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Guys What One Is Your Favorite? Huggy Wuggy, Seek, Scary Blue, Zumbo Sauce

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Guys What One Is Your Favorite? Huggy Wuggy, Seek, Scary Blue, Zumbo Sauce, also known as Zumbo Sauce or If X Had Roblox, refers to a viral video of a kid scrolling through Mascot Horror avatars for Roblox, mostly from the game Poppy Playtime including the character Huggy Wuggy, and asking his viewers which one was their favorite. Originally posted to TikTok in June 2023, the video earned a series of AI voice parodies in which different characters recited the kid's words. Thereafter, the words became a copypasta known as the Guys What One Is Your Favorite Copypasta, Guys Which One Is Your Favorite Copypasta or the Zumbo Sauce Copypasta.


On June 7th, 2023, TikToker[1] @awesome_huggywuggy posted a video in which he was scrolling through playable avatars in the game Roblox, most of which were characters from the Mascot Horror game Poppy Playtime. He asked his viewers, "Guys, what one is your favorite? Huggy Wuggy, Seek, Scary Blue, Zumbo Sauce," and continued to list characters, including ones from Five Nights at Freddy's. The video gained roughly 1.3 million plays and 132,100 likes in two months (shown below).


♬ Zombo sauce – Ulises preciado


Guys, what one is your favorite? Huggy Wuggy, Seek, scary Blue, Zumbo Sauce, Banban, Nabnab… Um, I forgot his name, the frog dude, and, um, yeah. Snow Seline, Banbalina, Stinger Flynn, Opila Bird, and awesome Huggy Wuggy. This is, uh, me but like I don’t wanna use it. Um, Blue and, uh, I mean, um, Kissy Missy, Killy Willy, um, Choo Choo Charles, right, Boxy Boo but like not evil, and we have evil-a Boxy Boo. We have Squid Game Huggy Wuggy. We have baby Huggy Wuggy, and Blue, and Freddy Fazbear, oink oinky oink oink. We have creepy Green. We have, um, happy Huggy Wuggy. Look how happy he is, and we have, um, "What the hell?" We have, uh, nobody cares Huggy Wugg-

An alternative copypasta posted by Redditor SuperStamps to /r/copypasta[5] on July 29th, 2023, reads:

guys what one is yor favorite huggy wuggy seek scawy blue, shumbo shosh, banben, uh nam nab, um, i forgot his name the frog doode and um yeah, flosaleene, bambalina, stingr flin, opeela bord, en awsum huggy wuggy, ish jus uh me but like i don wanna use it, a blue n, o i mean um pissy missy, scawy rehly, um chu chu chawuls, but boxy boo but like not evil, and we have eViL bOxY bOo 👻, yeah uh squid game huggy wuggy, yea baby huggy wuggy, en blue, en freddy basbe un 🐷 e ungo, we have crepy green, we have um, happy huggy, wuhggy look how ha--pee hes, and we have bum whot da hell b̷̫̞̑̅͠o̸̲̎̽ ̴͙̕b̵̨͉̗̊́͜͠e̸̺͖̋̀̃, we have um nobudy cares huggy wu-


On June 20th, 2023, TikToker[2] @x_phreak posted the first known variation of the original video, making a stylized edit out of it, receiving roughly 28,500 plays and 870 likes in 18 days (shown below, left). On July 27th, 2023, TikToker[3] @freezensdemise posted the first known AI-generated voice parody, making Yakuza character Goro Majima say the copypasta, gaining roughly 4,100 plays and 230 likes in 11 days (shown below, right).

@x_phreak ZUMBO SAUCE #idkwhathashtagstouse #igfyp #viral ♬ holy he used my sound – phenie

@freezensdemise #zumbosauce #majimagoro #majima #robloxedit #roblox #robloxx #huggywuggy #banban #yakuza0 ♬ original sound – rizzler

Going into late July 2023, a series of increasingly viral AI voice parodies surfaced on the platform. For instance, on July 28th, 2023, TikToker[4] @huh_questionmark.exe posted a version with Peter Griffin from Family Guy saying it, gaining roughly 134,500 plays and 13,300 likes in 10 days (shown below).

@huh_questionmark.exe peter griffin if he had roblox 😂😂😂 #familyguy #familyguyclips #peter #briangriffin #petergriffin #roblox #familyguypipeline #loisgriffin #chrisgriffin #stewiegriffin #stewiebrianlois #huh_questionmarkdotexe #huh_questionmark #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #xyzbca #viral #zumbosauce #aivoice #meme #gartenofbanban #huggywuggy #poppyplaytime #tts #aicover #rainbowfriends #huh #huh? #21stcenturyhumor #arabfunny @Ulises preciado ♬ original sound – huh?

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