House with a Boombox

House with a Boombox

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"House with a Boombox" (a.k.a "House X") is a YouTube remix and dub series based on a scene from the TV medical drama series House [1] in which protagonist Dr. Gregory House enters a patient's room wielding a boombox and Shutter Shades, dancing to the beat of whatever music the uploader picked to include.


The scene originates from House season 5, episode 22 ("House Divided")[2], which aired on April 27 2009. In the episode, a young and deaf wrestler is treated after experiencing "Exploding Head Syndrome". After being inspired by an hallucination, Dr.House (played by Hugh Laurie) enters the patient's room holding a boombox which plays "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy.[3] This later helps House prove that the patient has Pneumonia.

The first parody of the scene, titled ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH, was posted via YouTube on January 11th, 2010, which replaces Public Enemy's song with "Libera Me From Hell" from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and House's signature glasses with the iconic Kamina Glasses.

Over a year later, another parody titled "Elektro House" was uploaded on July 3rd, 2011, using a remix version of Public Enemy's "Fight The Power" with Brooklyn Bounce vs. Sample Rippers – Louder & Prouder (Picco Elektro Remix). "Elektro House" was originally also a response to the Elektro X YTPMV fad. Within one week, the video gained 40,000 views. The video also loops Dr. House dancing to make it longer.


The "Elektro House" dub was well received by YouTubePoop enthusiasts, spawning dozens of similar response video dubs based on the Boombox scene. Within the first month, the "Elektro House" video inspired over 368 response videos[4].


The basic formula for the fad consists of adding any kind of music adjusting it to fit House's moves, as well as adding audio filters to account for the glass wall between the Boombox and the viewpoint when the video begins. Oftentimes, the dialogues are muted and occasionally subtitles are placed, whether it be something related to the music or simply random dialogs. The video title usually displays the song's title with one of the words replaced with the word "House".

Notable variations

Dr. House

Epic Sax House

We No Speak House

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