Jesus Washed Feet Super Bowl Commercial depicting a still from the advertisement, and a post describing it.

Jesus Washed Feet Super Bowl Commercial

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Jesus Washed Feet Super Bowl Commercial or Jesus Washed Feet Super Bowl Ad refers to an advertisement aired by the Christian organization He Gets Us on February 11th, 2024, during Super Bowl LVIII. The ad's message sparked controversy in religiously minded circles as posters argued over its interpretation of Christ's message, while also inspiring memes about the idea of Jesus Christ "being into feet" or being "a foot guy."


The advertisement first played during the Super Bowl LVIII on February 11th, 2024. It was posted later that same day to YouTube by the Christian organization He Gets Us (seen below), where it received over 346,000 views and 2,700 likes in 22 hours.[1]

He Gets Us described the campaign and the images taken by photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten as "a surreal and magical view of human interaction that we could all aspire to."[2] In the Bible, Jesus Christ washes the feet of the disciples and it is often read as symbolic of his willingness to serve others and engage with the dirtiness of life.


The advertisement was widely discussed online shortly after it aired, with Christians taking differing stances on it. Many right-wing commentators, like Ian Miles Cheong (seen below, top) accused the ad of being woke. His post on February 11th, 2024, received almost 700 likes in a day on X.[3]

Others, like X user @509RhymeAnimal (seen below, bottom) posted about the high cost of a Super Bowl ad and the wealth it would take to buy a spot and produce an advertisement for it. @509RhymeAnimal received over 157,000 likes in a day for making this point on X on February 11th.[4]

lan Miles Cheong @stillgray 21h Whoever made this ad asked Al to be as woke and insulting as possible to Christians and this is the result. End Wokeness @EndWokeness 21h This was an actual Super Bowl ad 82 REDEL FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC 194 MOTEL 694 ₁87K 口企 Lee Pace's Thick Thighs @509RhymeAnimal If your church can afford a foot washing commercial for the Superbowl it should be pay taxes. Like a lot of taxes. 6:52 PM Feb 11, 2024 3.3M Views 316 19K 156K 1.4K ↑

Many commentators also posted that the images in the advertisement appeared to be generated by artificial intelligence, however, they were actually posed photographs of real people taken by a photographer named Julia Fullerton-Batten.[2]

Others took the opportunity to joke about the ad's foregrounding of feet. For example, on February 11th, 2024, X user @jzux received over 52,000 likes on X in less than a day for imagining a scene in the writer's room (seen below, top).[5] That same day, X user @funnybrad posted a Pointing Rick Dalton meme imagining Quentin Tarantino's response to the foot ad, receiving over 3,500 likes (seen below, bottom) in a day.[6]

trash jones @jzux. 21h nobody: copywriters in the jesus room, railing lines, haven't slept for 4 days: HE WASHED FEET 73 2.8K 50K ₁2.6M : 口企 Brad Williams @funnybrad 22h Quentin Tarantino during the Jesus washing feet commercial II GIF ALT 30 339 3.4K ₁239K : 口企

On TikTok, content creators discussed the ad and the broader campaign. For example, on February 11th, TikToker @mamsissiesays (seen below, left) criticized the ad and the organization for its ties to Hobby Lobby, a chain of craft stores with notable right-wing leanings, receiving over 1.1 million views and 108,000 likes in the course of a day.[7]

Also that day, TikToker @caseyleebarker posted a take criticizing the ad for the tolerance it showed towards people that he deemed "sinful," receiving over 94,000 likes and 1.1 million views in a similar timeframe.[8]

Various Examples

angry buni @theangriestbuni - 16h Jesus finding out how much money was spent on a foot fetish Super Bowl commercial instead of feeding the poor. 39 #%!& 240 1.3K ₁23K 口企 Mike T @rhymeswithbeg. 22h The Jesus Gets Us marketing execs when they see all the incoming feet memes From lady gaga reaction videos 21 205 ₁ 16K : 口企
Jason Mustian @jasonmustian. 19h "Jesus said let me wash your f------ feet!!!!" DE NFL 119 780 KN **** PAS U 80 ₁179K : 口企 @Trashnaldo 22h Foot fetish community during that Jesus commercial #SuperBowl H 0:00 From 47 490 2.6K ₁1.6M : 口企
Death @x_death1x. 22h did they just use ai on a jesus commercial for feet 3 61 636 ₁24K : 口企 Mike Drucker @Mike Drucker - 22h lol ha ha that jesus foot fetish ad is so bad and gross right? better watch it again so I can make fun of it more lol how dumb. I'll be right back. does your bathroom door lock? 14 43 540 ₁39K ... 口企

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IMO, the fact that Jesus specifically washed the feet of his apostles, his closest followers, makes the symbolism they're going for pretty hollow. "Jesus was a great guy because he was willing to do favors for his closest friends" is not a message of openness and tolerance, it's just rewarding members of the in-group.

I'll admit though, the right-wing backlash is pretty funny.


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