I am aware of all Internet traditions

I am aware of all Internet traditions

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"I am aware of all Internet traditions" is a catchphrase typically used to either mock someone else's elitist attitude or defend one's own reputation in being knowledgable about certain conventions and customs on the Internet.


On June 17th, 2008, Davenoon, a blogger for the political blog Lawyers, Guns, and Money[1], posted a short summary of Obama-skeptic comments that were made by another conservative blogger Neo-neocon.

MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008 Thanks to 9/11, she's outraged by decolonization eo-neocon: Although the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape doesn't actually exist, we can't forget that she and her husband secretly wish to turn the United States into a North American Zimbabwe. And in related news, Jeff Goldstein would like to remind you once again that he attended graduate school

Then one of the readers Vanderleun misinterpreted Davenoon's snarky paraphrasing as a direct quote and left a comment criticizing its inaccuracy. In response, the author explained the practice of using "shorter" summary as a convention in the blogging community.

So I would like a bit of clarification as to just where the "quote" you extracted above comes from? I can't believe you would just make it up, but neither do Ibelieve that the post by you see it neoneocon was altered sinoe I was the first in the thread and the post was then as Indeed, the quote appears nowhere in the post that you point to. Can you please explain this? Vanderleun | 06.16.08-11:50 pm | # vanderleun, you are apparently unaware of the internet useage "shorter so-and so"-it means a pithy summary of someone's argument, usually with the implication that the argument is moronic. Donald | 06.16.08-11:55pm | #

Vanderleun then countered with the reply "I am aware of all internet traditions." Due to its conceited and self-defensive nature, his comment quickly caught on with other readers and spawned a lulzy stream of comments poking fun at the remark.

Donald, I am aware of all internet traditions and also of literary conventions in which placing something in quotes or in a blockquote means that your are quoting that person


The blog post was eventually picked up by another writer John Cole via his Balloon Juice blog. From there, the phrase spread like wildfire and eventually inspired an image macro series, many examples of which can be found on the single topic blog I Am Aware of All Internet Traditions. Among some users, the phrase carries a connotation not only of misplaced bragging borne of ignorance, but also that politically charged individuals may be less web-savvy, yet ironically more apt to make outrageous and easily debunked claims.

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[1] Lawyers, Guns and Money – Thanks to 9/11, she’s outraged by decolonization

[2] Blogspot – I am Aware of All Internet Traditions

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