Chad Says Beta Things

Chad Says Beta Things

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Chad Says Beta Things is a series of awkward and cringeworthy messages sent by an anonymous Tinder user to several women using a fake profile image of an athletic, attractive looking man, an online dating archetype often referred to as Chad Thundercock on 4chan's /r9k/ board. After screenshots of the messages were posted to 4chan in October 2015, many others on the imageboard community began posting the corn emoji in reference to the catfishing prank.


In early October 2015, /r9k/ user Beta Chad submitted a series of screenshots in which he uses a fake Tinder profile with a photograph of an athletic man to send women bizarre messages on the dating app. The thread was not archived. On October 10th, Beta Chad submitted a second batch of screenshots to /r9k/[1] due to popular demand (shown below).

File: IMG ng (603 KB, 533x800) | Chad Says Beta Things To Girls on Tinder beta chad 11SXYJiGapi 10/10/15(Sat)21:27:24 No.23190991 Edit Into >2231 91009 >>231 911 42 >>231 91599 >>231 91776-92473 TO hey so l did this last week and people liked it and asked me to come back so welcome to another edition of Chad Says Beta Things basically i made a Chad profile (pic related) on tinder and have been saying the cringiest s--- possible to girls on tinders, who surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly) don't care at all and continue to message him here's where we last left off told some latino girl im into diapers, have never had sex with a woman, have only ever had sex with men, and have deepthroated a c--- before, and she was cool with all of it eventually she stopped messaging so it seemed like she had had enough, but then the next morning she messaged me asking if i had any STDs so she was literally down to f--- a diaper-wetting, cocksucking Chad stold another girl i was training to become the best minesweeper player in the world because for the past six years i've had recurring nightmares about it and have literal panic attacks if i dont play for at least 6 hours a day Chad, 24 acidng for a mommy gf to pot me back into dlapers she also stopped messaging, but then the next morning she was very sympathetic to Chad's minesweeper problem >messaged a girl i superliked saying YIPPEEll!l and she responded positively i just logged on for the first time in a week and got like 6 matches in a row so sit back relax and enjoy the show

In the messages, Beta Chad portrays himself as a caricature of the beta male stereotypes by telling various women that he is sexually inexperienced, wears diapers and watches cartoons. In one particularly memorable exchange, Chad makes an attempt at a lame pun using the emoji of corn and poop (shown below).


After the screenshots were posted to /r9k/, 4chan users began posting the corn emoji along with images of corn (shown below).

Anonymous 10/10/15(Sat)21:46:23 No.23191591 File: Com%20for%20Com%20Maze%( )jpg (17 KB, 26 >> ] Anonymous 10/10/15(Sat)21:50:20 No.23191 715 File: thanks corn.ipg (59 KB, 500x500) >-23191735 2223191761 2223191768-23 191769-23191913 You have been visited by the corn emoji of thanks 23191426 What shouldI add?

On October 12th, 2015, Redditor user mycomputerisonfire submitted the screenshots to the /r/4chan[2] subreddit, where it gathered upwards of 2,300 votes (93% upvoted) and 290 comments. In the comments section, many posters referenced the use of the corn emoji (shown below).

- Heterohom 289 points 2 days ago v&(corn in poops!!) 个[-] Flexick- 126 points 2 days ago of v are alright. Don't go to vel tomorrow

On October 13th, Redditor 69ingJamesFranco submitted a post asking "Why am I seeing corn on the cob emojis everywhere?" to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[4] where he claimed to have seen the emoji in random comments and on the application Yik Yak. The following day, Redditor irony_panda submitted a post asking about why corn emojis were appearing on the site to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[3] to which Redditor thenewmeredith cited the Beta Chad 4chan posts.

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