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GiantDad, also known as The Legend, is a custom-built playable character often used by griefers in the player-vs-player (PVP) mode of the dark fantasy action-RPG video game series Dark Souls.

How It Works

The Giantdad build is created with the basis of mini-maxing in an RPG. This means getting the best results with the fewest points. This is especially useful due to the fact that Dark Souls' PvP meta is staying at SL (Soul Level) 125. The Giantdad build only requires reaching SL99 if the player character starts off as the Bandit class. This means the player will be free to invest 26 more points.

With the stats of the Giantdad, players are able to have the fastest movement speed, fastest roll, and have high amounts of health and stamina. The weapon of the Giantdad is the Chaos Zweihander (otherwise known as the Bass Cannon). This weapon puts opponents into stun-lock resulting in victory.


The backstory behind the creation of GiantDad is little known, but many early adopters[8][9] of the character have credited professional video gamer OnlyAfro for custom-designing the character build. The earliest known illustration of the character was uploaded to DeviantArt[7]by user MenasLG on April 8th, 2012, showing a GiantDad character getting his hands cut off by an enemy (shown below). The character build is distinguished by the following equipments and items: Mask of the Father, Giant Armor, Giant Gauntlets, Giant Leggings, Ring of Favor and Protection and Havel’s Ring.


On October 31st, 2012, YouTuber OnlyAfro uploaded a video titled "He's Back," featuring Dark Souls gameplay footage of a GiantDad character (shown below). In the next three years, the video gained over 2.1 million views and 5,800 comments.

On March 24th, 2013, YouTuber Ken Ashcorp uploaded a GiantDad-inspired song titled "The Legend Never Dies" (shown below). On April 5th, a Facebook[2] page titled "Giant Dad" was launched. On July 6th, Redditor ninja703 submitted a GiantDad OKCupid[6] dating profile to /r/darksouls.[5]

On November 3rd, Redditor Lefuf submitted a post to the /r/darksouls[1] subreddit asking for an explanation of the "Giant Dad" character build. On June 15th, 2014, a page for "Giant Dad 2.0" was created on the Dark Souls 2 Wiki.[3] On August 15th, YouTuber DaveControlLive uploaded a video titled "The Legend – Dark Souls Lore: Giant Dad," explaining the lore and customization for the Giant Dad build (shown below).

On January 2nd, 2015,[4] user Hammer n' Nail submitted a fanfic titled "Class 118: How to be Legend," which contains an account of GiantDad's origins.

Notable Examples

advent-of-disaster Look what l've made in ceramics class RREY THE DVD VIDEO
CLAYMORE!!! 712 ITEM# 37102 SEXUAL ENERGY MASK Glug glug, M-----------

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