Mario says: life is sacred and we shouldn't interfere with luigi says: YEETUS THAT FETUS

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Mario Bros. Views, also known as Mario Says and Luigi Says, is an exploitable image macro meme format that asks, "What are the Mario Bros views?" on a certain topic. A doll version of Mario offers a reasoned, well-thought-out response whereas a doll version of Luigi gives a radical, sometimes nonsensical and rhyming take.


On June 20th, 2018, user Gina_Rolinu of Reddit's /r/dankmemes posted an image asking what the Mario Bros views were on abortion. Mario offers a conservative take on the issue, whereas Luigi says "Yeetus That Fetus!" The post gained over 42,000 points.[1]

What are the Mario Bros views on abortion? Mario says: luigi says life is sacred and we YEETUS shouldn't THAT interfere FETUS with gods plan


The format quickly became popular on Reddit. Two days later, a Pee is stored in the balls edit appeared on /r/MemeEconomy (shown below, left), along with a link to a template for future variations (shown below, right).

What are the Mario Bros views on urine storage ? Mario says: luigi says Urine is formed inthe Pee is stored kidneys through a filtration of blood. The in the balls urine is then passed through the ureters to the bladder, where it is stored. What are the Mario Bros views on Mario says: luigi says

In ensuing edits, users further emphasized the difference between Mario and Luigi, with some edits making Luigi out to be xenophobic or violent. A post from July 5th, 2018 on /r/MemeEconomy in which Luigi makes a rape joke gained over 160 likes (shown below, left). Another post featuring Luigi saying "Yeeto that Latino" with regards to America's immigration crisis was posted to Reddit.

What would the Mario Bros do if a girl didnt give her consent? Luigi Says: Mario say:s: I would respect her boundaries and be understanding to the situation, whilst also making sure she feels safe l her en What are the Mario Bros views on Mexicans Mario says: luigi says Mexicans have a very diverse and colourful Culture with THE good people LATINO

Various Examples

How do the Mario Bros appreciate good music? Luigi says: I YEET MY Mario says: I take my time to listen to what the artist is saying and form ca connection with his vibe and message TO THE BEAT What are the Mario Bros Transgender 2 views on rights Mario says: luigi says: All people of the LGBT+ Zap that community deserve to be respected and acceptedTrap as well as have the right choose whichever bathroom feel the most comfortable with What are the Mario Bros views on the immigration crisis? Luigi says: Mario says: We should invest resources in more efficient border control and a better immigration process to accept refugees with open arms and to reunite children with their families CAN What are the Mario Brothers views on 4k60fpsHDR Mario Says Luigi Says Minecraft Story Mode is a decent Draft That Craft game with great characters that is enjoyable by kids and adults alike. It did not postpone The Wolf Among Us Season 2 and should be more appreciated by gamers and telltale fans alike What are the Mario Bros views on Sex before marriage? Mario says: luigi says It is worth it to wait for sex because the ultimate pleasure is living in God's Kingdom in theee afterlife ive her the co ever enter we What are the Mario Bros views on burial v.s. cremation? Mario says: Luigi says: Ritual burials are a sacred practice that MOLOTOFFIN spans back THAT COFFIN thousands of years

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[1] Reddit – What would you do?

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