I'm Gonna Pay You $100 to Fuck Off

I'm Gonna Pay You $100 to Fuck Off

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"I'm Gonna Pay You $100 to Fuck Off" is a memorable quote by the character Ricky from the Canadian mockumentary TV series Trailer Park Boys. Online, a screen-capture of the scene paired with the quote has been circulated as a reaction image and an exploitable.


On April 20th, 2003, the Trailer Park Boys episode "The Kiss of Freedom"[1] premiered. In one scene of the episode, character Ricky, in possession of a large sum of money, offers park supervisor Jim Lahey one hundred Canadian dollars "to fuck off".

So I'm gonna pay you a hundred dollars to fuck off.
Leave me alone, just give me my trailer and fuck off.


On June 1st, 2012, Tumblr user dopeandchickenfingers posted the screen capture[2] of the scene with the line of dialog as a part of their collection of memorable moments[3] from the Trailer Park Boys series. The post gained over 7,100 likes and reblogs in seven years.

05 I'm gonna pay you $100 to fuck off

In the following years, the image was circulated as a reaction image on 4chan[4], Funnyjunk[5] and other websites (examples below). On June 1st, 2014, Redditor[6] HDLegend posted the image macro to /r/funny subreddit, where it gained over 2,700 upvotes in six months.

Anonymous Tue Apr 29 19:58:50 2014 No.7526092 View] File: 25 KB, 500x375, money well spent.ipg View samel [igdbl [saucenao] [google] [report] >>7526083 This and you wont haveto wory abour brbing hotel staff as long as you follow the first three recommendations. Use common sense BEFORE you start, and you'll be alright. Be smart about being stupid. #23 to #4-bobfaget 04/24/2014) Reply o screw you and your unpopular opinion. na na pay you $100 to fuck off.

On October 15th, 2015, Funnyjunk[7] user galkawhm posted the first known edit of the image featuring Undertale characters created by an unknown author. On October 25th, Tumblr[8] user WafflezTV posted the image on the website, where it gained over 14,200 likes and reblogs in three years.

05 I'm gonna pay you $100 to fuck off

In the following years, the image macro and its edits were circulated on 4chan, Reddit, Twitter and other platforms.

Various Examples

05 Iom 'm gonna pay yoUfazcoinsto fuck off. fazcoins When someone with an anime Profile picture messages me Im gonna pay you $100 to fuck off. Emmanuel Macron increasing minimum wage, 2018 [colorized] r/france Posted by u/pitchounoulouloutte 1 month ago Humour L'augmentation du SMIC Iom gonna pay You $100 to fuck off.
Germany must pay Poland up to $1 trillion in reparations, minister says The figure could be even higher, according to the Polish foreign minister Rachael eves Hachae ResMonday & september 2017 143 851 12K Im gonna pay you $100 to fuck off. Tom gonna pay you500 to fuck off. Iom gonna pay You $100 to spook off

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