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Lord Farquaad is the main antagonist from the 2001 animated film franchise Shrek. [3] Much like the rest of the characters from the films, Farquaad has gained an ironic following in several online communities like Tumblr and Facebook, which has generated many puns of his name.[2][4]


Lord Farquaad was the main villain in the movie Shrek, which premiered on April 22nd, 2001 in the U.S.[5] It is rumored that the idea for the character of Lord Farquaad dates back to a falling out between Disney CEO Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is the creator of Dreamworks Studios. According to the rumor, Katzenberg, who worked at Disney at the time, left on bad terms after the fight to found Dreamworks, but the argument inspired the design of Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad's name is thought to be a clever way of saying "Lord Fuckwad" in a children's film, and his appearance bears a striking resemblance to Eisner.[6] After Katzenberg left Disney, Eisner was quoted saying "I think I hate that little midget," in reference to Katzenberg.[7] This statement is speculated to have led to Lord Farquaad's short stature.

Online History

Although Lord Farquaad gained most of his ironic following through Facebook and Tumblr, his name puns escalated in popularity after a "Did You Know?" video from Matthew Patrick of Film Theory which explained the above backstory about the character in detail. The video received over 2.1 million views in the year after its original posting in July of 2015.


THATS MY FETISH maqul-qui: when u and ur friends look fresh af THE FARQUAAID STAR SQUAD SOME OFVOU MAY DIE BUT THATISA SACRIFICE I'M WILLING TO MAKE Really it's rude enough being alive when no one wants you FarQuaadratic Formula

Some Of You May Die

Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice… I am willing to make is a quote uttered by Farquaad in the announcement of a tournament for saving Princess Fiona (shown below). Online, the quote has been used to refer to people who make reckless or inappropriate decisions.

The Ogre Has Fallen In Love With The Princess

The Ogre Has Fallen In Love With The Princess is a memorable quote uttered by the character Lord Farquaad in the 2001 animated fantasy film Shrek. A screenshot of the scene has been used as a reaction image macro to express feelings of embarrassment about romantic feelings. People have also digitally altered words in the statement, generally presented as subtitles, to reference different subjects.

Lord Marquaad E

Lord Marquaad E, also known as Lord Farquaad / Markiplier E, refers to a deep fried image of the face YouTube Let's Player Markiplier photoshopped onto the head of Lord Farquaad from Shrek with the letter "E" in impact font overlaying the image. Later edits posted the face over an image of Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Hearings. The character was then edited in several templates referencing the absurdity of modern memes.

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