Hanging Soyjak / -ACK!

Hanging Soyjak / -ACK!

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Hanging Soyjaks are images depicting a soyjak committing suicide by hanging. In the most common version (known as trannyjak), the soyjak is depicted as a stereotypical transgender woman, and the meme is used to mock the attempted suicide rates among the transgender population. In this context, ACK is an onomatopoeia for hanging, and is often used to cut short sentences or quotes, indicating that the soyjak was hanged before the end of the sentence.


The original picture is an edit of one of the soyjaks traced from former world record holder for largest mouth gape Bernd Schmidt.[1] An early archived post featuring the image[2] was posted on 4chan's /pol/ board on February 16th, 2021. On April 12th, 2021, the image[3] was posted on /qa/.


The most popular version[4] of the image, which is revision of a colored edit[5] of the original depicting the soyjak wearing a transgender flag shirt (which was posted to the same thread the same day), was first posted on /qa/ on June 22nd, 2021.
The first use of ACK in association with the meme was on /pol/ on September 4th, 2021.[6] On September 6th, 2021, the onomatopoeia was used in conjunction with the meme on /qa/.[7]

Hanging Chudjak

Another edit of the image in which a Poljak with a toothbrush mustache (which Hitler wore) and a shirt with the flag of Nazi Germany hangs himself was posted on June 30th, 2021.[8]

On November 1st, 2021, a post portraying the transgender soyjak and the Nazi chudjak as friends was posted to /qa/.[9]

/lgbt/ raid

On November 3rd, 2021, a raid on /lgbt/ was organized on /qa/; during the raid, /lgbt/ was spammed with trannyjak images. Later on the same day, /qa/ was permanently locked and attempting to post or reply to threads would result in an error message stating that the site is undergoing maintenance, presumably as a response to the raid on /lgbt/.[10][11][12][13][14]

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