I'm Still Gonna Send It

I'm Still Gonna Send It

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I'm Still Gonna Send It refers to a viral video in which amateur stuntman Larry Enticer exclaims that he's going to attempt to land a jump on a snowmobile with the phrase "Are you guys silly? I'm still gonna send it!"


On March 1st, 2017, Larry Enticer, an amateur stuntman who regularly attempts stunts on motor vehicles,[1] uploaded a video to his Facebook[6] page of him attempting to land a jump on a snowmobile. Before he tries the jump, he says "Are you guys silly? I'm still gonna send it!" He fails the jump and tries again, and also fails. On March 3rd, 2017, YouTuber HTCownsYOU uploaded the video to YouTube, gaining over 6.7 million views (shown below). While he used the phrase "gotta send it" in previous videos referring to landing a jump, the March 1st video led to the phrase going viral.


The day after the video was uploaded, it was posted to Reddit on /r/whatcouldgowrong,[2] where it gained 223 upvotes. On March 15th, 2017, an image was submitted for use to Meme Generator.[5] It was posted to eBaum's World[3] on March 18th. On April 3rd, Imgur user YouGuysSilly[4] uploaded several image macros of Enticer with the catch phrase (examples shown below).

Meme of Larry Enticer of are you silly, I am still going to send it about a letter without postage Larry Enticer drinking a beer on a snowmobile in meme about sending in something 2 weeks past deadline Variation of the Larry Enticer meme about keeping your pants even though it has holes because he still gonna mend it

In June, Tosh.0 included the clip on his show and had a "redemption" segment (shown below).

The phrase has also been employed by Jake Paul in some of his stunt videos (compilation shown below).

Various Examples

Sending letter meme of Larry Enticer still gonna send it Still gonna blend it instead of send it meme about smoothie Still gonna lend it Larry Enticer meme Still gonna send it Trump missiles meme You Sill, still gonna send it man on Snow Mobile meme Meme about sending it even without secret clearance

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