For Five Minutes

For Five Minutes

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For Five Minutes is an object labeling exploitable taken from a scene in Shrek 2 in which Shrek yells at Donkey to stop some activity "for five minutes." In the exploitables, Shrek and Donkey are labeled different groups, and in some edits, Shrek has glowing eyes photoshopped onto his face to show his anger.


In Shrek 2, released May 19th, 2004,[1] Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona are traveling to the kingdom of Far, Far Away. On the carriage ride, Donkey is being annoying, causing Shrek to yell at him, "For five minutes could you not be yourself? FOR FIVE MINUTES!"


Prior to becoming an object labeling exploitable, the scene saw use in YouTube remixes. For example, an ear rape edit posted by dat boi on August 22nd, 2016 gained over 200,000 views (shown below, left). On September 23rd, 2017, user MeMyselfandPeter posted a remix of the scene mixed with Man's Not Hot, gaining over 18,000 views (shown below, right).

On July 18th, 2018, Tumblr user Baron-o-greato[2] posted multiple examples of a 2-panel exploitable template they made of the scene (examples shown below).

Could you not get political... FOR FIVE MINUTES?!? Could you not habble about genders and sexuality... blr FOR FIVE MINUTES?I

The Twitter edit of the template was the first to grow popular. On August 14th, 2018, Baron o Greato posted the Twitter edit to KnowYourMeme where it gained over 270 points. The following day, it was posted to Twitter by user @seclusiveblue[3] where it gained over 1,200 retweets and 3,400 likes. After that, the meme began growing popular on Reddit. On August 28th, 2018, user sleppypiggy posted an example referencing the American Civil War to /r/historymemes, gaining over 90 points (shown below, left). The same day, an edit using Germany was posted to /r/MemeEconomy by user WilleBweendeuh, gaining over 60 points (shown below, right).

Will you stop Marching through Georgia FOR FIVE MINUTES!!! Could ya not start a World War? For 5 minutes?!

Various Examples

Every time A Hat in Time is brought up Could you not bring up Shadman EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PERSON FOR FIVE MINUTES?! Could you not call someone a faggot FOR FIVE MINUTES? Can you not go on a mass shooting? FOR5 MINUTES!? Could you not make another Wojak/Pepe edit. 4chan FOR FIVE MINUTES?I? Could you not suggest me some shitty videos... Yau Tube FOR FIVE MINUTES?I Could you not post on Twitter... FOR FIVE MINUTES??


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External References

[1] Wikipedia – Shrek 2

[2] Tumblr – baron-o-greato

[3] Twitter – @seclusiveblue

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Despite being essentially a "stop doing thing I don't like" format, all of these examples are on point, probably because no one does like the things protrayed, so I cannot really be mad at it. With that said, this will likely die as soon as all clever ideas for it are done since, when you think about it, this has the same uses as the "This is Ultra Lord!" meme, which is much more popular and usually funnier.


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