How Y'all MFs Look

How Y'all MFs Look

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How Y'all MFs Look is a slang snowclone often paired with a depiction of a sad clown. The phrase is often meant to humorously put down another for being unfunny or other activities online.


On September 8th, 2018, Twitter user @TayWest[1] paired the caption "this how y’all mfs look when y’all go live and ain’t nobody watching that shit" with a video of a dog appearing to take a video on a phone, gaining over 260 retweets and 920 likes (shown below).

daddy. @TayWest Follow this how y'all mfs look when y'all go live and ain't nobody watching that shit juice sweeteanigga how'd my dog get my phone? 0:07 8:37 PM 8 Sep 2018


On February 25th, 2019, Twitter user @SpongeGasm tweeted a picture of a man in a clown suit with the caption, "How yall mfs look replying to every tweet you see with the same /r/dankmemes reaction pis. The post received more than 21,000 views, 1,800 likes and 680 retweets (shown below).

On March 3rd, 2019, Twitter user @Kyrein_[2] tweeted a variation (shown below, left). The tweet gained over 45 retweets and 250 likes (shown below, left). Many of the tweets used a picture of a clown sitting in front of a computer, which had seen some use prior in memes that referred to it as the "IT Clown."[3] User @ourtwice gained over 350 retweets and 1,200 likes making an image about K-pop star Seungri (shown below, right).

Kyrein @Kyrein Follow How yall mfs look expressing yourself by mainly replying to people with GlFs 3:28 PM-3 Mar 2019 kenzie @ourtwice Follow how yall look defending seungri Blxk 0:12 82.4K views 12:54 PM-11 Mar 2019

On March 8th, 2019, Twitter user @cosmicclone123 posted a video with the clown as an image macro, gaining over 310 retweets and 950 likes (shown below, top). User @Sailbot782 made another video tweet with the clown, gaining over 90 retweets and 530 likes (shown below, bottom).

Various Examples

Lord Bung Lord_Bung Follow How y'all mfs look when herc is on a roll 9:29 AM-7 Mar 2019 xbox 360 @hushibeat Follow how y'all mfs look when yall like one of @rizzydraws posts and it ends up on my tl 0:07 387 views 6:02 PM-9 Mar 2019 Ms. Roboto @supastargirl Follow This how y'all mfs look getting hyped over the aladdin and lion king remakes. 3:50 PM-10 Mar 2019 Ultimate Wing @WingGT79 Follow This is how y'all MFs look When you say Kirby is mid tier 7:43 AM-12 Mar 2019 Followw Mlord7000 How y'all mfs look saying you spot an I funny watermark 3:47 PM-11 Mar 2019 Valoment @ValomentZ Follow V How y'all mfs look when you used term like "GOAT, RAW, FIRE" 35 3:05 PM-11 Mar 2019

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[1] Twitter – @TayWest

[2] Twitter – @Kyrein_

[3] Imgur – Scary AF

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