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sheep herder hurr durr meme with classical artwork


Hurr or Hurr Durr is an interjection used to criticize a post that is considered subpar or unentertaining, or alternatively, to express sarcastic laughter. Similar to the image macro application of "Derp," this expression is often paired with images in which the subjects are gaping awkwardly or looking unflattering.


Before it became paired with "durr," the word "hurr" appeared alone on sites like the Something Awful forums where it was used in similar vein to the sarcastic laughter “har har”[3] in responding to a dumb joke. This usage of "hurr" has been noted as early as March 27th, 2003 in a Something Awful thread[5] about 1970's adult films. Hurr was first defined on Urban Dictionary[4] as a caricature of "a dumb sounding laugh" on June 28th, 2003. By July 2006[6], hurr had been implemented as an emoticon[7] on the site.

Executive summary: Found i----- book from the 70's in basement of new house, writing so bad it's funny Schema Oct 03, 2001 As some of you may recall, my wife and I recently bought a house in Toronto. The previous owner was an elderly Jewish lady, very sweet and nice. She was selling the house because her husband had just passed away, and she didn't need a whole house to herself. Her son Leon happened to be a real estate agent, so he handled the selling of the house and was our contact for anything house-related. I called him now and then before and after the deal, for example if mail arrived for his mother that didn't get forwarded, things like that. Nice guy A couple of months ago I finally got around to cleaning out that special happy moist place that every house has, the little nook under the stairs to the basement. (yes, that basement). I found the usual crap extra brown+yellow tiles for the kitchen floor, extra brown+yellow moldy patches of carpet from the basement, extra brown bathroom tiles and awful wallpaper. (This house was built in the early 70's, remember.) I also found a pile of books. Titles like "Argentina's Economic Development And Effects on Culture" (Argentina has an economy? hurr hurr) and "Economy and Civilization." Very boring. So I called Leon

One of the earliest archived mentions of "hurr durr" also took place on the Something Awful Forums. On August 17th, 2007, the phrase appeared as commentary[1] on dialogue used in the dating sim game Sakura Wars: Atsuki Chishio ni[2] in a Let's Play thread.

Ogami] (Maybe it's because she's in her own room, but Sumire-kun... seems a bit more relaxed.) Hell, I'm happy that she isn't constantly making doe eyes at Ogami anymore. :gonk: Durr hurr hurr, a-hurr hurr hu- :quagmire: naaaaah, I'll stick to talking


“Hurr durr” was defined on Urban Dictionary[8] on June 20th, 2008:

"Hurr durr" is the sound of laughter coming from someone with half a brain. Mostly it is used to point out when someone has made an idiotic claim, though, surprisingly, idiot males will attempt to make thier laugh as deep as possible to make them sound more manly, when all it really does is make them sound like idiots.

Since 2009, captioned photos with the phrase have appeared on the single-topic blog Image Macros.[14] Collections of these have been shared on Urlesque[17] in April 2010 and the Chive[18] in April 2011. The phrase has also appeared in over 20 archived 4chan threads[15], including one plotting equations[16] from a hurr durr chart that took place on the /sci/ (science and math) board on March 27th, 2010.

File :1269704092987.jpg-(24 KB, 373x336, 1269700280052.jpg) O Anonymous 03/27/10(Sat)11:34 No.594747 Can anyone do the equations to the "Hurr Durr" chart. The hurr durr has a loop. Not a troll just a bit of fun. >>Boomer !!MBwbEofHc 03/27/10(Sat)11:36 No 594752 HURRDURR 594747 Just assign units to each direction, then plot the values HURR >Anonymous 03/27/10(Sat)1 1:36 No 594753 Would it be HURR/T? >Anonymous 03/27/10 (Sat)11:38 No 594759 I could probably find a polynomial that roughly fits DURRR using Matlab. The others look pretty impossible.

On September 16th, 2009, the domain for the single serving site[9] was registered, which displays a GIF animation of a pug shaking around with the gibberish chorus from "Chacarron Macarron". The site uses Javascript to keep the window or tab open while triggering pop up windows so the user cannot exit the page. The site has been used as a bait and switch on Yahoo! Answers[11] to draw visits from the curious readers. has been parodied on Newgrounds[12] and also has nearly 1000 likes on Facebook.[13]

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Peaks for just the word "hurr" have appeared nearly every year in August or September, with the exception of June 2010. The search volume may be affected by the other definition of "hurr" as slang for "hair,"[10] which began in 2008. Search for "hurr durr" began to pick up in September 2008 and reached an all-time high in May 2011.

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