How To Spoon

How To Spoon

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How To Spoon is a copypasta describing the cuddling act known as spooning in which one person holds another from behind. The entire copypasta includes a list of instructions for spooning, one person replying "what?", then the instructions repeated in bold text.


The original post was written by Tumblr user niggaswitdreadz (the account has since been deactivated). It was reblogged by user susemoji[1] on August 8th, 2013 (shown below, left). On August 10th, user toohot-tohoot[2] reblogged the post saying "what," to which niggaswitdreadz responded by reposting the instructions in bold text (shown below, right). The post has gained over 495,000 notes.

niggawitdreadz How to spoon: Dick hard on the butt Titty in my hand Kiss ya neck .Hell yeah toohot-tohoot What niggawitdreadz HOW TO SPOON DICK HARD ON THE BUTT TITTY IN MY HAND KISS YA NECK HELLYEAH


On November 11th 2016, Imgur user 121E1V[4] posted a series of image macros featuring scenes from the second Star Wars prequel film, Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones, featuring the conversation as edited captions. The post gained 1,700 upvotes on imgur. Anakin Skywalker is portrayed to be saying niggawitdreadz' comments, whilst Obi-Wan Kenobi is portrayed to be saying toohot-tohoot's comment. The album ends on a reaction face from Obi-Wan.

HOW TO SPOON How to spoon DICK HARD ON THE BUTT Dick hard on the butt, titty in my hand, kiss ya neck TITTY IN MY HAND, KISS YA NECK Hell yeah HELLYEAH What

On July 11th, 2017, YouTube user [marbardan] published a video (shown below, left) repeating the quote with the image macros from the imgur album, as well as two images from Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith. The audio is intentionally poor quality, and the voice acting increases in volume throughout the video for Anakin's lines. The addition of the images from the subsequent Star Wars film was to add second "what" reaction from Obi-Wan, prompting a louder and seemingly angrier response from Anakin as he lies burning on Mustafar describing the act of spooning. On August 4th, 2017 Youtube user DankDuck45 did the same thing (shown below, right), gaining over 610,000 views.

The copypasta has been used on Tumblr with various different characters. User vampiresque recreated the post using Yakuza characters, gaining 200 notes (shown below, left). User true-king-of-monsters did it with RWBY characters (shown below, right).

majima: how to spoon: dick hard on the butt, titty in my hand, kiss ya neck, hell yea kiryu: kiryu: kiryu: what majima: HOW TO SPOON: DICK HARD ON THE BUTT, TITTY IN MY HAND, ISS YA NECK, H ELL YE A Sun: How to spoon: Dick hard on the butt, titty in my hand, kiss ya neck, hell yeah! Jaune: Wut? Sun HOW TO SPOON: DICK HARD ON THE BUTT, TITTY IN MY HAND, KISS YA NECK, HELL YEAH!

The copypasta was made an entry on Urban Dictionary on March 10th, 2018.[3]

TOP DEFINITION How to spoon Dick hard on the butt, titty in my hand, kiss ya neck.. HELL YEA How to spoon by Burn the Jews March 10, 2018

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