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Immortal is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1989. As a subgenre of metal, black metal is characterized by extremely fast tempos, double-kick pedals, and tremolo picking. Various black metal bands have been known to wear face paint (AKA corpse paint) in their performances, although this is not exclusive to black metal.

Now, of all the memetic instances of Immortal online, they can basically be classified into two groups.

  • Immortal Photoshops
  • Immortal audioswaps of The Call of the Wintermoon video

Photoshop Threads in Metal Forums

On October 16th, 2003, on the official Immortal band forum, a guest named /Z/ posted a link to another message board on described in his post below.

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Immortal Funny Pic Thread

So if you all haven't seen this thread yet be sure to check it out. We've been having lots of fun creating funny Immortal pics in photoshop. Sooo funny.…7&page=1&pp=25

Unfortunately, the thread has been purged from their system and does not show up in

But a number of “funny Immortal pics” treads persisted on metal forums all over the web for years after.

Call of the Wintermoon

Immortal released the album Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism in 1992, along with a music video for their single The Call of the Wintermoon.

Upon airing, the video was met with much criticism, and the band openly admitted that the video was rushed. Abbath states, "we were a bit confused in those days."
In the following excerpt, Immortal front man Abbath is interviewed by Swen Goethe in 1999:

SWEN: Is the promo-video for "The Call Of The Wintermoon" going to be released officially? It seems like it was recorded in the summer-time, did this give you the "grimcold" feeling that you present in the lyrics?
ABBATH: "The "Call of the wintermoon" video was a huge mistake. It has no matter of course at all. We had an offer from a TV company here in Bergen to do it and there were nothing planned before they started to film which had to be done within two hours because it was supposed to be broadcasted later that evening. Anyway, we were stupid enough to rush into it. As I can remember we were a bit confused in those days."

The Call of the Wintermoon was re-released in 1998, and again in 2005. Google Insights reflects search interest in the song.

On January 16th, 2006, Youtube user destructicon500 uploaded the first audio-swap parody video of Call of the Wintermoon in which the song had been replaced with Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys.

On April 3rd, 2006, Youtube user cyberperv87 uploaded the old original Call of the Wintermoon home video.

Youtube Derivatives

A fairly steady stream of Wintermoon parodies have been uploaded in the four years following the re-release of Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism. While all of these parodies seem to poke fun at the absurdity of the band's on-camera antics, many of the videos appear to come from fans having a laugh at their beloved band.

There is also a Facebook group dedicated to photoshopping Immortal in humorous ways, that currently holds about 600 different photos.


The first time Immortal YTMND was posted by a user named Immortal on May 15th, 2005, and is the only post made under that account.

The first Wintermoon audioswap YTMND to appear on the site was created by user Xiety on January 13th, 2005.

And over the course of the next few years, a number of Immortal YTMNDs were created. Here are some more examples.

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