Linda Glocke / I Will Destroy ISIS

Linda Glocke / I Will Destroy ISIS

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"I Will Destroy ISIS" is an anti-terrorism comment posted by Disqus user Linda Glocke in an online news article about the execution of two Japanese hostages by members of the "Islamic State (ISIS) ":/memes/people/isis-daesh that was originally published by KABC-TV in January 2015. While Glocke's emotionally charged response quickly began circulating online as a generally relatable sentiment towards the growing threats of the Islamic jihadist group, the comment didn't go viral until November 2015 after the ISIS claimed responsibility for yet another wave of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.


On January 21st, Disqus user Linda Glocke wrote "I Will Destroy ISIS" in a comment to an article titled "Islamic State Group Threatens to Kill 2 Japanese Hostages" on, the website of ABC's affiliate channel based in Los Angeles. The article has since been removed from the website, but Glocke's original comment remains accessible through the archives of Disqus.[1] About an hour after Glocke's post, Redditor Jamesnufc took the earliest known screenshot of the comment and submitted it to the /r/me_irl subreddit (shown below)[2] as a commentary on the Charlie Hebdo Terror Attacks that had recently taken place in Paris, France.

" an hour ago I will destroy ISIS ^ | ﹀ . Reply . Sh are 》

While the username in the screenshot was mildly blurred out in consideration of the commenter's privacy, it was nevertheless sufficiently legible that other viewers on Reddit soon managed to identify the commenter's name as "Linda Glocke." Redditor Jamesnufc's post accrued 4,304 points (99% upvoted) prior to being archived.


On June 15th, Redditor yalaagain re-submitted the screenshot to /r/me_irl[3], where it garnered significantly less points due to its repost status, though it fared much better on Imgur[4], garnering over 5,000 points and 660,000 views.

In the following months, Glocke's declaration of a one-person war against the ISIS seemed to slowly fade into obscurity, but the screenshot saw its biggest resurgence on Imgur in November after the ISIS claimed responsibility for the series of deadly attacks that took place across Paris. On November 18th, Imgur user omglandshark[5] submitted a photoshopped image of Glocke's head superimposed over the body of a pilot sitting in an A-10 attack aircraft with her original Disqus comment placed at the top (shown below).

Linda PainBringer 954 LG an hour ago I will destroy ISIS ^ | v-Reply . Share

On the following day, Redditor RedditCensorsFreeSpeech submitted a compilation of additional photoshopped images inspired by the previous post.[6]

( " an hour ago I l destroy ISIS . Reply . Share しー( " an hour ago I will destroy ISIS ^ | ﹀ . Reply . Share an hour ago I will destroy ISIS Reply . Share >

On November 20th, Redditor itsokayyoucanlaughandjokearound posted a photoshopped GIF from the 2008 American superhero action film Iron Man, featuring Glocke's face and the phrase "I will destroy ISIS".[7]

Meanwhile on 4chan, a number of other comments posted by Linda Glocke on her Disqus account have come under scrutiny; on November 15th, a discussion thread about Glocke's political commentaries was started on 4chan's /pol/ (politically incorrect) board.[11]

Linda Glocke Anonymous (ID EI5MCmpX ( an hour ago I will destroy ISIS Is she the hero we need? Reply Share 1 1/15/15(Sun) (16 KB, 38 Anonymous (ID ) Linda Glocke year ago Arrest everyone with El >2 She very well could be Anonymous (ID ) 1 1/15/15(Sun) 14:34:33 No.55754423->>55754482-255755303 (29 KB, 392x174) Lnda Glocke-ayar ago Why are black people ways so angryt Why can't they be more She truly is based ke Eddie Murphy Anonymous (ID: widf9lck)11/15/15(Sun)14:34:42 No.55754432 File: GLOCK_19ipg (1.75 MB, 1940x1327) >Glocke Hell yes Anonymous (ID: ZIBYINx111/15/15(Sun)14:34:49 No.5575444055754858 The only thing she could destroy is an all you can eat buffet's profit margins Anonymous (ID ) 1 1/15/15(Sun) 14:35:23 No.55754482->>55754796 2255755303 File: Screenshot_2015-11-14-20- png (19 KB, 398x127) n55754423 All hail Linda sla is the wst nation in the


If you see this image while scrolling G an hour ago I will destroy ISIS ^ | ﹀ . Reply . Share You have been visited bv Linda "The Kebab Krusher" Glocke ISIS will be destroyed in your country but ONLY if you post "GOOD LUCK LINDA" Linda Glocke 10 months ago Russia is the worst nation in the universe. I will destroy ISIS ^ | . Reply . Share)
y8 an hour ag0 I will destroy ISIS ^ I ﹀-Reply . Share) Linda Glocke a year ago Arrest everyone with Ebola. Linda Glocke a year ago Why are black people always so angry?? Why can't they be more like Eddie Murphy?

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