Kirby Air Ride Music: Item Bounce Comment Section

Kirby Air Ride Music: Item Bounce Comment Section

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Kirby Air Ride Music: Item Bounce Comment Section refers to a YouTube upload of the song "Item Bounce" from the video game Kirby Air Ride that has numerous comments in its comment section making antisemitic jokes about the Kirby universe and the holocaust due to the song resembling Jewish Klezmer-style music. The video was uploaded by YouTuber jumpropeman in August 2009 and memes about the comment section started appearing online in 2021. Some of the comments may be ironic.


On August 8th, 2009, YouTuber[1] jumpropeman uploaded a video consisting of the song "Item Bounce" from the 2003 GameCube game Kirby Air Ride, garnering over 285,000 views in 14 years (shown below, left). The song resembles Jewish klezmer music (example shown below, right).

The first known meme to compare the song to klezmer music was posted to /r/NameThatSong[2] on January 30th, 2021 by a now-deleted user, who posted a mashup of various songs, including "Item Music," under the title, "Source: friend from my synagogue sent me this," garnering over 490 upvotes in two years. The remix was uploaded to YouTube by hdepartment on Feburary 20th, 2021, garnering over 41,000 views in two years (shown below).


Antisemitic memes and comments, some likely ironic in nature, started to collect under the video as early as January 2022, as evidenced by a Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny meme posted to Kirby.fandom[3] on January 8th, 2021 (shown below).

"Checker Knights - Kirby Air Ride" comment section "Item Bounce - Kirby Air Ride" comment section

The majority of the top comments under the video make jokes referring to the holocaust and Jewish people (examples shown below).

P Cebi 1 day ago Never ask a woman her age. Never ask a man his salary. Never ask King Dedede what he did to the Kirbys between 1933-1945. 2.2K Reply 7 replies Pike 6 months ago Kirby will always tell you what has happened to dreamland but he will never tell you why. 3.6K Reply S Flynnsmodeus 10 months ago I refuse to recognize Dreamland as a legitimate state. 6.5K 25 replies Reply Merucry Poison 5 months ago (edited) I love how anytime we hear these musical notes we all know we have to scroll to the comment section immediately B2K 6 replies Reply Sean 22 hours ago Best OST, this game sold 6 million copies in just the first few months! Some people disagree with the actual number, still great! 1.9K Reply

On January 31st, 2023, Twitter[4] user @somari8591 posted a Squidward when I'm in a competition meme referencing the video's comment section, garnering over 7,400 likes in three days (shown below). The meme was reposted by Twitter[5] user @ShitpostGate on February 2nd, garnering over 52,000 likes in a day.

when I'm in a antisemitism competition and my opponent is "Kirby Air Ride music: Item Bounce" YouTube comment section

Various Examples

MA WhiteWorthMC 2 months ago Boy this song makes me feel really guilty for something i never did 2.2K Reply 7 replies qx0w 11 months ago early life anthem 2.6K ▾ 4 replies Reply J Lord of Dawn 7 months ago Certified God's chosen people classic 2.6K Reply ▼ 9 replies Jonathan Alcantara 8 months ago This song will make any boss fight 10x funnier. 1.1K Reply 25 replies TheHylianJuggalo 14 hours ago As a native Drealmander, I would like to thank our Greatest Star Ally for doing so much to protect us. B76 T Reply uf5000 9 months ago Great song, I just wish I still had my foreskin Reply 1.1K Bloom HD 17 hours ago As impressive as Kirby's power is, I find it difficult that he was able to absorb 6 million enemies in such a short time span... 439 Reply 8 replies Frank Juarez 11 years ago Every time I hear this I imagine a whole room of kirbies lifting one on a chair. 1.9K Reply 3 replies

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[5] Twitter – ShitpostGate

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I remember stumbling over this by myself one night while listening to the OST. It's great stuff, and then suddenly I find a funny song. I look at the quite frankly absurd amount of comments. All of it is jew jokes. It had the same tonal whiplash as going to a party for balloon animals with cupcakes, taking a wrong turn, and ending up in Hitler's party basement instead.


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