that Slivervale and Veibae have declined to renew their contracts with the company (shown below).[9] Unlike many other VTuber groups that take the character's IP when leaving the company, they were allow to keep using their VTuber for their own personal use. Since April 27th, 2023, the post has reached over 4.7 million views, more than 3,100 retweets, and over 35,800 likes.

On April 30th, both Natasha Nyanners and VShojo announced her decision to leave the company.[10][11] Within the next day, Nyanners' tweet gathered over 1.3 million views, more than 2,000 retweets and more than 33,000 likes, while VShojo's announcement reached over 3.3 million views, more than 2,100 retweets and over 30,000 likes.

VShojo @VShojo To our community, 966 Retweets We'd like to inform you that Nyanners has decided not to renew her contract with VShojo. We fully support her decision and are grateful for her contributions to the growth of VShojo. Nyanners will retain her IP, ensuring she can carry on as the beloved creator you know. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Sincerely, The VShojo Team 6:00 PM - Apr 30, 2023 662.6K Views 941 Quotes 11.7K Likes 269 Bookmarks V

As Silvervale and Veibae's retirements were announced, many VShojo and Vtubing fans speculated on the cause of this departure. Some suggested internal tensions between VShojo members, pointing to Froot's behavior during the Hogwarts Legacy boycott, during which Silvervale had been harrassed; as well as a comment from Silvervale regarding her friendship with Ironmouse.[12] However, with Veibae's[13] and Nyanner's[10] comments on their respective retirements, the dominant hypothesis was a disagreement between the Vtubers and the VShojo company regarding the financial terms of their contracts.

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Natural Enclave
Natural Enclave

in reply to Mistress Fortune

Honestly, it's "poop against shit" situation, because on one side we do have bigots who use this as a justification for harassment. On the other hand, much of harassment that caused this harassment came from "trans allies" who used transphobia as a justification to harass streamers. I am not going to lie, I don't want to sound like a twitter person, but it feels iffy seeing many posts similar to yours about how stupid the counter harassment was terrible and pointless because "Our harassment didn't warrant transphobia and harassment towards us because our harassment didn't ACTUALLY cause her to quit her job!" as if it somehow makes the original streamer harassment way logical and justified in any way. Harassment is bad in any form, period.
Sorry if I end up sounding rude or even, god forbid, transphobic, but I've seen many posts that go "Huh, those transphobes didn't have a real cause, they just wanted to be transphobic" without acknowledging the original harassment as a bad thing that shouldn't have happened. It doesn't imply that those people don't see it as a bad thing, but you never know in 2023….

Juicydeath1025 Moderator

Me connecting all the lore videos about Henya together to the Tea Kettle before her debut stream:

Me actually watching it come true on May 13th, a day before my Birthday, live on Twitch:

Welcome back, Home! 🥹


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