Jay Gould / Greensboro Chad / Chad Thundercock

Jay Gould / Greensboro Chad / Chad Thundercock

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Jay Gould, also know as the Greensboro Chad and commonly known as Chad Thundercock is an American tech entrepreneur, investor, podcaster and the founder and CEO of Yashi. Gould gained online popularity thanks to a photo of his college days that shows him in a sleeveless shirt with "Greensboro Football" written on as he's fiercely glaring at someone on his left. The photo went viral and got often associated with the stereotypical image of a Chad and high school jocks in general. The Chad from the Virgin vs. Chad meme format is based on him.


Born on April 1st, 1979, Jay Gould graduated from Rowan University in 2001, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Law & Justice.[1][2] From 2002 to 2005, Gould created and sold two websites that generated income through advertising to Bolt Media, which granted him a position as partner in the company and later became its president.[3][4] Gould also created the website GamersMedia,[5][6] which in 2007 was turned into Yashi,[7][8][9] co-founded by him and his wife Caitlin.[10] On February 2nd, 2015, Gould sold Yashi to Nexstar Media Group for $33 million.[10] Despite its absence from his personal social media profiles, Gould's "Greensboro Football" photo (shown below) became an icon in meme culture.



Gould's photo has been circulating on 4chan as early as May 27th, 2014,[11][12] on the /fit/ board and spread in memes, captions, photoshops and edits ever since. On July 16th, 2017, a meme was posted on r/justneckbeardthings by Redditor SayMyNameBigDaddy, showcasing Gould as a Normie and a Neckbeard as a Patrician (shown, below). The meme received over 615 points in 4 years.[13]

Normie Patrician BREENSBLRE YODTBALL - Has regularly intercourse with females - Virgin by choice |- Spends his weekends on parties f------ Stacies Spends his weekends at home rereading "A la recherche du temps perdu" |- Only listens to top 100 pop |- Almost exclusively listens to classical music (especially songs Beethoven's late works) - Hobbies include watching football and reality tv - Hobbies include watching anime and British comedy tv shows - Only interested in capekino - Interested in film as an art-form, blockbusters (or romcoms if it helps him get laid) well versed in European art house movies - Doesn't read at all (except |- Reads to be educated, mostly PUA books) sticks to the Western canon

On June 26th, 2019, a meme titled "CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER" was shared on r/Bossfight by luujs, with Gould being featured in the meme as "Chad". The post received over 30,600 points in 2 years[14] (shown, below).

CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER BREENSBURD CHAD CHET -Peak Caucasian masculinity -Lives to f---, f---- to live. Has f----- your girlfriend, sister, mom, and dad --Master of every contact sport SPECIAL: Atomic C------ -Ruthless, cold, and cunning -Physically weak but can overpower enemies through sheer force of wealth -Single black friend renders him immune to all accusations of racism SPECIAL: Summon Legion of Lawyers КYLE TANNER -Expert survivalist -Chewing tobacco eliminates stamina loss -Quick to anger although merciful at heart -Energy drinks activate Berserker rage -Can punch through ANY wall, regardless of composition SPECIAL: "The F--- you say about my mom!?" -Camo renders him invisible in forested environments SPECIAL: Can use 1/16 Native American ancestry to summon a wendigo

On April 16th, 2020, 9GAG user SuckMe shared a post containing Gould's real name and backstory on how he became a millionaire on the Awesome channel[15] (shown, below).


On May 29th, 2021, Gould positively reacted on his personal Twitter account to a meme that had him tagged and labeled as "MegaChad"[16] (shown, below).

Jay Gould @jaygould •.. Hilarious - I can't shake the Chad meme. A decade plus now. I guess l'll just embrace it. #OGChad #chadthundercock Jason A. Williams AKA “Cha... · May 29 Replying to @jaygould Young Chad. Few. He grown now. MegaChad GigaChad TeraChad @Michael_Saylor @Carl_C_lcahn @JayGould 3:48 PM · May 29, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Personal Life

Gould has shown being passionate about American Football from his youth to his adulthood,[17][18][19] and has four children from his wife Caitlin.[20] Gould is aware of his fame as a meme,[21][22] and has advised for smart investment in Bitcoin. [23]

Various Examples

ald FODTBALL BREENSBURD FOOTBALL BREENSBURD FOOTBALL Chad Thundercock REENSBARD Legendary Creature - Human Alpha O Menace When Chad Thundercock or a female enters the battlefield, acquire control of target female as long as you control Chad Thundercock. "just b urself bro" 6/11



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A chad like him could just have lived the high life, surrounding himself with expensive hookers, cars and cocaine, yet, he decided to get married and have kids.
You really gotta have to admire that.


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