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John Darksoul / John Dark Soul

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John Darksoul or John Dark Soul is a joke name given to the player character of the Dark Souls series of video games, imagining if the customizable, silent player character of the games were a scripted protagonist akin to generic, playable main characters in other AAA video games. Over time, the meme evolved such that humorous customizations of the player character were dubbed "John Darksoul" and posted with the copypasta, "That's John Darksoul, the titular protagonist of Dark Souls."


In 2013, Tumblr user ohnoproblems[1] made a text post titled "John Darksoul has had a hard life," including several action-hero cliché lines of dialogue with Dark Souls references shoehorned in. The post gained over 640 notes in eight years (shown below). It appears they first made the post on another account and reblogged it to ohnoproblems on November 30th, 2013.

John Darksoul has had a hard life. "the lord souls killed my wife" - john darksoul "sorry pal, i do things... soul-o" - john darksoul "the lord souls took my daughter" - john darksoul "its payback time" - john darkousl “nice d--- bro" - john darksoul

On February 22nd, 2014, ohnoproblems wrote, "John Darksoul is simply a joke that poses the hypothetical that Dark Souls was yet another tired and bland AAA offering with a default doomguy protagonist on a quest to finally be allowed to feel Manly Emotions because the women he has ownership over in his life have been robbed of even more agency by someone who isn’t him."[2]


In 2016, Tumblr user animedads posted a picture of the player character wearing Smough's helm, Catarina armor, Havel's leggings and wielding the Moonlight Greatsword and Bonewheel shield. They captioned the picture, "it’s 'Dark Soul,' the famous protagonist of the hit franchise, Dark Souls! known for his famous quotes: 'everything is darkest before the soul' and 'every soul has its dark.'" The account was deactivated, but the post was reblogged by user addiemonster on April 20th, 2016.[3] It went on to gain over 71,000 notes in roughly five years (shown below). The picture saw reposts on iFunny[4] and Reddit,[5] with some renaming the character "John Darksoul."

animedads: it's "Dark Soul," the famous protagonist of the hit franchise, Dark Souls! known for his famous quotes: "everything is darkest before the soul" and "every soul has its dark"

This specific iteration of "John Darksoul" went on to become a frequent joke in the Dark Souls community, appearing in photoshops and video jokes about the games. For example, on September 23rd, 2021, YouTuber nicemyth posted a video of themselves playing a modded version of Dark Souls III as "John Darksoul" (shown below).

Others have made memes in which they referred to the character on the game's boxes as "John Darksoul." For example, Redditor SaidTheEmu posted a meme in /r/shittydarksouls[6] on July 30th, 2021, gaining over 4,100 points (shown below, left). On October 9th, iFunny user crispyGoCommitDie posted a 3D rendering of "John Darksoul" at an AMA booth (shown below, right).[7]

IFYOU'RE ATRUE GAMER YOU KNOW THAT. THIS IS LINK NOT ZELDA THIS IS SAMUS, NOT METROID THIS IS JOHN DARKSOUL NOT DARK SOULS nglip.comtor DARK SOULS, Ask John Darksoul (titular protagonist of the hit series Darksouls) anything

Various Examples

yungterra video games dont exist you cant fool me snakecats then explain John Darksoul yungterra im sorry please forgive me BUDAPEST It's Dark Soul 000000 The famous protagonist from the hit franchise Dark Souls known for his famous quotes Every soul has its dark 圖 The famous protagonist from the hit franchise dark souls Known from his famous quotes It's "Dark Soul" AT HOME Every soul has it's dark >Naming your child after a fictional character Hey there Khaleesi, how was school? I hate you with every ounce of being C MOM >Naming your child after dark souls @dank.soulss I'm so proud of you, Famous dark souls protagonist "every soul has its dark" Haha praise the sun! Nooo0o you must fear the old blood! Omg it's john darksoul Every soul has its dark DARK SOULS Can recreate John Darksoul DARK SOULS II Can't recreate DARK SOULS H John Darksoul

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