Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop

Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop

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"Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop" is an image macro series that consists of a celebrity photo (typically wearing an odd facial expression) and a snowclone that reads "X is watching you Y." For example:



In October 2002, a Geocities page with a "Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop" image macro made its way on to the internet. The idea behind this website was rather simple and clear: Jeff Goldblum shall be watching everyone poop. The photo itself originates from a particular scene in the 1986 horror remake The Fly. According to the archives of the now-defunct website, the real deal was to put up the image macro in public bathroom stalls to bring lulz for those sitting on the toilet.

On a related note, this meme precedes the infamous Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate, a spin-off of the original that became popular on 4chan as part of Caturday image macros.

IRL Prank: How-to Tutorial


Quite a few variations spawned out of the Jeff Goldblum version, with Christopher Walken is watching you pee being the most popular. There's also a single topic blog dedicated to Watching You Poop images.


The "Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop" image has been carried to 4chan, resulting in the creation of a rather empty ED article, which has barely changed since 2005.

The meme is past its prime, but has retained a certain degree of search traffic.

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